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Texas Teachers Armed And Ready

Lawmakers and educators in Texas say the way to guard against school shootings like last Friday’s at a Connecticut elementary school is to make sure teachers can shoot back.

While the rampage that left 20 young children and six adults dead in a small Northeastern community has sparked a national debate on gun control, assault weapons and a culture of violence, David Thweatt, superintendent of the 103-student Harrold Independent School District in Wilbarger County, said his teachers are armed and ready to protect their young charges.

“We give our ‘Guardians’ training in addition to the regular Texas conceal-and-carry training,” Thweatt, whose school is about three hours northwest of Dallas, told “It mainly entails improving accuracy…You know, as educators, we don’t have to be police officers and learn about Miranda Rights and related procedures. We just have to be accurate.”

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  • medivac

    God Bless Texas !! Rick did good !! Not all teachers will pack heat but many will and that should act as a deterent to those nut jobs that want to attack the innocent that don’t currently have any defense..

  • Esther Mae Egan

    When I was in school, many came to school with rifles in the back window of their trucks. Teachers had guns in the classroom and after school many went hunting. There was never a problem and I never had a negative thought about it. I did not care for guns but I did not stand in the way of those that wanted them.

  • dad666

    Finally a realistic answer to a real problem. No more gun free anything is the answer Not more gun laws that criminals ignore anyway and prevent innocent citizens from defending themselves when necessary.
    Those Founding Fathers were much smarter than anything we have today.

    • Hell a box of hammers has more intelligence than our leaders.



  • Idadho

    Now, they need to post as sign outside the warns armed intruders. THIS CAMPUS IS A GUN FREE ZONE EXCEPT FOR STAFF WHO ARE WELL TRAINED IN FIREARMS USE. or something to the effect.

  • joe

    Texas is looking better and better as a place to live.

  • Pack something. Heck, pepper spray may have slowed him down. I have a collapsable baton like an Asp but imported. $20 and better than nothing. I have a can of Bear Repellant that is non-lethal and lets out a huge fog. PACK SOMETHING!!!!

    • kktex12

      I agree with you but his guns reach further than the baton and the pepper spray.

    • gerf

      wasp and hornet spray 20 ft. + fairly accurate in the face , will have to go to the hospital , not that i don’t like guns , after they can’t see anymore !

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Amazing how the best solution is usually the easiest, but it doesn’t give liberals the chance to play intellectual.

  • John W.H.

    The school district where my grand kids go to school here in Oklahoma is working on a law to let any teacher carry a gun who can get C.L.E.E.T. certified!! they are also adding automatic door locks, and you can only get in if the principals office opens the door.

  • gmhunt4

    Glad I live in Texas…….we protect our kids, grand kids.

    • DOC224

      We are considering moving to Texas, I hope they have a lot of room for us that want to live free.

      • nottax1776

        Come on down and bring your freedoms and weapons with you.

  • marineh2ominer

    If this were the message in every school district in the country there would be no more school massacres , it doesn’t take long for cowards to get the word there are no free fire zones

  • pduffy

    My kids are schooled at home. No chance that a crazed gunman will kill them in government-run school. Lesson? Don’t give your children to the government.



      • pduffy

        Mossberg, Remington, Sig Sauer, Beretta, Savage, Springfield, and Ruger. Not necessarily in that order.

  • DaHeat

    Next, Rick Perry needs to revise the Texas Concealed Carry Laws, and not allow individual businesses to dictate when and where you can carry a firearm! I support Rick Perry, and previously was part of his personal security team at various Republican Party events. It appears that just about every school shooting occurred in a school that basically had no ‘security’ system in place or one that was operational!…

  • pmonly

    Sure wish my grandson went to school there! Instead he goes where a moronic kindergarten teacher last year sent him to the principle about having ammo for a Nerf gun at home last year! This was the second time she did this , The first time is when he said he had a Nerf gun at home, after being asked if there were any weapons in their(the class) homes..

  • kktex12

    Had the Newtown principal been licensed to carry and trained there would not be 20 plus beautiful kids laying in a morgue. Yes there might have been 3 or 4 dead people but there would not have been 27 in that school. The gun control nuts have the blood of these children on thier heads and hands!!!!

  • notax1776

    One security person packing heat at every school would deter the majority of idiots. Maybe we can spend some of that money we are paying for bad teachers to obtain security for the schools. That would take care of two problems.

    • rek

      frontdite dot com will train teacher for free!!

      • rek

        make that frontsite dot com



  • just a girl

    I salute you, Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, God Bless them. Pray pray we all follow suit. I’m sick of crazies and morons. I plan on taking a C & C class now, myself.

  • pduffy

    Better yet, let’s shut down the government run schools and make the parents responsible for their own child’s education. Then there won’t be any school killings.

  • Tod

    It is a post such as this, in times such as these, that make me proud to reside in the great State of Texas!
    God bless Texas!
    God bless our children and let us protect them from these evil monsters.
    Now Governor Perry, let’s secede from this tyrannical anti-Constitutional machine called DC, the District of Criminals.

  • Old Warrior,US Marine, ret.

    I lived in Tx for twenty years, well before firearm permits. There was usually a rifle or shotgun in the truck or car which was legal, but a tire iorn in a car was considered a deadly weapon, go figure, you would be charged with carrying a conceiled weapon, shot/rifle/unloaded in plain view, was legal. You pop a sword in the gunrack, big prob, but whatever you had, it was a deterance and the animals in lower west Dallas left you alone. The idea of carry by teachers and such is a good idea but the as*wip*s in DC wants our guns. I say give the teachers/principals that have been trained in their use would be the biggest deterrant to any would be shooter, would ruin his day, not theirs.

  • The only sign they need to have says…NOTHING IN HERE WORTH DYING FOR…

  • gerf

    Praise the Lord , and God Bless Texas

  • waterman

    Hell yea!!!! That’s what I’m talkn about. It’s about time someone grew some brains and some balls. I guarantee you this will help. These idiots that want to kill and mame children will have a day of reconing if they show up at one of these schools.
    If it is only 50% possible to save a child, it is worth it to allow teachers or principles to carry.

  • Jeff

    I’m so glad that I live in Texas! We send strong, no BS rules. Dont mess with Texas!! This idea, for teahers carrying firearms, is by far the best idea. This is how you respond to the tragedy of the Newtown shooting. The gun free zone signs will be removed and replaced with “School Personnel are armed” Oh how sweet that sounds.

  • Stephen Hale

    I live in Texas and after reading this article, which seemed to mirror a lot of my unsolicited advice on many a recent chat line and comment blocks of articles, I am going to kiss the ground of my home here. God Bless Texas, and amen to medivac. I am going to investigate the frangible rounds mentioned in the article, because I too am concerned about harming others who are behind or around the perp I want to put down. I may put two or three of those frangible rounds at the top of my click, and that found in the chamber.

  • His statement that first responders cannot get there in time is true. In Newtown, while they were quick and did prevent more deaths, they could not prevent 27 of them. After reading this article, if Connecticut were to implement such a plan here, then maybe there would have been no deaths or a couple. Armed teachers and staff (not all teachers and not all staff) would have saved some of those lives that were lost.

  • T.R. JONES


  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Any teacher that willingly goes into a ‘gun free zone’ is sacrificing his/her life for somebody elses agenda.

    They need to arm themselves and FORCE the government o defend their positions.

    If only 10 teachers showed up with a concealed weapon at every school, it would force the hand of the government to defend their laws IN FRONT OF A JURY.

    Doesn’t even have to be a teacher.

    Administrator janitor PARENT with children in that school.

    Just as long as there are a good number.

  • NRApatriot

    Finally an educator that has common sense! I have come to believe that if a student who enrolled in a public liberal controlled school system had any sense when they entered that the professors who actually profess nothing but lies educated all the common sense out of them before they graduated! Should have known it would be Texas! I sure miss south Texas sometimes. All of these latest mass shootings occured in gun free zones where no law abiding citizen could bring their weapon. They were commited by lunatics with no sense of morality or conscience. These stupid ignorant laws have made me be a lawbreaker occasionally because I will carry my pistol into movie theaters and restaurants that serve acohol even though I do not drink because it is better to stand before twelve than to be carried by six! Live free or die!!!

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