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Notoriously pro-gun Senator says Newtown tragedy should start gun control debate

2nd Amend.

Notoriously pro-gun Senator says Newtown tragedy should start gun control debate

Sen. Joe Manchin, a conservative member of the National Rifle Association who has voted in support of many pro-gun laws, has emphasized the need to talk about new regulations on assault weapons.

After the mass shooting at an Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut left 26 dead, many have called for a serious discussion on gun control – including the notoriously pro-gun senator. Manchin, a conservative Democrat representing West Virginia, became infamous after releasing during his election campaign a video ad showing him brandishing a rifle, promising to protect the Second Amendment and shooting a gun at a copy of the Cap and Trade bill. But after the Newtown tragedy the senator criticized the ease at which Americans can purchase assault weapons that can kill dozens of people in just a few minutes.

“I’m a proud outdoors-man and huntsman, like many Americans, and I like shooting, but this doesn’t make sense,” he said on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’. “I don’t know anyone in the sporting or hunting arena that goes out with an assault rifle. I don’t know anybody that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. I mean, these are things that need to be talked about.”



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  • Docs357

    It wouldn’t be hard to believe that the left had a had hand in these shootings. There desperate to unarmed honest people the citizens are the real threat to these low life thugs who called themselves gentlemen and ladies screw their gun control its all about CONTROL.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Have you noticed that almost everything we’ve had in
      this country since Obama was first elected is a crisis?

  • I_P_Frehley

    Sounds to me like the dhimmicrats tightened their grip on his leash…what a coward.

  • Mike_Sr

    I can make a homemade sword and do as much damage in Federally madated Victim Zones, commonly referred to a Public School Gun-Free Zones.
    The only thing that would have prevented this is involuntary commitment and/or having the Staff and Teacher trained and allowed to carry on Campus!
    A criminal or a pyschopath will *always* be able to find a way to kill or maim. The only way to prevent this is to Carry and be properly trained.

    • Rosie46

      And this psycho did not have to “find” a way. His mother, even knowing he was mentally disturbed, bought guns and taught him how to shoot. Then she was trying to have him committed. How do you fix incredibly stupid. Unfortunately she did not live to see what she created. And you, Mike_Sr are correct — train teachers and arm them, because no matter the level of gun control and gun confiscation, criminals and psychos will ALWAYS have guns, and most of us cannot afford armed protection, like our president and government officials.

  • GDC

    ALL the PRO Gunners are REALLY ANTI-GUN and ANTI-Constitution and ALWAYS have been. It is just coming to light!!!

  • earlycsa

    100% Democrats are Socialists and 80% Repubs are Progressives. Get the Picture? The Government Party Rules!

  • conservative

    The first thing Manchin should do is give up his NRA membership. I don’t want to hear about his hunting; this is not about hunting. He should also give up any outside protection he has.

  • DegreedWhiteGuy

    The real answer to these types of tragedies like the one in Connecticut, and the knife wielder one in China a week prior is way left indeed. Roselin Carter’s push for a far better access, process, non captivity (which people will not have to fear using) Mental Health care access. Right now the white house and each and every legislator has received over 100,000 mail requests for gun control since the Connecticut tragedy. On both side of the isle voter numbers can shake opinions with such an emotional event.

    Not many are talking about helping the troubled of mind before they rampage, though it is the root of the problem. Too many unstable people can get a gun. The gun still isnt bad by itself. How well do you know the person at range shooting beside you. We need a screening for folks with mental issues for private sales, to protect the seller and the public, and yes I want an IQ test for Drivers licenses. Not so much gun control but a better system of disturbed control.

  • Jay

    I can give the good senator two reasons for standard capacity (that would be 30 for my WASR 10) mags. One would be so I don’t have to spend a lot of time reloading out at the range. The other is that the government is starting to scare me. And please don’t show your ignorance by calling magazines clips.

  • Larry

    What about making the parents lock up the guns so they can’t be abtained??????? The responsibility is the parents.

  • mathis1689

    The Constitution says “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Notice that it doesn’t say what kind of arms or how many either. It just recognizes that the American people have a God-given right to possess whatever weapons they want or need to defend themselves,their families and their country and it pledges to not interfere with that right. If this man doesn’t understand that then he needs to immediately resign his Senate seat because the oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution either doesn’t mean anything to him or it’s above his level of comprehension.

  • $5708171

    Yeah, I always take a few 30-round mags with me hunting. When I see that deer, I open up and dump at least 90 rounds into it. Wooo Eeeee! How I love to kill things. Right. We all know how law-abiding those criminals and killers are. Pass all sorts of restrictive gun laws, so us genuinely boy-scoutish, law-abiders can’t own guns and I’m just sure those old killer-diller bad guys will stop using their dumb old guns, right?

  • dad666

    Why assault weapons, none were used in this event and stil the morons want to make noise and try to take advantage of a tragedy. THIS IS THE REAL TRAGEDY.
    Useless sensless politicians

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Just what we’ve come to expect from Democrats.

  • Guest (but maybe not for long)

    Serving your last term, Senator Manchin.

  • conservative

    One moron non-gun owing sicko commits a crime beyond immagination and this wuss wants to change his stace on gun control. Looks like time for him to go.

  • reggiec

    I agree. The debate should be the advancement of a requirement to eleminate all gun free zones.

  • Shadow_58

    Hey Joe, define assault weapon for me “stupid”?

  • Marlin208

    I don’t know who the hell these people think they are. We have a Second Amendment and a First I might add.
    How smart the Founding Fathers were, they knew it would come down to this. So important was the right to protect yourself against a government that they made it the Second Amendment.
    I guess when we get fed up enough we will do something about it and it seems like the clock is ticking faster these days.

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