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Relax, An Assault Weapons Ban Is Still Unlikely

Would it be possible for a new AWB to see the light of day? Well, anything’s possible, but likely? Not really. In the senate there’s a small chance that they might move enough R senators to get it through (although there are Ds in the senate who come from pro-gun states and who are only in office because guns weren’t a major issue when they were running.) But in the House, you’d have to have a majority of reps who believed so strongly in the necessity of a gun ban that they would be willing to sacrifice their careers to get it implemented. How likely is that? . . .

Again, I’m not talking about the screamers in the media, the stuffy aristocrats who are accustomed to lecturing us low-brow cretins who think we need to own guns (and doing so from within their gated communities or downtown offices protected by armed guards.)

I’m talking about the people who would actually have to write the laws and who would have to face the anger of the voters in 2014 when they are all up for re-election.

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