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Why I’m against gun control

I’m from California. I’m not an NRA member. I don’t own a gun, nor do any of my family members. I’ve never been hunting. I’ve only gone shooting once in my life (at a Daily Caller office retreat, incidentally). I’m not against gun-control laws on principle. And, frankly, I kind of like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

All of these factors make me an unlikely opponent of gun control. But I’ve grown into a pretty staunch one.

The main problem with gun-control laws is that they don’t work. Florida State University criminology professor Gary Kleck, a political liberal and one-time supporter of gun-control laws, has been studying guns and their effect on violence and crime since 1976. What he’s found is that gun-control laws have no net effect on violence or crime rates, because the benefits of widespread gun ownership cancel out the costs.

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