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After school massacre, 100,000 Americans petition White House for gun control

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After school massacre, 100,000 Americans petition White House for gun control

In the first 15 hours following a mass-shooting that claimed more than two dozen lives Friday at a Connecticut elementary school, more than 100,000 Americans took their anger and frustration to the White House, asking the Obama administration for a renewed national debate on gun control.

The White House’s online petition system, dubbed ”We the People,” previously attracted national attention when political conservatives in all 50 states banded together to petition the White House for a path to secede from the United States.

But with at least eight separate active gun-control petitions, Friday’s effort produced greater support in barely 15 hours than the secession drive collected in its first 72.



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  • johnnygeneric

    So, let’s have a petition that bans gun free zones! Require teachers to have CCL and train to protect the children.

    • NymRod

      They’re not “gun free zones” they’re “criminal safe zones” and that’s WHY the shooters choose to go there instead of going to the police station and attempting to do the same as it would be sure and certain instant death.

      • Rattlerjake

        Besides that, these douches are too chickensh!t to go up against adults – children and college students are easy targets.

      • $670769

        Only Arnold could go to a police station and shoot it up. He was an alien, though, just like liberals.

    • ejaite


  • Mike_Sr

    ??? Gun Control ??? Means hitting your mark with a legal concealed carry *before* the shooter with weapon drawn gets off their first shot!
    The chinese incident didn’t use a gun and killed just as many children!
    *If* I thought the idiot in the White House would listen, I’d say we should petition, too. But, we know he *only* listens to those that agree with him and will bow down to him.
    Vote all the gun haters out! Then pass a law allowing trained CCW permitees to carry on campus.
    And, BTW, classroom doors should be able to be locked by the teacher when a panic button alert is sounded from the office by someone noting an armed man approaching the school!
    Such a system should include cameras and someone tasked to watch them and a system to lock the exterior doors remotely!
    One person, one set of eyes, one panic button doors lock!, they could be individually unlocked remotely to get students safely back inside.
    You could even have some low level microwave door opener set for a long distance to alert an approach out of normal student arrival times. (Of Course someone would be watching closely then.)

    • Rattlerjake

      First of all, we do not need a pro-gun petition, we have the 2nd amendment. Secondly, Your first sentence is wrong, “??? Gun Control ??? Means hitting your mark with a legal concealed carry *before* the shooter with weapon drawn gets off their first shot!” You need to remove legal concealed carry, as non-permitted open carry weapons are also legal.

  • HDMania

    100,000 American idiots petition the illegal prez for gun control????..How about we petition the white house for some kind of idiot control?

    • mathis1689

      Would never work. Obama is the biggest idiot in DC.

      • NymRod

        He’s no idiot, he’s a ^!&&*% on a stick controlled by his puppet masters.

        It must really suck to be him, under total control of an old white Jew.
        He’s a slave to his masters as much so as the slaves were in early America.
        He was bought and paid for long ago at a young age and has lived most of his life controlled by others.

        Now he holds the most powerful office in the world while being yanked around by the strings of his puppet master.
        It must really suck to be him.

        • kpjlaw

          Those who are the “useful idiots” now will someday become useless idiots with no further purpose. Then, they will be the first to be liqudiated by Obama.

  • Laird

    I knew this was coming! As soon as the dust settles a highly emotional and irrational argument will be made for gun control. This is the knee-jerk reaction that will help facilitate the anti-freedom Regime to crack down on gun owners. The storm is now beginning!!

  • RightStuff1944

    What ignorant sheep!

  • Jeff

    The left will not stop until they disarm law abiding citizens. Gun control is not the issue here. This is about a mentally unstable person. If this idiot got in a car and ran kids over and killed them, would you ban or push for control on cars? Uh no! The fact is that liberals want to take away our freedoms, disarm us and they use a tragedy like this, to push it. How dare they? shame on them!

    • Rattlerjake

      I’m one of millions that they will NEVER disarm! Bring it on!!!

      • Radicon

        I want to live beside you.

      • Jeff

        I’m right there with you Jake. nor me.

        • ejaite

          ME TWO

      • greyghost69

        Count me in!

    • medivac

      Bet on it that the left will bury many of their own if they try to disarm Americans, which is what the left has proven they are not !!

  • Linda

    We need to petition the White House to enact much stronger Mental Health Laws and lock these people away before they do more harm.

  • Ruth

    What these 100,000 don’t realize is that…Guns don’t kill people…People KILL people ! This guy was as Dr. Keith Ablow said on Fox, Spiritually Dead ! I have a 14 yr old Asbergers grandson, who has spurts of uncontrolable rage, because my step-daughter has refused to get him proper treatment, and let’s him do anything he wants just to get along with him…NO ONE wants to be around him because of this….I’m afraid that he may be a statistic like this in the future…He has very violent tendencies, He loves play guns and swords, having almost poked out the eye of my small Terrier a few years ago….This isn’t just a mental state, I believe it is definately an evil spirit in control of these kind of people….IT WASN’T THE GUNS FAULT ! If someone in that school had had a gun, fewer people, if any would have died ! Why bother to have a security guard at a door, as this school did…If They aren’t armed…Rediculous !

  • nike1234


    • kpjlaw

      Answer of Obama, liberals, and ACLU – OF COURSE NOT!!! We know what is best for you.

  • whynot

    This is a small showing of the 46% of obamination supporters….

  • Docs357

    More liberal propaganda the best way to stop a gun Toteing thug is with a gun. No one wants to see what happened yersterday happen again all of these tragic events take place in no gun zones. These criminals go to the least line of resistances where they will be the safest lets not give the a larger selection if places to go

  • guestannie

    I think there is enough gun control by the government and the states. The killer in the Newtown murders did NOT buy the guns-they were his mothers-which were registered. I have a permit to carry, licenced guns, gun locks and a locked safe. Regardless…… what I do with them in my home is my business. I have no intention ever of shooting humans. Killers and want to be killers will get WEAPONS if they really want to. If they want too kill they will find a way. In my opinion-start looking at HOLLYWOOD and the so called stars who are calling for more gun control. Does that include the VIOLENT movies they star in, the VIOLENT video games they produce and/or the VIOLENT songs they sing?? Does it include their bodyguards who carry guns? What about the violent movies and videos the parents allow their children to watch. IT IS NOT ABOUT GUNS FOLKS….it is about our culture today. When 9-11 happened…did anyone tighten the laws of illegal immigrants entering our country and taking aircraft lessons? NOPE……… I am sorry for the loss of life in Newtown, but it is our sad culture today. What about the family, friends and school officials of the killer in Newtown…Who- as they say was goth-withdrawn etc….you cannot make me believe there were not signs prior to the killings. What is weapon??? They are NOT just guns…they are knives, cars, alcohol, speed, hands and feet of an expert martial arts trained person, poison etc……etc……

    As far as the school in Newtown…do what the Amish did…tear it down…….

  • sensible

    Surely this occurred because both guns were stored in the same safe. They were together long enough to plan the whole thing.
    I would like to see a petition to open a sensible debate on the difference between a mentally deranged individual using a gun to shoot innocent kids, and intentionally poking rods through their heads, sucking their brains out, and dismembering them.
    I feel for those children, adults, and the parents, but I am appalled that those who are most vocally disturbed by it, are not bothered by the millions of children killed intentionally by abortion, in such an inhumane way.

    • Rattlerjake

      Ever thought that by fighting abortion you’re fight against yourself? Consider who it is that is getting the abortions – it’s not conservative women or those raised with morals, it’s liberals, blacks, women without any morals, … these are predominantly democrat voters and for everyone that is born it is another entitlement baby and potential criminal and democrat voter. Sorry to reign on your parade, but maybe this is one time that libs are doing the right thing. Just a thought.

  • Ihatelibs

    you have a mayor of Boston that wants to commit suicide.

    • Winston

      The choice is his. Don’t stand in the way, one less socialist to deal with.

  • Grizzly907LA

    The scum traitor democrats want to start a civil war with the veterans, gun owners and patriots. I have a feeling this was a staged event. Its way to convenient. This happens two weeks before xmas, a bunch of small kids get killed. The scum traitors that run our federal government namely the Democrats love killing children in order to push their communistic agenda through. That has all the markings of a false flag attack. Mark my words this is the beginning of the end of the republic. Most Americans are jellyback morons that have been indoctrinated to hate guns, freedom and the constitution. Your dealing with fluoride head morons that don’t know our history.

  • joe

    all liberals should have a lobotomy. i would pay for that.

    • Rattlerjake

      They already have lobotomies, that’s what makes them liberals; Oh, and we are already paying for them (and their free cell phones).

      • CaptTurbo

        Botched lobotomies perhaps.

        • fliteking

          I’m thinking red hot wire inserted through the corner of the eye . . .

  • Jim D Keever

    I agree, Control the idiots!! Not the guns.

    • Rattlerjake

      Hey, we can use the FEMA camps, the acronym fits – Fenced Enclosure for Mental Assholes.

  • Winston

    This only proves there are 100,000 blooming idiots willing to give up their Constitutional liberty and freedom to protect themselves.

    • Pilgrim

      In 2008, approximately 1.21 million abortions took place in the U.S., down from an estimated 1.29 million in 2002, 1.31 million in 2000 and 1.36 million in 1996. From 1973 through 2008, nearly 50 million legal abortions have occurred in the U.S. (AGI).
      In 2009, the highest number of reported abortions occurred in New York (119,996), Florida (81,918) and Texas (77,630); the fewest occurred in Wyoming (≤20), South Dakota (769) and North Dakota(1,290) (CDC).
      Who speaks for these children? Were are those 100,000 signatures…… nowhere !

  • Guest

    What we need to do id lift the “gun freew” zones and allow patriots to carry guns where ever so that criminals will think twice about doing stupid things. Gun control will only inhance the violance because Americans wont beable to defend themselves.

  • fliteking

    –So, if we take a psychologically unstable young male and bombard him with messages about how women are better, men are brutal louts, all whites are racists, their financial future is already destroyed and young males need to be prepared to be the whipping boy while taking a backseat in the employment world . . . you create a murderous freak.

    Gun owners are not guilty, liberals are the cause of this horror show.

    Meanwhile the rest of America avoids the truth .

  • Tim Gibson Sso

    What we need to do is get rid of the “gun free” zones and allow Americans to carry where ever they want. This will make the criminals think twice about pulling a gun out.Gun control wont work because who ever wants to kill someone else will no matter if it be with a gun, knife, bat, car, what ever it takes.

  • fliteking

    Article: “After school massacre, 100,000 Americans petition White House for gun control”

    Never happened. The Ob*ma admin just put the word out to their webmaster that they needed a petition posted with 100,000 votes.

    All fiction, just like the election.

    • Rattlerjake

      !00,000 is less than the population of most average-sized American cities. With an American population of 350 million, this 100,000 is pennies to a millionaire.

  • Tim Gibson Sso

    Gun control will only enhance the violance because Americans wont beable to defend themselves.

  • DaHeat

    The British idiots should know by now that gun control is not the answer. British police are not armed, and now cannot defend themselves, let alone citizens! British law is so idiotic that a British citizen can not now even carry a baseball bat for protection! Obviously ‘security’ at the Newtown school was compromised! I personally have seen teachers at schools put paper in the door locks so that they don’t have to be delayed by having to get out their keys or access cards. One teacher put paper in the door lock so that anyone could access the gym on weekends, and he thus allowed access to the gym and then the whole school!! I suspect that this situation also occurred at the Newtown school. Also, walking out a long line of students, hands on shoulders during a active shooter situation was not the right answer to evacuation! If there had been multiple shooters, it would have been easy for the shooter(s) to easily take down the entire line of students. The line evacuation is great for a fire, but definitely not for a active shooter situation! Gun control is NOT the answer, but beefed up security, as well as trained, armed citizens is a step in the right direction. Obama is a fine example. He being a former street gang member, buyer/seller/distributor of illegal substances, criminal offender and traitor! After you put him away, as well as Eric Holder and other Obama staff and crew, then maybe we can take on other major issues, like getting rid of illegal aliens, Muslims and other undesirables…

  • Mike11C

    Banning guns will result in a very bloody revolution. Be careful what you ask for.

  • cheetosareus

    You could ban every gun in the nation and it would not stop some nut from getting one or more and killing masses of people. Evil always finds a way. Honest citizens will not give up their guns or their rights to buy them. We have to have them to protect ourselves from a government that is running amuck.

  • Mike11C

    In every single state, there is a law prohibiting persons under the age of 21 from owning or possessing handguns and handgun ammo. The shooter, in fact, was only 20 years old. Just the fact that the shooter had two handguns, with ammo, in his possession, proves that gun control laws DO NOT WORK. Our Second Amendment guarantees all of us the right to bear arms and even our own government does not have the authority to change that. Attempt to disarm the gun owners of the United States at your peril. It will not be easy, or even possible, and much blood will be spilled if it is attempted.
    “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!!!”.

  • Radicon

    The people petitioning this guy for gun control I guess forgot the fact he allowed hundreds of firearms to flow free to Mexico and some came back and we lost an American because of it. He is not the person we need to control our weapons. He is one of the problems, and never a solution to the problem. I am an activist for the 2nd. I own a CCW and a few firearms. In no way could I even dream of a situation like what happened. It is not the fault of LAW ABIDING citizens that created this, it is the mind of a coward and crook that did this and they will still have the guns when they pry mine form my cold dead hands. God bless the people for their loss. But I feel appalled about the fact that control will fix it. Try not letting anyone who uses a gun to rob and kill to ever leave a prison. What we need are bigger prisons. JUST MY 2 cents, or should I say my 2nd opinion. God bless everyone, even the idiots.

  • Patriot-Research

    How many of these same names have been put in more than 100 times? How many are illigals? I bet all 100K are all Obama supporters and all are Liberal/Communist and at least 50K are muslim, and at least 50K don’t even live in the USA. Better yet, they just lied and said they have all these signatures! Go listen to Dr. Michael Williams radio show “The Patriot Report” on and get the real story on what is really going on in this Nation, and it is not good…!!!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Odd that the white house just happened to have a petition all ready to be signed isn’t it.

    What are the odds that 98% of the ‘against’ votes are recorded as “pro”?

    We could com up with a petition of at least 80 Million against the whole idea.

  • know it all

    I wonder just how many of that 100,000 needed help from the union members to sign or make their X ??

    • Rattlerjake

      Being only 100,000, it probably is all union members.

  • Vic Bailey

    You shouldn’t blame the honest gun owners that help keep our neighborhoods safe. You need to blame the judicial system for NOT WORKING AND DOING THEIR JOB!! They are the ones that believe that criminals need to be free and walking our streets. Or letting a loop hole get a killer off. The judges are on the side of the criminal, they keep prior records out of the trials, WRONG. Prior records prove that he WILL do it again!
    Wyarr Earp and Bill Tilghman knew how to deal with bad men, we should go back in history if we want our streets and homes safe again! We used to have a system that worked until we let the lying lawyers and judges change the rules! Semper Fi.

  • wdcraftr

    How about 100 million of us petition for concealed carry anywhere in America, except maybe in the White House, or Court House… If I have a gun in my vehicle, there’s some states I can’t even drive through… Also How about Bigger and Badder guns too…

  • ddt

    its not the guns
    its the whacos behind the guns
    do you think chicago will give up there guns
    lets start with chicago and see how far we get
    when they clean up chicago then maybe we will think about
    i doubt it

  • Marlin208

    Interesting slant on things
    Pretty Amazing!

    The world’s largest army… America ‘s hunters!
    I had never thought about

    A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a
    handful of states and
    arrived at a striking

    There were over 600,000 hunters
    this season in the state of Wisconsin ..
    Allow me to restate that number:

    Over the last several months,
    Wisconsin’s hunters became the eighth largest army in
    the world.

    More men under arms than in Iran .

    More than France and Germany combined.

    These men deployed to
    the woods of a single American state, Wisconsin , to hunt with
    firearms, and no one was killed.

    That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and
    Michigan’s 700,000 hunters,
    all of whom have now returned home safely.
    Toss in a quarter million hunters
    in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the
    hunters of those four states alone
    would comprise the largest army in the world.
    And then add in the total number of hunters in the other 46 states.
    It’s millions more.

    The point?

    America will forever be safe
    from foreign invasion with that
    kind of home-grown firepower.

    it’s not just a way to fill the freezer. It’s a matter of national

    That’s why all enemies,
    foreign and domestic,
    want to see us

    Food for thought,
    when next we consider gun control.

    Overall it’s true,
    so if we disregard some assumptions that hunters
    don’t possess the same skills as soldiers, the question
    would still remain…
    What army of 2 million would want to face 30, 40, 50 million armed citizens???


    For the sake of our freedom,
    don’t ever allow gun control
    or confiscation of guns.

    • caskinner

      Great comment. No…….. Excellent comment.

  • ddt

    i guess ole lefty has a bone to pick withe me

  • mm

    It’s quite obvious that this is Obommers second term agenda. This is not a coincidence.

  • mm

    Google the last 2 mass shooters names and the words communist and occupy wallstreet. Others are thinking the same thing.

  • Dan from Ohio

    these fools don,t understand,the laws worked to keep this shooter from obtaining a firearm legally.NBC reported he tried to buy a rifle before the shooting but couldn,t get it because of the waiting period.He KILLED to obatin the guns he used to kill the people with.Nothing would of stopped this crazy from doing what he set out to do..

  • caskinner

    People don’t want to address the real problem. The problem isn’t guns. The problem is society’s inability to deal with the mentally ill and the obsession with violence that our children are exposed to. Some people are not taught how to deal with their anger, with rejection and with the difficulties that are encountered in living life. Some have lost their moral compass and have no belief in God.

  • kackel

    I am circulating a petition now to remove all car’s and truck’s from the roads !t will save lives,and cut our dependency on oil !We might as well throw in all personal jets !

  • waterman

    I am for gun control too, my gun, my control……. It should be a requirement that teachers take a handgun and rifle course and be armed at all times to help protect our children. In Isreal they already have armed teachers, guess what since the teachers are now armed, no more mass shootings at schools.
    What the idiot liberals don’t understand is that if you take the guns away from the law abiding gun owners that the only ones that will have guns are the criminals. They do not recognize gun laws nor will they ever. That is why they are criminals in first place, they do not follow the laws.
    Can you idiot liberals and dems just pull obutthead’s anatomy out of your ear and think for once.

  • medivac

    Where were these idiots when the twin towers were brought down by box cutters ??

  • Peter Tefft

    How can we get these 100,000 people to lodge complaints against the murder of millions of babies in this country. Wear are the tears of this president for those millions. Its hypocrisy at its best. Gun control maybe to some degree but never to take our guns away. Thats a constitutional right if you believe in the Constitution which Obama does not.

  • bayman61

    What about the man in China that went into a school with a knife and injured 20 children? He did not need a gun. China has very strict gun control. They are not allowed to have guns, yet this man attacked 20 children without a gun. I guess you do not need one to hurt or kill with.

  • bayman61

    How about making the schools safer. How about metal detectors in schools. How about not letting anyone in that does not have a reason to be there? Blame the school for letting him in and his mother for not having those guns under lock and key. Gun control will NOT work. If a criminal wants a gun he will get one some way or some how. If you have enough money someone somewhere will make you one. That man in China did not need a gun when he attacked 20 children and a few adults with a knife. Gun control does not work. It has been proven in China and Connecticut, which both have strict gun laws. It only affects the honest gun owner.

  • Ray Ake

    you ever wonder WHY is it that when the democrats are in control,,we have all thease killing’s ??? and that the atf is alway’s there without being called ?? the fact that this is always happening when demo’s are pushing gun control !!! just look at Johnson=carter=Clinton=Obama,,never under republication. control !! ARE they will to kill our people,,to take control of our country ??

  • Ray Ake

    WHY is it that this ONLY happens under democrats control ?? and that the ATF always show up without being called ?? always at times when liberals are calling for more gun control laws..under Johnson the 60’s riots,,carter,,Clinton,,Obama,,mass killings while the liberals are pushing for more gun control laws..we have over 20 million laws on the books and not one has stoped a crime or killing.. YET they want to take away honest peoples rights from them or away to protect themselves..are they willing to kill people to justify gun control,,or to make slaves of us all ??

  • marys

    Well maybe had there been an armed guard on duty at the school, or perhaps a Principle who was trained with a gun she could have stopped the massacre, but to blame this on a “gun” is plain stupidity.
    Going back to the city of Nineveh, it was so wicked, children being sacrificed, people being killed, you don’t need a gun to kill, just like that big football player, he didn’t need a gun to kill his girlfriend and then himself. Plastic wrap can kill, box cutters took down planes in the sky over Washington D.C., New York, and Pennsylvania not guns, explosives in a mans shoe or in his underwear can take down a plane, a bottle filled with fuel with a rag stuck in it and lit can take down a building and the occupants in that building, you don’t need a gun to do harm. The millions of people who own guns in this country use them respnsibly, and yes even to protect themselves from harm. To get on the bandwagon just to change or 2nd Amendment is lunacy. Any Congressman or Senator that tries to use this for his own political ideological advandage shoulld be called out and fired. It’s wrong to blame an inanimate object for the ills of a sick human being, and a sinful world… everybody is missing the point here. WE live in a sinful world, we are ALL sinners and until we ALL recognize that fact nothing will change. We had a man who is the God/man Jesus Christ who was born as a baby and when that event happened the King Herod sent his men out into the country to “kill all the boys that had been born who were two years of age and under” they didn’t use guns. That God/Man Jesus Christ also died a violent death on the Cross of Calvary for the sins of All men past, present and future, he died the most gross violent, horrific death a man could even imagine. Think of it they didn’t use “guns” they used leather straps with pieces of metal in them to first strike him and pummel him to the point he was unrecognizable and bleeding, then they shoved a crown of thorns on his head with spikes anywhere from 3 to 4 inches long, sort of like a bouganvilla bush in sharpness, he was then beaten and humiliated and forced to carry a cross up a hill where they laid him on it and drove huge nail spikes into his hands and feet, think of the pain and agony then hoisting that heavy wooden cross up in the air and dropping it down into a hole shaking his whole body in pain, blood running from his body, no Gun was used here, trying with all the strength He had to lift his rib cage up far enough to be able to breathe. Have you ever had someone sit on your stomach or chest and you can’t breathe, well sort of like that. That in itself could bring about death, but then to have a spear struck into your side just to make sure you were dead, better register those spears too. What next bows and arrows, glass bottles, razor blades. Why not try and change the minds of kids by putting them in church’s that teach God’s word. That there is sin in this world and there is a price to pay for that sin, but the price was paid by Jesus Christ, remember He’s the one we celebrate at Christmas time or have we forgotten that too. Schools used to teach kids how to read using the “Bible” did you know that people,
    Now we spend our time trying to prevent a student from using the word God, faith, prayer in a speach or poem. We ought to look at the people and see what we are doing to ourselves before it’s too late, because ladies and gentlement, God will not be “mocked” He will turn us over to our reprobate minds if we don’t turn from our sinful ways. This young man who did this had no conscience, he was devoid of right and wrong, that’s where the problem lays at the feet of, not the “gun”. Mary S

  • LibertysSon

    A 100,000 exploitative Ghouls I’d say

  • $679248

    Guns are not the problem, they are the result of a problem. The attention needs to be turn to the people needing to take medications but don’t. Also, we have to stop the movie industry from movies that the only acceptable solution is shooting, stabbing, or whatever violence the Liberals think as ok! Our society as a whole has gone cold on human life. An Animal injury gets more legal action than killing a human. We have made it so that an individual feels there is no escape, and to take care of the problem is to eliminate it, and it doesn’t alway involve a gun! People that are mental sick, and supposed to be taking medication for corrective issue, don’t! and then go off the deep end! Our society needs a mental adjustment not other set of rules, restrictions and stupid alibis from the left.

  • SpiderMike

    Effing pussies: “Oh please Lord Barry, please protect us from ourselves. We are not worthy of the freedom to have firearms.”

  • burdue

    Too bad for the 100,000, huh? Tell them to p*ss off.

  • steve

    Come on libs. Man up and come take my guns yourself.

  • Mike C

    If you carry for protection you are the wise ones, if someone in the school had a weapon they could have stopped this 20 year old , Not one teacher had a gun , no security whatsoever , except for a camera at the front door. If someone walks into a school with a gun , he should have been shot within a minute, no questions asked. I never travel anywhere in this country , visiting family , friends , anytime I leave home always have a loaded gun with me. Had a flat tire on 95 , was changing the tire with my wife helping me , it was dark a car came rolling up with Kids started to park behind me , took my gun out so they could see it , the kids drove off. If I didn’t have a gun how would I protect my wife andd myself against 5 kids . I probably wouldn’t be here commenting right now. You need to be prepared at all times , in your home , inyour car , where ever you are. Too many crazy people in this world , a movie theater , which banned all guns from entering the premesis , if someone had a gun in that theater nobody would be killed . Self Defense is answer in society , Guns Dont Kill People , People use guns to kill people.

  • mike88

    What good would new gun control restrictions do, the crazed shooter has already violated virtually every gun law, gun ownership law, trespassing law, Breaking and entering law, in that State because he was not a law abiding citizen, so enacting more laws would not have stopped this crazed killer from harming or killing anybody. Laws only work for the Law Abiding Citizens and these people signing these stupid petitions can’t think past their Emotional response to a sad situation.


    100,000 out of 330 million, it’s a lot but not by the 10’s of million that are going to say use your head and give us the right to carry….say it real loud.

  • Ranchman

    How about a petition to end abortion and end gun control? How about putting our rights first and governing according to the Constitution? Liberals will use this tragedy for the only thing they truly care about, the possibility to shred more of our rights. We must not allow them to further restrict our inalienable right to keep a tyrannical government at bay. It’s getting worse and worse with this illegal, fraudulent, ineligible piece of trash in the People’s White House. It’s coming folks, either a Civil War or Revolution, won’t matter much on which one, the outcome will be the same. If you think the carnage in Newtown was bad, just hide and watch, you’re sure to be appalled at what’s to come. No matter what, we cannot allow any more shredding of our founding documents. Enough is enough!

  • NymRod

    100,000 liberal fools petition White House for gun control!

  • Jay

    Real or not, this petition will give 0 a “mandate” to enact an imperial decree- excuse me, an executive order for more gun control.

  • Sarah Conner

    1929.soviet union established gun control [1929-1953] 20 million dissidents were rounded up and executed,1911 turkey established gun control[1915-1917 ] 1.5 million unarmed Armenians were rounded up and executed,1935 germany established gun control [1935-1945 ] 13 million Jews and others were rounded up and executed.1935,china established gun control [1948-1952 ] 20 million political dissidents were executed.1956,cambodia established gun control [1975-1977 ] 1 million ‘educated’ people were executed.1964,guatemala established gun control [1964-1981 ]100,000 Mayan Indians,unable to defend themselves were executed.1970,uganda established gun control [1971 -1979 ]300,000 Christians were rounded up and executed.Defenseless people executed in the 20th century
    ,56 million! Next time someone talks in favor of gun control,ask them “who do you want to round up and execute ?”With guns we are citizens,without them,we are subjects.

  • James Fontana

    These are the same idiots that re-elected the idiot in chief. They are playing right into Obozos hands. No guns, sharia law, a dictaotrship and no way to fight back. Obama must go and take his left wing nut jobs with him. This was an unfortunate event and Obozo will milk everthing he can out of it with his fake tears and false compassion. Had there been an armed faculty member or other official these kids may have celebrated Christmas. Every school including private should have at least one armed staff member. These things can be avoided but not by taking away guns. The public would be terrorized to know how many teenagers know how to make bombs. Isn’t the internet a great teacher? There needs to be more control of what is on the information highway and less emphasis on gun control. Or how about this, more parent control, what a novel idea.

  • Jaime Canco

    So let’s see this in comparative relevance; in the United States there is approximately 313,000,000 people (some estimate the figure closer to 347,000,000) and they got 100,000 signature (actually 84,312 at the time I write this – but they rounded up to make the figure sound bigger and more impressive). So 97-to-98 percent of the total population disagree with the liberal idiots who signed this petition. The issue here has nothing to do with gun control – the issue is actually the abject enslavement of people under dictatorial means and manner under a ruling class who already has made it known they want to killed off or eliminate 25,000,000 Americans; and who would support, of a one rule United Nations New World Order who want to kill off 5.500,000,000 people to come to the size of a ‘enlightened’ world population ruled by elitiest intellectuals. Sounds to me that at anytime in the history of the world if firearms were needed for protection – firearms are needed today to protect us from those self-same people in our society who have already proved their intellectualism has screwed up a nation as we know it.

    Just consider this – Freedom is never given – freedom is taken. Cry Freedom, stand on your own two feet and embrace your freedom so it will not be taken away. Then issue warning – leave us alone or suffer the consequence of your own actions that statement directed to those who would take away our freedom.

    Don’t make the mistake the Russian peoples made when the Bolshevik took over Russia with appoximately 40,000 people that took over a nation of millions and millions of people and then always remember where that took Russia in history and the millions and millions (130,000,000) of people killed. Likewise the millions and millions of people also killed in every other communist nation.

  • scubaqueen

    These people are really stupid. Dont they know that gun control would only make things worse? More thugs would come out with their illegal guns and we will not be able to defend ourselves.

  • AmericansRon2U

    I’d check that petition…the names are probably Obama operatives or bogus names. Call me crazy, but I’m in WI and after seeing firsthand what the lefties did during their attempt to recall our Gov. Walker, nothing surprises me. Bogus signatures were in abundance…it’s the M.O. of the Left.

  • AmericansRon2U

    Obama runs guns to Mexican drug cartels who end up killing Americans and others…then, he runs guns to Al-Qaeda so they end up killing Americans in Benghazi! Now, Obama is going to preach to US…I don’t think so. He’s a wannabe Hitler, folks…anyone who tries to disarms their citizens will plan to murder them as well. All you need to do is check your history book…unless it’s been revised by commies or Saudis.

  • Steve T

    Do you realize that there are over 80-90 Million gun owners & over 300 million guns out there. If they were to “Ban guns” the black market will thrive and crimes on our streets will multiply 1000 times over. Pass on any and all info to your families, friends, any lawful gun owner. And flood your Reps, Senators, Gov, even the Presidents office, emails, and phones with your SUPORT of Our Civil Right the Second Amendment!

  • Nonameworks

    The more rational approach would be to examine the fact that the Arizona shooitng, the Colorado theater shooting and the Connecticut shooting (and a number of others) were all perpetrated by people with a serious mental disorder. Rather than take guns away from the millions who own and handle them responsibly, wouldn’t it make more sense to examine the way we handle (or don’t handle) mental illness in the US? At the risk od violating an individual’s right to privacy (those who have a mental illness diagnosis — or should) the mindset of many is to violate the right of millsions to bear arms.
    The question has to be reframed.
    In addition — the number of young people killed in DC and Chicago — and, indeed, in most metropolitan areas, involving gangster and drug activity is huge, but the culture that produces that does not get the kind of reaction the use of guns (by the mentally ill) does. How does the perpetuation of violence through music not get addressed on this scale?
    How about another couple petitions focused on these issues to match the gun “control” signatures turned in?

  • ejaite

    people and idiots kill people,, NOT GUNS

  • ejaite

    LETS FACE IT there are millions,, maybe billions of children being slaughtered every year,, way more than any war has ever killed, and there is no national law to protect these children,, so what difference does 20 more make,, unless we put GOD back into everything this will continue,, WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • Captain Chaos

    Rattlerjake, my two friends and I are with you. My two friends? Mr Smith and Mr Wesson, in .45 caliber.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    They should petition…. petition that at least one person is armed in every school.

  • Bradley Jones

    wow so what miniscule when you factor in over 300 million people thats equivelant to 1 person out of 3000 a mere drop in the bucket of who want more gun control

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