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Obama: ‘Our hearts are broken’ for families of Connecticut shooting victims


Obama: ‘Our hearts are broken’ for families of Connecticut shooting victims

An emotional President Obama, wiping away tears and choking up as he spoke, said Friday that “our hearts are broken” for the families of the victims in the deadly mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. The president, hinting at possible legislation, pledged “meaningful action” to prevent more killings in the future.

The president addressed the tragedy during remarks at the White House Friday afternoon, as details continued to emerge. Authorities say at least 26 people, most of them children, were killed when a gunman clad in black military gear opened fire inside a Connecticut elementary school.

The president, who in the past has maintained his composure at such moments no matter the depth of the tragedy at hand, on Friday paused repeatedly, struggling to get through his remarks.



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  • Yo Adrian

    He’s doing it again like he has done before, he’s fake crying so he can go after our 2nd amendment rights! What a lousy actor!!!

  • Niggishzidda

    You actually believe he was tearing up??? Come on it was all an act prove it by not touching the other eye to wipe tears as well. It was an act. Beside no one else did this act. Why rub the eye at least let it roll down the cheek and then wipe it..

    • jerry sweet

      he is a narcissistic,psychopathic android.

  • James Fontana

    I am not heartbroken but saddened at the shootings, I am however heartbroken that this fraud got re-elected

    • jerry sweet

      even the libs will regret it,once they see obama’s going to throw them under the bus.i used to have respect for some black people,but the ones with a voice are all for his demonic plans for us.same with likes of Sean Penn.what pieces of work.obama couldn’t lead a latrine duty.maybe girl scouts.he is the biggest ego maniac Stooge i have ever seen in my 64 years.the people fell for it. i heard one young white lady state i just voted for black man,i am so happy.not even knowing the sadistic slavery he has planned for us.HOPE you like the CHANGE deserve it.i didn’t vote for either fraud.

  • $13614178

    The unmitagated phony is at it again , he is so narcistic he would not weep even were it his own dayghter , still his worshippers the MSM will push it for all they can get , keep in mind he did not weep for Brian Terry , the Benghazi four nor about dozens others that have died because of his schemes and policies

  • Marc Lizotte

    I cried too, remember when you signed full term abortion to be carried out on innocent little babies GROWING INSIDE mother`s wombS. The place that used to be the safest and most sacred of all placed for a GROWING INFANT to be! You sir are PURE EVIL and most assuradely a coward two face at that!

    • Kartua

      They were once protected with death of the person or people involved in their harm!!!

  • jerry sweet

    what a piece of work .i wish i could be close enough to him to call him the murderer he is.also what a muslim jerk .what are they going to do to KILL ME that’s already in the works.i don’t want to hear from one you commie loving idiots about how we should respect our government.WE are the Government people.we just have STOOGES like obama to represent?? us.we had both bushes,both clintons all the way back to at least LBJ as STOOGES.Kennedy was no saint but i believe he had the interests of the people at heart.Eisenhower stated this was coming.he said in 50 years you wouldn’t recognize America.well guess what!

  • GDC

    Psychopaths are GREAT ACTORS!!!

  • fliteking

    Liberals only use kids for politics.
    1. The politics of abortion
    2. The politics of gun control

    It is impossible for them to reconcile the two positions.

    • Kartua

      Hears the kicker – The Democratic Party is the Party that kept Slavery going for so long!!!

      • fliteking


  • Paul

    He is an actor, and a cold hearted one at that. He is willing to use any thing he can grab at top accomplish his will on us.

  • Jay

    Looks like I’m not the only cynic who thinks that those were tears of joy Fauxbama was crying, while anticipating putting his boot on the necks of honest, law-abiding citizens. Remember, only criminals and tyrants fear an armed man.

  • fliteking

    Ob*ma is crying with joy.

    Fast & Furious was a dismal failure concerning the Gov’ts efforts to subvert the 2nd Amendment. In the minds of Liberals these shootings are the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs.

    :Liberals with divert attention away from the facts – – – the shooter had Autism and a diagnosed Personality Disorder – – – instead they will CELEBRATE this opportunity to further prevent lawful citizens from protecting themselves.

    Pray for the dead and their families – – – the liberals are to busy trying to take away your guns to Pray.

  • fliteking

    >–So, if we take a psychologically unstable young male and bombard him with messages about how women are better, men are brutal louts, all whites are racists, their financial future is already destroyed and young males need to be prepared to be the whipping boy while taking a backseat in the employment world . . . you create a murderous freak.

    Gun owners are not guilty, liberals are the cause of this horror show.

    Meanwhile the rest of America avoids the truth .

  • Vic Bailey

    AS usual he is LYING, he doesn’t care, if anything this plays right into his ban on guns, NOT the people that do this kind of thing but innocent gunowners that probably have saved a life in their lifetime! I have carried a 357 Colt Python for 47 years and I have yet to harm anyone, but it has calmed some bad guys down! You don’t have to pull it, you just have to let them know you have it and you would use it if need be! When I was growing up I NEVER saw a cop draw down on someone, now it happens every day! That shows you that nobody respects anyone or anything, THAT’S what needs to change. We DON’T need more laws, we just need to enforce the ones on the books now! Life is SIMPLE, Liberals make it complicated, LESS Liberals, Less Complications, and a Better Safer World! Semper Fi.

  • $1340197

    Taking guns from Citizens makes us more susceptible to crazies and criminals – PERIOD!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Tears of joy at getting more statistics to use in the ongoing drive to disarm the American Citizens.

    He, and his pals in congress look forward to incidents such as this to push THEIR AGENDA.

    The best way to stop these attacks on UNARMED people is to ARM THE PEOPLE and stop putting up roadblocks.

    Legislated law DOES NOT supersede CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

    My question to the teachers unions, and the teachers themselves.

    “WHY do you allow yourselves and your students to be murdered for his agenda?”

    “Why does the union care so little about their members that they risk losing the monthly dues?”

  • ConservativeGrl

    Biggest BS fake crying. He can’t use the line “if I had a boy, he would like these victims,” because CT is pretty white. BO hates white people, so I doubt he cared about this shooting. He’s too busy supplying guns to our enemies and plotting ways to destroy the US. His reaction is intended to make all the anti-gun liberals jump on the bandwagon to now find a reason for their cause!

  • Peter Tefft

    I think his tears are genuine but I call in question why he does not have tears for the millions of innocent babies killed in the United States of America. Why because its legal. The legal killing of millions, shame, shame.

  • conservative

    This frauds heart is filled with joy that he can now control the gun control debate.

  • Kartua

    Yeah, wipe those dry tears off your dry face. Not falling for your Socialistic viewed B.S.!!!

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