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How do ‘anti-stab’ knives work?


How do ‘anti-stab’ knives work?

Knife crime is hardly out of the headlines these days and it makes grim reading.

Stabbing deaths hit a record high of 322 in the UK last year, according to the government. Most knives used in such attacks are from the kitchen, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair suggested.

The first “anti-stab” knife will soon go on sale in Britain and has been designed to work as normal in the kitchen, but be ineffective as a weapon.



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  • fliteking

    So in the UK . . . the person who NEEDS to defend themselves won’t have a gun or a working knife.

    Folks in the UK have lost their minds.

    • Rattlerjake

      What happened to all the Einsteins? We’re being overrun with f*cking rocket scientists.

    • getreal

      They still have screwdrivers, hammers……..

      • fliteking

        A Hammer would make a fine substitute.

        Something light . . . with a claw . . .

  • $5708171

    I’m still waiting for the anti-thumb-smash hammer. Oh, and how about the anti-crash airplane? The anti-hit fist? Boy! This is great stuff!

    • Rattlerjake

      I’d just love to have an anti-crash truck, then I wouldn’t have to dodge all the dumbazzes on the road.

      • Jay

        No lie, the four-wheelers are hazardous to your health. I think the day I retire the guy that cuts me off and slams on his brakes to make a right turn will have a bad day.

  • BrassRing

    So, this of course means that they have also found a way to keep all the OTHER knives out of peoples hands. I do soooooo hope they can also make some similar scissors so that they can finally run with them!

  • $13614178

    I have a much better solution than banning guns or redesigning knives , raise responsible citizens to be responsible for all their actions . I know , as much as I hate it , it will probably require instilling Christian values in their subjects .

  • guest

    They will have to outlaw the normal knives, and then only criminals will have them. Oh; can’t knives be manufactured from old saws and tempered on the kitchen stove?

  • justathinker

    Headline: Slashing Deaths Outpace Stabbings.

  • Darrell Lynch

    Good God! Talk about asinine! These knives will no more prevent death by knives than outlawing kitchen knives altogether. The Brits are getting stupider by the day.

    • PeckerWood_Chicken_Shiite

      These anti-stab knives still have a sharp edge that can be used to slit a throat. It kills the victim a lot quicker and doesn’t take as much energy as stabbing.



  • Joe

    The new knife is very culturally sensitive. It wouldn’t prevent an islamist from beheading you. Would fit in nicely with British multiculturalism.

  • bayman61

    You cannot stab anyone with it, but you can slice them to ribbons with it. So it can still be used to kill with.

  • Jaime Cancio

    Let’s see; take away guns, they start using kniifes (UK), take away guns and knifes they start using poison (China), take away guns, knifes, poisons and they start using explosives (U.S. – Timothy McVery and 162 killed in a single incident) – yes sir let’s deal with the tools used to kill but not once address the individuals responisible because we might upset them and demean them. And then, the height of insanity, by the crimes of one individual let’s impose senseless stupid laws upon the rest of innocent society that had no participation in the crime. Arsewipe intellectuals are the bane of society with thier simplex answers and solution that do nothing to protect society but make them feel good they done something of value that has no real value and stops nothing. Seems to me; after guns, knifes, axes, swords, poisons, explosives, and on and on and on are banned – as Americans are a very inventive people – what will they come up next after you take guns away, and you better hope you don’t find out and come the day you wished you only had to worry about guns, just what will be invented for useage by those people willing to kill other people. Our gun laws, our governments Federal and local, the police don’t work and are totally ineffective to stop the violence and this incident proves just that.

  • getreal

    I can put a razor edge on my American Express card that could easily slit a persons throat……

    You can not stop these lunatics by banning everything or re-engineering everything!


  • Charles

    so now they will slice and dice instead of just stabbing you.

  • John1943

    those knives may lower the incidence of stabbing, but I bet they could still cut one’s throat.
    In the meantime, how about hammers that can’t cave in someone’s skull?

  • Guest (but maybe not for long)

    Real bright… now they’ll simply cut their throats which the victim will have nil chance of surviving. Cutting the carotid artery is usually fatal.
    Besides, anyone who wants to stab someone will simply grind down the blunt point to a sharp one. Would only take me ten mins. on my grinding wheel. (Are they going to license or ban them too now?

  • David Phillips

    That BBC article, and most other commentary on the knife (intriguing design) is from June, 2009. Are they actually being sold? Have pointy kitchen knives been outlawed in the UK? A quick search doesn’t yield positive answers to those questions.

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