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How should the firearms community respond to “Active Shooter” Spree Murder events

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How should the firearms community respond to “Active Shooter” Spree Murder events

With the news still being shared about another violent spree murder targeting innocents who would be very likely unarmed, unprotected and unprepared to defend themselves from a predator, the firearms community should take a deep breath before responding.

First and foremost, there are many families, friends and community members who need to be thought of. Neither today’s attack on school in Connecticut, this weeks previous murders in Oregon, the still recent movie theatre violence in Colorado or any other event in history where firearms were used to harm people assumed to be unable to protect themselves is an attack on our way of life. These attacks were against real people. In today’s case, mostly children. Those people and those close to them should be at the front of our thoughts. With deepest sympathy and sorrow.
We all know that the “anti-gun crowd” is going to capitalize on this moment to drive their own agenda forward, but we should not stoop to their level. We should not be rushing out ranting about how wrong they are out of one side of their mouths while are at the same time taking the opportunity to stand on a soap box and proselytize the obvious fact that children could’ve been saved if the teachers had been armed and prepared to deal with such a threat.
This is a time to take a breath and consider the tragedy and loss. I think we must consider those involved directly and respond respectfully in whichever way we chose. Yes, this is exactly the type of event that can be twisted to advance a political agenda. Let’s not be the side that is getting wound up about the wrong things.



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  • gunner48

    Public execution would be nice. Performed by the parents of the children lost!Or a proxy of their choice. I would volunteer. But leave Guns and the second Amendment alone.

    • kodster

      The shooter is already dead, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head (the coward’s way out). However, your statement is totally inappropriate for the article posted.

      • Esther Mae Egan

        Coward or not, at least the tax payer is not supporting him. It would be nice to go back to when everyone who wanted had a gun and knew what to do with it. I am tired of people claiming to be insane and living the rest of their lives in prison.

    • Rattlerjake

      I’ve always said that for 5 bucks a head, I’ll hang every one on death row until I am out of a job.

  • redscho

    Meanwhile mass killers, Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood), James Eagan Holmes, (Colorado theater killings) and Jared Lee Loughner (Tucson shooter) are still breathing oxygen while our Judicial system has a CJO over it.

    And the media is giving it far too much attention making the slime bags cult heroes in their own circle of degenerates – copy cat nut cases will respond as is being demonstrated, mall shooting last week, school shooting today.

    • jerry sweet

      james egan holmes was a one believes this drugged out idiot who couldn’t hit his face with both hands,pulled off this mass killing.he broke in,used precise shooting skills and then stripped all the gear off,just to be arrested by the cops.only an idiot believes in that.columbine the same.the police on the scene were told to stand down for at least 30 minutes,before entering the school.why?.our gov. will tell all the brain dead we need to disarm Americans.good.that way they can murder all of us.except millions just don’t want to be you traitors may just find your selves.out numbered and out gunned.don’t miss.we won’t.

    • Rattlerjake

      It’s no different than the way the government and media make such a big deal out off every white on black crime (the few that there are), but NEVER say anything about a black on white crime (that are rampant).

  • Bubba

    I agree completely. Let’s all direct our thoughts and prayers to the innocent victims and their families.

  • Ihatelibs

    This whole incident was staged by Obama to ban guns

    • Jim D Keever

      I really hate to think that you are correct, but I have to admit that it was one of the first thoughts in my mind.

      • mugato

        My first thought is, you have a diseased brain.

    • Niggishzidda

      I agree as well. All this is brainwashing time CT as well as what happened on the West Coast

  • Jim Fishback

    Amen,,, BUT,,, You know the left is Already up in “Arms” (forgive the pun) about this “Gun Violence”,,, like the human garbage who pulled the trigger had nothing to do with it,,, It was the GUN’s fault…

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    This is a trick question, right? SHOOT BACK, of course, and put a STOP to the spree! How many fewer might be dead if one had been armed and able to take the shooter down? GUNS don’t kill people, the people who pick them up with murder already in their hearts and minds do THAT! A gun is simply a neutral TOOL!

    • Patriot-Research

      This was another Obama Government SY-OP to disarm Americans…Nothing else. Then it will hit the fan. DHS and FEAM already has our rooms reserved for all of us in the nearst FEMA Camp…!!!

      • jerry sweet

        no they have their fema body bags ready for won’t be just us dying.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Obama government is but the TOOL of a much larger and far more sinister organization, and I don’t mean FEMA or the UN!

      • Frdmftr

        You think FEMA has rooms reserved for all of us. They don’t: They have dirt surrounded by a chain link and concertina wire fence reserved for us. But we should reserve something for them, too.

    • John Brashear

      funny isnt it, how these always seem to occur in “Gun Free Zones”…….and do our elected officials really think, this is some “good ” reason to disarm us?…..just prior to them tyrranizing us?

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        They wouldn’t WORK very well in an non-“gun-free” zone! But this is just another DISTRACTION; and we fall for it, because it was kids killed; this is larger than seeking to disarm us; that’s but a symptom of the real illness.

    • jackel

      Can people just walk into a school with an armload of guns?I use to pick up Foster kids and in most cases i couldn’t get in the door without pressing my the window !

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Only when it’s a staged event.

      • Guest

        Nine mil or a three oh eight would do fine.
        As for the getting in the schools, they’re very lax. Was in a school that was in a drug zone (where drug deals were more numerous than students attending) that had a special “gun drill” which was the school’s response to drug gang shootings.
        Never stopped them- but never had them shoot near school because the jail time was more than doubled if a crime were comitted within that area. They didn’t like more than doubling their sentences, so they cleaned up their act.

  • 1gentready

    To balance what is needed to stop this kind of things happening there is no answer but I do wonder if these people are jest looking for attention or if they are like the Suicide Bombers they don’t think before they act. This can’t jest be happening in the United States it has to be happening in other country’s but jest hidden from the world but look at the Suicide Bombers all over the world they are killing many more and these idiots here are trying to catch up with them. It seems the number of people that are so worried about the end of the world are taking advantage of this time to act out before they can’t become famous.

  • seb27

    If some of the teachers had guns they could have stopped him! If this guy did not have guns he would have had bombs!

  • Apocalypto

    Hear Hear.

  • Fred_K

    All teachers should be required to have a gun, and be proficient with its use. The shooter knew that there would be no guns at the school, so no one could defend themselves. Again, when seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      No, the cops were a mere 20 dead children away.

    • mugato

      You mean those worthless, overpaid, union teachers. Now you want them to carry a gun? I’m sure the union’s won’t allow it.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Once again a murderer walked into a school with numerous guns and plenty of ammunition.

    Once again, children and teachers were murdered in cold blood with no means to defend themselves.

    Once again this will be blamed on the guns and not the murderer.

    And, once again, there will be new legislation being rushed through various levels of government.

    It is time to stop the “Once Again” cycle.

    IT IS TIME to ARM every teacher and school employee, and any teacher or
    employee that is not willing to PROTECT AND DEFEND the children they
    are charged with, then it’s time to get new teachers and employee.

    IT IS PAST TIME to get rid of the ‘gun control’ laws that do nothing
    but infringe on the RIGHTS of the Citizens for political reasons.

    I credit the murderer in this instance with only the FIRST murder, all others belong to chuck schumer and sarah brady.

    And the Parents and relatives of the victims today should name them
    personally as defendants in a multi BILLION dollar lawsuit for wrongful

    80 million law abiding gun owners had no part in this
    murder and even if one or more had been on site, they were forbidden to
    carry any weapons that may have saved the lives of the children.

    “gun control” laws are presented as the only way to stop gun violence,
    but FACTS prove there has been no decrease in gun crimes, only an
    increase in areas where guns are outlawed by congress.

    Congress is doing everything they can to convince the People that their desires are innocent.

    The same story that Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tze Tsung, Castro, Pol Pot…. and the list goes on.

    Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, collected all the privately owned guns and now has a remarkable rate of one murder ever two hours.

    Odd that Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado yesterday proclaimed that he
    too wants to disarm the American People to prevent ‘gun violence….

    No Thanks governor, in Connecticut the cops were only 20 dead children and 6 dead adults away.

    I want better odds.

    • mugato

      Your argument is so insane I simply can’t even think how I would begin to respond. I feel sick.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        Well, as long as you can’t even think, the rest of us will be a whole lot safer.

        I hope you never get over it.

        • mugato

          You won’t be safer, just insane.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            But… I can’t be ‘insane’ except in your eyes.

            My comments are accurate and based on researchable and PROVEN facts.

          • mugato

            I feel rather confident that a year ago you were part of the group blasting teachers as overpaid. Now, you would like to have them all armed, while teaching children. Have you taken the time to consider some of the possible, rather likely, ramifications

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Well, you had better get your ‘confidence’ re-regulated because, once again, YOU are WRONG.

            And yes I have looked at the possible ramifications.

            Union teachers would probably whine, wail and screech in horror at the thought of actually BEING RESPONSIBLE for the students.

            So we would have to go to the Private Sector Schools to find qualified help.

            The end result of that would be the teachers salaries would remain the same or go up since they would no longer have to fork over the union dues.

            AND THAT would mean the children would be safer from predatory ‘teachers’ and get a better education when the local districts took control over their schools.

            Any more dumb assumptions you would care to make?

          • mugato

            Crusty, you indirectly affirmed my assumptions of you in your last post. You know, the whole union teacher thing, over paid, lazy, doesn’t care. Maybe you are unaware of this but those teachers who died were union teachers, Crusty. Would you like to define them as being lazy? How about not acting responsible to the students? Is dieing for there students not a great enough sacrifice for you? My 2nd grade elementary teacher was in her early 80’s when she retired. How do you feel about her fighting off an armed assailant? Crusty, do you think she would win that fight? I doubt she would. Finally, Crusty, I do not believe you have honestly considered the ramifications of teachers carrying firearms. You may have said you have in attempt to cast me off as dogmatic and partisan, to win an argument, but I doubt you truly have given much, if any, consideration.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            And you still haven’t presented anything of value to disprove ANY of my comments.

            But you are beginning to appear a bit trollish.

          • mugato

            I don’t think there is a point or idea to anything you just re posted. If so, could you at state it, please? It is terribly confusing, more a rant than a stated idea. And I would gladly provide or disprove your comments but I’m not sure what to make of them, other than ramblings.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            From your first sentence I see that you freely admit to not thinking as in “I don’t think”.

            Followed by your admission that i know what I’m talking about.., as in “there is a point or idea to anything you just re posted”. Jumbled and poorly constructed sentence but I was able to figure it out eventually…

            Then, apparently in an attempt to ungarble your ‘message’ if there really is one in there…”It is terribly confusing, more a rant than a stated idea.”

            I just can’t help you here son.

            Maybe if you started reading from the top, and applying all the cognitive abilities you possess, perhaps by the time you get back to this point your comprehension skills may be adequately improved to allow you to understand the thread in general.

            But, if it truly is your intent to troll…

            I have more intelligent people to discuss growed up stuff with.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Just because I’m a nice guy, I’ll explain the intelligence level of those UNION teachers you seem to care so much about….

            (A repost)

            So… when are the teachers
            going to wake up and realize that they are deliberately and
            intentionally being set up as murder victims to push the liberal agenda?

            Currently it is…

            “You go in to work today and make sure you tell the children how
            scary guns are, and if a bad guy comes in and starts shooting, you jump
            in front of a bullet and die for OUR cause.”

            If I had a boss that told me that, and refused to allow me to arm
            myself…. me and that boss would have a very serious disagreement.

            ‘the smartest and brightest teachers’ haven’t figured that out yet?”

            I do hope this helps explain the problem….


    The moral value, that deals with the uncomfortable truth that some of mankind commit crimes of a humanistic vial measure that calls for the restitution of Capital Punishment, which is Biblical in enforcement…but society uses tactics attached to agenda’s, to allow the evil of this world to obtain power, create crimes and criminals.

    Until we force our courts to the standard of Equal Justice, not Social Justice, and forced to comply with restitution of death for Capital Punishment (murderers, rapists, molesters and those that accuse others of committing these crimes against God and man, another term which is ‘bearing false witness’).

    Until we force the media to address that, society calls for restitution and forces judges, politicians and the teaching that these crimes will not be rewarded, as society does today.

    This should be the commonsense we should all see. Would this nation be better off with less murderers, rapists, molesters and those that ‘bear false witness’???…but somehow, that message is silenced from commonsense.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    And, almost like a miracle… fox news is scrolling about new life in an assault weapons ban.

    A couple of pistols are now “assault weapons”?

    • Chiefbuck

      Geezer, I don’t quite follow your comment about “Fox News scrolling about new life in an assault weapons ban”. Not sure if you are commenting on their reporting of the usual rants demanding a weapons ban or just complaining about Fox News. Of course the anti-gun types are not going to miss the opportunity to advance their goals and using the term “assault weapon” as often as possible. But we all know that a semi-auto gun is not a real assault weapon because those types are all capable of fully automatic firing. Semi-auto rifles, shotguns and pistols have been around for over a century and fully auto weapons are not permitted to be sold without a serious permitting process. In addition I must remind all that a gallon of gasoline could have killed far more people today. The bottom line is that a human being, probably an insane human being was responsible for today’s tragedy. We, as responsible gun owners must do whatever we can to help those who are now suffering. Most of us are going to have to be satisfied remembering those victims with our thoughts and prayers.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        The gungrabbers in congress jumped on this as another great excuse to outlaw legal ownership.

        They could care less about the victims, to them it’s just more statistical evidence that “they NEED to do something as quick as possible before the hysteria cools down and people wake up to HOW this was all made possible by restrictive gun laws.

        I’m certain that Fox was not the only one with the scroll. That’s just the channel on when I walked through.

      • devilrider

        Just never, ever give up your gun, even if it means your death (and take some of the gun-grabbers with you.

  • sgtshel

    My God! This could happen to my grand-daughters! My wife and I are on our knees praying for the families of these children….
    Nothing we can say will ever show the sadness that we feel!
    Maybe it’s time to let ‘God’ back into our schools…..along with a professional security team!
    Not just a ‘Wal-Mart Greeter’
    Everyone……………..everyone……………….everyone……………….goes through a body scanner!!
    Every School has only one entrance! Period!
    And maybe–we should train our teachers how to fire a handgun!
    This is a very sorry time for America….and we all should be on our knees tonight, thanking GOD is wasn’t your child tonight………and…sending your love….out to the parents who will never be able to hug their child
    God help us all

    • greg’s mom

      Yes, I think it’s time to put God and the Ten Commandments back into schools. This is another symptom of our messed up society. I have concealed carry permits (2) and guns in my home to protect myself from the monsters being created by a society too afflicted with a diet of constant violence in movies and computer games, political correctness run amok, and a serious problem with people no longer being made responsible for actions that would have been considered disgusting only a few decades ago.

  • pduffy

    Rogue governments with guns have murdered millions, FAR MORE than all the random acts of violence in the community. In fact in the 20th century, more than 100 million innocent people died at the hands of tyrants with guns that ran governments. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Hirohito, Musolini, all were armed to the teeth, yet nobody is demanding that people like Obama be disarmed. How many innocent people are dead because of the misuse of Obama’s guns? Fast and Furious ring a bell? How about Bengazi? They ARMED those thugs! I say DISARM this government, and let the people alone.

    • devilrider

      Don’t forget Pol Pot in Cambodia. The killing fields – after he disarmed the middle class, an army of teenage thugs came around and killed them all.

      • pduffy

        Good point. I could have listed many other tyrant dictator mass murderers, but the list would have made my comment a bit to long.

  • kenbarber

    every teacher should be trained to use a firearm well and be issued a 38 special unless they have a gun they can shoot better. make the shooters be DRT quickly.

  • e111w

    Regarding the advice that we all first take a breath before “reacting”: Please note that the above article recalls (among others) the fact of shootings at the theater in Colorado, mall in Oregon, mall in Omaha, school in Colorado, town hall appearance in Arizona, college in W Virginia, campus in Texas, subway killings and …………Recognize the fact that firearms were used to facilitate all these murders. And, yet, we know that the firearm is not the culprit. All begs the question: How long SHALL we pause to reflect before we seriously and definitively engage in the attempt to address what is clearly a psychological and societal conundrum – and – all the while protecting our most valuable Second Amendment right? All but the abject fool recognize that any answer is complex. Theories abound. I will suggest that our current, societal state is a great place to start. And I will also suggest that our government through its enslavement by both greed and theories of ideology removed from individual accomplishment and natural law is at least complicit in the dis function.

    Those organizations representing (or purporting) to support and defend the Second Amendment need to look beyond the Amendment. I am a life member of the NRA and most familiar with the organizations history, mission statement and educational efforts. They are stellar among the crowd – But – would benefit all by forging ahead and beyond accomplishments to date. I would place that within the realm of education. The applicable thrust should lie within cognizance of psychology as it applies to apparent and observed human behavior. In short, it would apply to public education about how to identify suspect behavior(s) and what to do with/about those that fit a pattern suspected to be amenable to gross violence. I have my ideas about particular psychologies and behaviors that fit the mold as it were. For now, however, I’ll leave with my idea of direction in which to proceed. The topic is crawling with thorns!

    • greyghost69

      E111W, are you wondering if the shooter tortured frogs as a kid? I had a neighbor kid who used to kill frogs with Dad’s #5 driver. I always thought I’d hear his name on TV as the bad guy. It’s strange that the shooter is always “the quiet one,” or “he mostly kept to himself.” There are signs, but they are mostly inconclusive, if they weren’t we could save many lives in advance. The problem being that in a free society, you cannot lock up people for what you believe they will do later in life.

  • Joni

    If a gun had been on the Premises, perhaps an employee could have prevented some of the deaths.. We have to be able to protect ourselves. There are many sick individuals that will continue to do these terrible things.

  • $13614178

    People , gun supporters or not , need to pour out all our sympathy to these victims and families and remind them that before we took GOD out of the schools this did not happen . No doubt this shooter himself went to a school where GOD was not welcome . Furthermore this whacko pulled the trigger many many times , not once did this firearm fire by itself . Also , keep in mind that if it weren’t for federal law there might have been a responsible adult there able to take the nut out before he murdered so many children .

  • jerry sweet

    kill our kids for an agenda from hell.its time for patriots to not let them kill any more of your kids..obama has declared war on anyone who disagrees with him.lets show him what a couple hundred million patriots who love kids,can do to his agenda.when grown men will sell their souls and murder children its time for these same Males to experience the fear the little kids felt as they were being mowed down.fear works both ways.they will experience unbelievable terror in the future.i believe not many will live to brag and slap each on the ass to show each other how they put us really did a terrible crime this time.

  • oldguy199

    Were there any reports on mental condition? what about drug abuse,speed,pot crack?

    • greyghost69

      Naw, just a Demwit with voter’s remorse.

  • Patriot-Research

    I am sorry to say, but this was another Sy-OP by the Obama Communist/Muslim/One World Order agenda. Before Obama these events rarely ever happened, but now it’s a common event. That should tell the American people what is really going on here! And the fact that Obama/Communist/Muslims targeted little Children says it all…they have NO soles and Satan is their GOD….!!! This is just another step in disarming the American People…and then murdering the American People on a mass scale! Go listen to Dr. Michael Williams show “The Patriot Report” on and get the real story on what is happening to our nation! God help us all…!!!

  • FiercelyIndependent

    You can’t be both a communist and a Muslim. Communists are atheists. We can be pro-2nd Amendment without being paranoid bigots. Also, the term is Psy-Op. Read a book once in a while.

    • jerry sweet

      obama has proved he can be any deviant he wants to be.particulars mean nothing to this madmad

  • jerry sweet

    during the battle at the was a war of quarter given or taken.Santa Ana told his soldiers ,if you find one still alive SLIT their throat.same on Guadalcanal.our first offensive during ww2 south quarter given or taken,Slit their throats.if they can murder our children then why should we patriots show the traitors any mercy.this was a black ops murder raid.why else were btaf,fbi,state & local police there with in minutes.only one resaon. Too make sure the main shooter was able to escape.Conspiracy theorys.Only for the brain dead and cowards..its on people.wake up.this is WAR!!!

  • devilrider

    Do you realize that on December 13 and 14, more than 100 people died at the hands of drunken drivers in the United States alone. Since 1948 more than 1,600,000 people have been killed by drunken and doped drivers and another 10,000,000 maimed for life. Each year more than 17,000 people are killed by drunken drivers (almost 50 each day) and yet the media is fairly silent about this bloodshed and they always focus on gun tragedies. Whereas I believe that a flaw does exist in our gun laws that would allow a nut like Lanza or the other shooters of the past few years, we should not punish legitimate gun owners.

    • Rattlerjake

      The flaws are in the punishment laws and in right to bear arms laws. There should not be one place in this country where a conceal carry permit holder shouldn’t be allowed to carry. And if punishment fit the crime and ALL murderers were quickly tried, convicted, and executed (not 15- 20 years later), murders would nearly disappear.

  • gmhunt4

    If it were a requirement for every school Principle to be armed and trained how to use a 9mm, think how many lives could be saved.

  • Stephen N Russell

    Its the shooter not the Gun
    Use the DUI argument: equip cars with breathalayzer & if over X% you cant drive car, use same model for Gun sales, purchases etc.
    Background checks more.
    Scan police files on felons.
    Blame home, school issues for shootings (some).
    & Yes I feel some of these shooters are “brainwashed” since all have same MO:
    Assult weapons
    magazine clips
    & who shoot X persons, then shoot self
    All since McDonalds shooting, San Ysdiro CA, 1984 to today
    Make sense or NO??
    We’re being setup to lose Gun ownership since 1984 by some organz.
    All shooters have worn fatigues & used assult weapons.
    Coincidence or other??
    (save 1966 Texas tower shooter).
    We gunowners & future gunowners can Lose our GUNs.
    Very scary unless cool heads prevail.

    Scan backgrounds of shooters: IE ex vets, gunowners or other.
    IF other, than I say brainwashing since on “cue” they committ suicide.

  • John Brashear

    Is it me?, or s this some coincidence that as the left talks gun control, this kind of this seems to happen more often right after the left brings GUNS up?, the left seems to have some knack for thinking about gun control, and all of a sudden we have these killings ….yet they are all mostly from the same age group and similar back grounds,…is it possible these kids are being indoctrinated into this?, there is more here than meets the eye, this is no accident..

  • GDC

    Here ARE the problems.
    1. 99.9999% of the population IS IGNORANT , STUPID and MENTALLY SICK!!!

    2. DRUGS and ALCOHOL.

  • paconservative

    There will be a day to defend our rights…and we will rise articulately to that challenge. Today is the day to share the grief of our nation. It appears that a sick young man has brought evil upon the innocents in Connecticut. It is a day for sorrow.

  • Richrd Hogue

    Another Madman, another batch of killings, The angust is almost agonizing. The gun problem is not a gun problem. The gun is an inanimate tool like knives, axes, screwdrivers, etc. Any tool can be used to kill, maim, and injure a human.

    The people who can solve the problem refuse to become involved: Psychologists, Psycharists, sociologists, teachers, and parents. The true issue is a permissive society that tolerates violence, childabuse- spousal abuse. Not only tolerating evil in various forms, but teaching children, young adults, and adults that violence is tolerable…provided you do not get caught by the authorities.
    We are agodless nation. Period. We do not teach morals, we make fun of those who “try to push morals’ on others.

    For example. lets take abortion. Our nation tolerates the murder of children in the womb, school teachers provide transportation to aobrtuaries. tech safe-sex in schools, and the list can go on and on. We enjoy most of the things that are evil and the excuses used to take the sting out of lawlessness are endless.

    Rather than spend time to teach children right behavior we accept evilness is all its forms and then sit around and after some tradegy occurs and cry that we don’t know what is going on. There is no respect paid to the Bible and the truths taught by religions. This is true in the churches as well. Pastors tell me that in order to keep congregations they have to preach with one eye open, sermons tamed down, and to have low expectations of their sheep and to have a high level of tolerance for evil behavior.

    The Bible says that God will not be mocked. All the prophets have indicated that there comes a point when God will espress his wrath on evil peolple and will exact revenge. Just because God is withholding his anger and judgement does not mean He will do so indefintely. Those who doubt my words need only read the Bible and read about how God deal with the Jewish nation for the past 2300 years. God is today as He has always been and he warns us that He will not Change. That is up to us.

  • Idadho

    How about looking at the video games this young generation has grown up on? Their conscious has been seared by the wonton killing in video games. What about machetes and knives? Video games allow many different weapons to be used. When the player is out of ammo, they can use other weapons to commit mayhem. I bet the Portland shooter and Newtown shooter have spent hours upon hours virtually killing everything in sight. That generation has grown up so self centered that the slightest disruption to their wants and demands becomes a catastrophic event. VIDEO GAMES ARE THE TRAINING GROUNDS.

  • Frdmftr

    I agree with the thesis of this article, but it is too late to argue that we should not be the first to use the terrible tragedy in Connecticut to advance our agenda: The other side is already using it to advance
    their agenda, claiming “It is time to talk about gun control.” It is interesting to note that the Brady
    Campaign to Prevent Lawful Self-Defense provides no way, in their action alerts, to contact them and engage them in a “talk about gun control” except a snail mail address. They don’t want to talk about gun control because they know they’ll lose the debate.

  • granny

    How much this seems to be happening in the last couple of years. What with the WH wanting to kill the 2nd Amendment. Its giving them fuel. Are these shooting fanatics trying to further the cause. You have to be one sick puppy to go into a school and shoot children.

  • mm

    Just like this: “Guns don’t kill, people do”. How about looking at how many of these shooters come from broken families! We allow divorce easily, take God out of school (and everything) , promote the homosexual agenda, push gambling and sick movies and games, promote pornography and wonder why our children are screwed up.

  • USMC and America proud

    A scene from a movie!

    The setting is a courtroom! The defense attorney for a gun dealer who is on trial, gets out of his seat, walks over and picks up a firearm off of the evidence table! He looks at the weapon, slowly turning it carefully in his hands! Then he walks over and places the gun on the courtroom Bible, steps back, and just stands there!

    After a minute or two, the DA says “Your Honor! Can we not get on with it? What’s he doing??
    The Judge says “Mr. Hendersen! What are you waiting for??!!

    The lawyer says “Your Honor, my client is on trial for selling this gun that killed someone!
    I’m waiting for it to do so again! It’s being reluctant to do so! I am beginning to believe that this gun didn’t kill anyone! I think it was a person who did the murder!”

  • Jay

    Allowing folks to shoot back would be one way and speedy execution would be another. How many spree killings have happened at police stations or shooting ranges? How many executed criminals have killed again?

  • cwms2005

    A gun or any weapon is just a handy vehicle to use to commit an evil act. A gun just happens to be more efficient. Let’s not concentrate on the object, lets concentrate on the reasons behind the behavior. As we elect corrupt leaders and become a ‘what’s in it for me?” society, all responsible adults need to arm themselves if they feel the need. There is much truth to the adage that “An armed society is a polite society.” Police carry guns for their protection, not yours. That should be lesson enough.

  • USMC and America proud

    Funny, you should ask about “what to do” like taking guns away from people that have never fired on someone, as if it would stop things like this from happening!
    Well check out this!!

    A person who is possessed of a “demonic” state of mind, will find a way to do it, gun; knife; bow and arrow; or acid!
    The fact that we’ve let people who want to control us, use tragedy like this to try to further their agenda to control law abiding citizens with the lame argument that if we didn’t have guns, it would never have occurred! These people DON’T CARE whether or not your kids are dead, they, just like Hitler, want nothing but total control of YOU! And when THEY do something against you, they don’t want you shooting back!
    America don’t listen to these Marxists! They want you to either bow to their control, or die!

  • Jeff

    well the community needs to pull together and morn the lives lost. The left needs to stop attacking guns. The guns were not the shooters, they belong to his mother “Legally” purchased. Shooter shot his mother and stole them. A very sad day in Connecticut. My prayers go out to you.

  • Evantoo

    Actually, I think that there should be at least two armed (legally) people in elementary schools at all times. Use retired folk who still have their wits and gun skills. They have free rein to pop any bad guys.

    The high schools shout train at least 20 in each senior class who have demonstrated self-restraint and control to be the on-call 1st responders in every HS. In exchange they get tuition assistance. For which, they must demonstrate marksmanship, maintain high grades, and show class leadership.
    Colleges can fend for themselves. What with all of the liberal “professors” pushing the turn around, bend over, liberalism won’t hurt you attitude, they can defend themselves. Or better still, volunteer to be targets for the bad guys.

  • cheetosareus

    I think we should outlaw the evil people who commit these crimes. Their parents know who they are and yet let them run loose among us.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    The search for an end to gun violence in America.

    The utopia of freedom from guns and the inherent safety of no guns anywhere by anybody.

    Sounds good. Only the police and other government agents will have guns, including the military.

    All will be good and wonderful to be free from fear….

    perfect scenario would be a place where the people are nestled safely
    behind closed and locked doors where no bad people with guns can get to

    In Newtown, Connecticut the scenario
    played out exactly as desired for the politicians that are only
    following in the footsteps of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, etc. (they weren’t
    as smart as schumer, feinstein, obama,etc “WE will do it right”)

    the classroom full of innocent, UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED children with a
    Church, meeting place, or even an entire town.

    substitute the ‘lone gunman’ with dozens, or hundreds of drugged up
    teenagers (Pol Pot Cambodia) or government thugs (Hitler, Stalin,

    Yeah, now I see the ‘gun free zone’ theory a bit more clearly now.

  • CaptTurbo

    Simply read and execute the NRA’s plans to protect our schools.

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