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Will American cops and military turn on American gun owners?


Will American cops and military turn on American gun owners? Not with Oath Keepers standing in the gap.

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  • MontieR

    There are FAR more of us than them and they do NOT want a bloody war on American soil, or at least I pray they don’t.


      • Ted Paine

        yeah…kinda like the Minute men at the start of the Revolution. How’d that turn out for the ”greatest army” in the world at that time?

        • medivac

          Spoken like a true patriot !! What have we got ?? Determination and guts !! I also still have my pink ID card and that goes a long way with the active duty men !!

          • Chris

            Also the element if surprise as the sleeping giant from within. There are more patriots than parasites and the patriots are exponentially better armed and more proficient with their arms. Judging by the sales of arms and ammo over the past 4 years I’d say the patriots ‘ odds keep improving.

          • Steven Newman

            I still have my retired ID and I took my oath back in 1968 and retired after 24 years of service in the US Army. That oath has NOT expired!

            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” -2nd Amendment

            INFRINGE – to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another. (Merriam-Webster)

            In keeping with the oath I have taken in the service of my country, I will “support and defend” Liberty as “endowed by our Creator” and enshrined in our Constitution, “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Accordingly, I will NOT comply with any defensive weapons ban instituted by executive order, legislative action or judicial diktat, which violates the innate human right to defend self and Liberty, as empowered by “the right of the People to keep and bear arms.”

            What does this mean?

            I will neither register with, nor surrender to the government, any weapon in my possession. I further declare that I am not in possession of weapons, weapons component or ammunition that has not been lawfully acquired for lawful purposes, including defense of self and family, home and property, and most importantly, defense of Liberty in accordance with the 2nd Amendment.

            “The Framers of the Bill of Rights did not purport to “create” rights. Rather, they designed the Bill of Rights to prohibit our Government from infringing rights and liberties presumed to be preexisting.” ~ Justice William J. Brennan, 1982

          • Ted Paine

            Hey! I’ve still got my pink ID card too !! Welcome home Brother !!

      • medivac

        Ever hear of guerrilla warfare ?? We’ve got many vets that know this stuff and will use it. I personally don’t think we would have to use it against the military because I honestly believe that they will be us, too !!

      • Madmax1450

        No army has been able to defeat persons engaging in gruella warfare such as what happened in the revolutionary war for our independance citizens defeated the most powerful army in the world at that time, it will happen again

      • Do you really think that our military would hurt their own families, friends children, veterans ? If the liberals try to change the second amendment, they better make sure that they have a place to hide. Remember what the great patriot Charlton Heston said “Not From My Cold Dead Hands.” This is America, not China or Russia.

      • fraccle

        We can only hope that the nation gets too broke to support all of the repressive infrastructure..

    • RolloverRiderPGR

      The numbers! As of this minute there are 314,930,684 Americans in the USA!
      Thee FBI “thinks” that 14% of that number own or are “registered” (remember that word) gun owners!
      according to the FBI there are only 800,000 police in the USA.

      Remember that “registered” owner part? Well the FBI has NO idea as to how many Americans actually own weapons because there are 23 states that do NOT require registering your weapons! The FBI “thinks again” that that 14% number MIGHT be 25-30% of the US Population own weapons after attempting to figure out those numbers.

      Lets also add that the Joke called the UN! They ONLY have as of 31 December 2011,
      84,339 serving troops and military observers, 14,300 police
      personnel; totaling 98639 fighting personnel this includes the US contribution of only 178 personel. )FYI: Most of the UN is made up of MUSLIM countries who give the most in personel so that should tell you something already!)

      OK add those numbers up and then think if 15 – 25 % of America owns a gun and most WILL fight to keep it and their rights then do you think even the 14% number slightly outnumbers ALL the military AND police on US soil not counting the joke of the UN and do you think they want a fight a drawn out guerrilla war against their OWN people because some halfbreed white guy orders it?

      Not this cerntury! Obama will be drug from the white house and tarred and feathered if he were to try that! They can NOT protect a high profile target as that moron with the funny ears! I would hate to be any part of the people who have to protect the arsewipe! I’d get the blue flu so bad I’d have to claim disability!

  • The Military doesn’t like Obama!

    • 1tymtrvlr

      WRONG!!!!! Whatever gave you that idea?

      • medivac

        I have combat military experience and know many others in the same boat and we all seem to thin k the same way. We got this line of thought in the military. We do not like obama !! He is destroying the country we defended !!

        • bayman61

          Hooray for you and the rest of the military. OUR military.

        • Rattlerjake

          This is only true for the majority of white troops. But the majority of black troops voted Obuthead. If SHTF the cops and military will first fight among themselves (although the liberals are outnumbered and outgunned).

          • scrambo

            and the military has been factionalized over the last 20 years with blacks, females, gays, and hispanics. not to mention the dumbing down that has taken place in the public schools, I manage highschool and college age kids in the food service industry and they are coming out as good little environmentalists and socialists, not nationalists and not american, but globalists….god help us!

      • bayman61

        Obama does not have complete control of the military. He is actually powerless against the people.

      • Poodleguy

        Nah nah nah!!! Sally hit the target center bull. I have a son, career sr non-com USAF & a grandson, Lt03 Naval Aviator & believe me, they hate this bastard’s ass & so do most of those on active duty, especially the white ones!!!

      • hope

    • 1tymtrvlr

      Maybe give us some proof.


      • medivac

        Trained to follow orders but there is always that “unless” in the sentence !! Ever hear of a junta ??

        • Pointman 49

          Perhaps some of you nay-saying bloggers should ask the citizens of Syrian if their nations military will murder them? Over 60,000 of those folks can’t answer that question.Why? Because that very same military has murdered them as they follow orders from commanders~!!

      • bayman61

        Not true.

      • Madmax1450

        The military will not follow an illegal order. They will not turn on the civilians if ordered to. I know this for fact as I have many relatives in military and they can not stand Odumbo and will consider a order to fire upon citizens as illegal. Remember their are only about a million or so military members but over 100 million gun owners, do you actually think the military will turn on citizens I think not even with all their equipment they wouold still lose.

        • Kenneth Kirkham

          After working with hundreds of Airmen I am clear that they do not know what an illegal order is. They will simply do what they are told. They have never been told how to handle an illegal order. The military is currently training in American cities, My son is in the Guard and he has been trained to handle riots in America. Betting that the military will not fight Americans may not be the best idea.

          • Poodleguy

            It is called an “unlawful order” & our military is indeed taught that not only should they not obey one but that they are just as culpable as the superior that issues such an order.

          • alindazip

            remember the riot control in dc in 69 it was the military I did not have to go but was put on alert for riot duty, sorry bill but I have to be prepared for the idiots in the military who will listen THINK people remember kent state also it can happen again….

          • Pointman 49

            If all our service personnel were bright between the ears, we would have no need for stockades & brigs~There will always be a dumb ass ready & willing to pull a trigger~!! Kent State 1969 ring a bell? How about the murder of our WW1 Veterans marching & protesting in Washington D.C. after that war. They were marching and protesting for health care & disability pensions and our own troops wdere ordered to shoot these great veterans and you know what? They were mowed down, per orders and it was done in the streets of our Nations Capitol.~! There is also the Ft.Lupton Massacre in Colorado in about 1904.

          • Pointman 49

            Ken wise up. The Guard has always had a role in dealing w/civil unrest~! Quite evident you are not old enough to recall such actions in our cities.

        • Poodleguy

          Exactly my thoughts that I have expressed many, many times & shall continue to do so.

      • We were told in boot camp that we were not compelled to follow an immoral or illegal order, John. And while we were also told it is better to follow the order first and take legal action later, most of us felt that we would take our chances with a court martial for refusing to fire on our own people, if it came to that, than to follow that order. I spent ten years in, and I know whence I speak.

        • Poodleguy

          Right on, no trooper can be compelled to obey an unlawful order! These men & women of our all volunteer military & there to protect US, not that SOB in the w/h!!!!!!!!!!!

          • BMWSID

            Bull Crap!! Ever hear of the of the ‘Bonus Army”? They were WW1 vets trying to get their legal, promised bonuses, in Washington, D.C. They were camped on the place where they had the million man march, and WERE fired upon, by Black Jack Pershing, for one, I also can’t remember how many were killed, but it was more than a few.

            How about Kent State? National Guard shot some hippies. They were REALLY dangerous! (Too bad they didn’t get Alinsky and Ploven and that other trouble maker that hangs with him that want to ruin the dollar, and economy.) Our military has fired on American civilians too many other times in the past. We really need to get them to read and sign the Promise Keepers oath!!

          • BMWSID

            They were camped on the Mall. Gotta get them brain gas pockets looked at!

      • colleenf

        I disagree that the military is not trained to think. I believe that there will be some who will turn on the American people they swore an oath to protect. But the majority will NOT obey that order.

        • It’s the difference between a political general and a FIGHTING general. A political general is like that Polish guy from the Clinton years. A fighting general in modern times is best exemplified by Patton.

          Ray from Bloombergia

          • BMWSID

            I disagree. Any Officer above Lt. Colonel in nothing but an ass kisser, or a politician, or both. They don’t get there by not knowing the right people.

          • scrambo

            yep if it was not for patton and macarthur we probably would have lost ww2 according to a lot of objective military historians. even then our military was run by politicians.

      • gregsmom

        Have you ever talked with someone in the military about this? I have. They’re just as smart as the rest of us, and they won’t follow orders that are unconstitutional. Most of the pro-gun people whom I know are former military, and they don’t like Obama. Some don’t consider him the Commander in Chief – the doofus in chief maybe.

        • scrambo

          i guess the big question is what will the generals do? if the generals go with the president we gonna see a lot of civilians wiped out…but if say the genereal at benning says the hell with that scumbag and benning revolts, then we may see session that actually works. the problem that i see is that mostly political types are promoted and they are getting sucked into this one world order mess, and they may see that as a better reward for themselves than session and rebuilding a small country based on our “outdated” constitution. The problem will be with the generals as usual…

      • Poodleguy

        BS, John & quit shouting already!!! One can follow orders & think @ the same time, they are not mutually exclusive! US Army 1955/1964.

    • hope you are right.

  • Marine1966

    Why do you think that Obama wants to take our guns away for? So we have a harder time taking back this great country, if you Americans do not wake up when you do, this country will be no more, stop this President and start with all the left wing republicans and Dems who also are all the way left. May God bless us all.


      • medivac

        BTW, John, you need to get off the all caps because it is seen as shouting !!

      • Rattlerjake

        I HEAR YOU JOHN!!!!

    • 1tymtrvlr

      Name one politician in office today that has stood up for the U.S.A., hell, name one Supreme Court judge that doesn’t give double speak, right down to obamacare, social security and taxes that are used to support the parasites and illegals, these programs are not outlined in our Constitution, they were designed by the marxists and commies to take our wealth.
      It is all about power and money, these politicians today want the status of rock stars, they are constantly making extreme statements to get their name in the press or on the news.
      Name one that is worth anything.

      • Allen West.

      • John Gould

        I know none. They all are worthless as tits on a boar hog when it comes to standing with our constitution.

        • $30040638

          Lighten up John, many of America’s finest (even a queer can have some good traites) work as cops and soldiers

          • Queers “mentally retarded” are part of the problem

        • scrambo

          they don’t even understand out constitution…remember our founding fathers said that our government was dependent on god fearing folks with self restraint…we are about to see what happens to this country with a president who fears nothing and has no self restraint….

      • Poodleguy

        Justices Clarence Thomas, Alito & Scalia along with LtCol Allen West & there are many more in the House of Representatives. Add to that the majority of the rank & file police officers, particularly those west of the Mississippi River.

        • Colonel West and he got defeated. I don’t think the Justices have or will do anything, besides they have to content with being in the minority now that Roberts went over the hill. I would hope that the military & local law enforcement would honor the Constitution and their oath of office, but how can tell these days.

      • mike88

        Ron Paul.

        • 1tymtrvlr

          Wrong! What’s that old saying about good men standing by, doing nothing, while the scum of the Earth like obama, boehner, pelosi, reid, shumer, kerry, the clintons turn the whole country into a cesspool of marxist commies.

          Subject: [patriotoutdoornews] Re: Will American cops and military turn on American gun owners?

          • Rattlerjake

            Fact is that Ron Paul HAS consistently stood up against every piece of bullshit legislation that this government has initiated. But he is only one man. I say clone Ron Paul and then we will have a chance.

            A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

        • Almost forgot to mention Judge Andrew Napolitano

      • PatRiot

        Allen West of Fla & Trey Gowdy of SC

    • i agree sir. but, we are never going to change this country if we don’t hold our elected officials responsible for their actions! i mean, real actions: imprisionment, deportations, of members we entrusted with power, or in case of treason, causing death of americans, property, lively hood……execution!! the only way to stop corrupt politicians!!

      • Unless the Citizens of this nation have the opportunity to Prosecute and Imprison the politicians of this nation at all levels of Government for Treason, and for violating their Oath of Office to the Constitution, we aren’t able to hold them accountable for their actions. All we can do is possible vote them out of office, that is unless the voting systems is rigged too much that they always appear to become re-elected no matter how the votes are cast and counted.

        • scrambo

          need to start tar and feathering the local city council swine…that will get the federals worried….gotto start at the local level and work up…

    • Get Real

      With no disrespect to you or the Oath Keepers Wildbill!

      Now days with out of control police, sheriffs, deputies, constables etc……..

      You can find video almost on a daily basis of them severely abusing citizens in all 50 states.

      They are fat and out of shape, they couldn’t chase my grandma down on foot.

      They go berserk if they see anyone filming them, why?

      They taze the elderly, the mentally handicapped, the physically
      handicapped (yes even in wheelchairs), and children (yes even very small
      very young children).

      Just how much “police training” does that take anyway?

      And so you sir, have audacity to set on your high horse and say we would have a fantasy about shooting someone? Really?

      Do you think in a SHTF scenario the above mentioned will be treated any different than looters, rapists and pillagers?

      • Poodleguy

        You must live in the eastern part of the US. Your diatribe does not fit those of us that reside in the southwest, for sure!! Ever heard of our Sheriff Joe, hmmmmm?????

        • wtshtf we will most likely be screwed. most cops dont give a dam its all about them. hell in there homes theres more weapons then most avageed person. they get the cream of the crop. they chose whats supost to get destoryed. id like to get my hands on some of them for wtshtf i could preotect my self.as far as them helping a lot of people they will be shoting them instead.

          • Poodleguy

            Wow! You sound like some sort of conspiracy theorist that doesn’t really know what you are talking about. Most, not all but most rank & file LEO’s are right there with us, the law abiding citizenry when it comes to what would transpire if this ass in the WH tries to implement martial law to control the citizenry.

        • Get Real

          I am very familiar with the great sheriff, I’m not talking about him or his kind or the the Oath keeper types…..

          poodleboy, try reading the post again nice and slowly and see if you can process it!

          And BTW I’m from TEXAS…..and did you see DPS troopers pullover and finger bang two women in the rectum and vagina with the same rubber glove for all 4 orifices?

          This is the type of thing way too many police enforcement people think they can get away with.

          How would you react if this was your wife and daughter?
          Is that making you feel nice and safe?

          I don’t need these types “protecting and serving” for me!
          Again I will reiterate, this crap and a whole lot worse is going on as I type this.

          • Poodleguy

            It’s POODLEGUY, not ‘poodleboy’ a-hole! That is my handle since I am a professional Std Poodle breeder! I am also a hard as nails conservative, a hunter, gunner, former military of 9 yrs US Army where I was a member of a US Army pistol team in Korea, 1955-56! There is always bad apples in any area of law enforcement but as with the tale of abuse that you iterated by the DPS troopers, they got caught & will no doubt be severely punished & removed from the force. You paint with far too wide a brush, Tex.

          • scrambo

            yep ur right…i have said for many years that protect and serve just don’t apply when you have a skint head and dress like a special forces assassin … its more like intimidate and agitate.! when i was a kid they wore ties and black shoes…and they were servants not intimidators!

  • 1gentready

    Yes they will because they are public employees and they have the ear of Barrack Obama that can’t seem to do enough for there Unions. Barrack Obama was and is a community organizer like the Union Leaders and the organized crime still controls much of the Unions and Obama is a Union supporter with ties to organized crime.


    • medivac

      Good for close up work but give me a long gun !! Heck, even a hammer will take down someone !!

    • It’s my understanding Va. has the most favorable CCW passage. $50.00 for 5 years.

  • fraccle

    I believe that most cops will, because they are control freaks and they have a philosophy that no one but them should have guns.. They’d likely relish a ‘police state.’ The military may not, because of the vet/active duty connection.

    • Rydak

      Err…um connection? You mean like living and working in the same community that the police patrol? Trust me, the police would be the first to not obey an illegal order.

      • fraccle

        Louisiana and NYC as cases in point.. Hurricane Katrina aftermath: The cops, Louisiana Republicans, had no qualms with going out and confiscating all private citizens’ firearms. New York City mentality.. There is no gray area with these cops– If you’ve got a gun, loaded or not, no matter where you’re from and what your registration status is there, you are a criminal with a gun to them, that’s all there is to it. People sneer at NYC gun laws, but even super conservative Louisiana cops turned into NYC cops, overnight.

      • mogul264

        Too many of our LEO’s routinely encounter the scum and dregs of society on a daily basis, and, therefore, have a jaded view of humanity! This is especially so for LEO’s who are single, or divorced, and living alone, They have no home life to reset themselves back to what real life is about. And, there are those who ENJOY the chance to boss others around when given any excuse! Crummy jerks like these seem to gravitate to such positions, and revel in their mandated ‘authority’! Unfortunately, THESE are who the media seem to report about, not the general rank and file, the REAL heros!

    • RolloverRiderPGR

      There WILL be a few with that idea but actually when they look at what they are doing and to whom and how they are slightly outnumbered by 38 MILLION gun owners not to mention people with ropes and pitchforks that most will say screw orders I want to live! Those who do have thAt God complex or think they should be the gun owners of the world will be laying on the ground bleeding because of their misguided thinking that hey are gods!

      IF this were to happen I see a LOT of dead Americans, both civilian, BUT more police and military as they WILL be out numbered, Americans DO know how to fight gurella warfare so we WILL get the most kills and the win when this happens! Obozo gets strung up, World leaders will stop and think that just because we have the gooberment and guns it isn’t an automatic win! Ask the old USSR how that works! Maybe the idiots running the world will figure out that communism and socialism only works for those in charge and will decide they like living where they do and forget that stupid NWO that once again won’t work because the leading play called the USSR, Cuba and China along with a few other parts of the world where they took the guns from the people and screwed the people!

      Sorry but I will NOT play into their hands! I enjoy freedom so I will fight as a FREEMAN against any jackboot that thinks they will just walk in and seize anything they didn’t buy! I just might get arrested for killing some idiot in some uniform who is following some idiot halfbreed white mans orders!

      • You had me until you said “idiot halfbreed white man’s orders.”

        • retvet

          Just think, you know what he means by what he said.

    • jerry sweet

      also they know this Stooge hates returning vets

  • Gunowner 1942

    Jesse Jackson, Louis Farahkan, Al Sharpton, et al, had their “million man” march on Washington for “their rights”. Maybe there should be a “Two Million Gun Owner March on Washington”. A very peaceful march of course. If Obama and his crowd of socialists act as we expect toward us, we march to show them they will not destroy the 2nd Amendnent.

  • Ishimo

    Google New Orleans gun grab, katrina. That should scare you.

    • RolloverRiderPGR

      That was ordered by a moron governor and an idiot mayor! Besides people stupid enough to live in a city below sea level and then refuse to leave and then tell a cop or anyone that you have a gun deserve to lose it that way!
      NEVER tell anyone there is a weapon! NOT EVEN THE POLICE if they come to your door for anything! NEVER! They do NOT need to know! That’s why I refuse to apply for a CCW. What the idiots in the gooberment don’t know will hurt them when they try to take it away!

  • chet

    I have written to my Senator, John Croyan, Texas, and have yet to get an answer except for a form letter at thanksgiving about all that we should be thankful for,bullshit! All i can say is if it comes to taking our guns by military or police, this civil war will make the last one like a block party.I really don’t think Obama would be that stupid to come up with an order such as that, but you never can tell with a loonie like that.Also don’t think the military will obey, not sure about the cops.

  • pduffy

    As far as I know, only one officer has refused Barry Soetoro’s orders, and he went to prison. The rest fell in line, and have even helped install a dictator in Egypt, without a declaration of war required by the Constitution. The military is nothing but a mass of drones that cannot think for themselves and will obey orders just like Hitler’s men did, and then when the atrocities come, they will be excused because, “they were just following orders”. History has proven my case, as the U.S. military obeyed the orders of Abraham Lincoln and attacked a peaceful separation, killing a million Confederate citizens. Every time they are given ‘orders’ to invade another country without the approval of congress, they obey. So what is their oath worth? About the same as Obama’s oath to defend the Constitution – worthless.

    • retvet

      pduffy, go finish your nap.

      • pduffy

        The truth hurts doesn’t it? If you are in the military, just take a look at yourself in the mirror. Obedient to Barry Obama? Or to God and your supposed oath?

  • bayman61

    They will be sorry if they even attempt something like that. A form of suicide. If they do, their families will pay for it for years to come. Because when they lose, they should be kicked out of America for treason. No one will hire them because of what they did and therefore will live in poverty for the rest of their lives. There will be consequences for going against the people.

  • jeff

    Wouldnt suprise me. I’m not going down without a fight, so I hope they understand that. I’m not giving up my arms either!

  • redd

    The American People are so Docile these days, you would have to show them a Revolution in this Country is Winnable before they would inject themselves into it!! Nobody is self assured like our Founding Fathers these Days!! They want a Free Country, but Most I feel are Unwilling to Fight to Keep it Free!!

    • Kevin Egan

      The yoke of tyranny would have to become very heavy and very tight before today’s American would sacrifice his life for freedom. Not all, but I fear a great majority. It is one thing for the chest to swell with pride when watching on the TV Braveheart crying out “FREEDOM” and being faced with your own mortality.

      • Steven Newman

        “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may
        even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” – Winston Churchill

        “As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there’s a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the
        darkness.” – Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

  • Kevin Egan

    Remember Katrina? Good news and bad news. Good news is that roughly 50% of the guard, military and police refused to confiscate guns from those who legally owned them and were using them to protect life and property. Bad news is that roughly 50% of the guard, military and police disregarded their oath and illegally confiscated guns from citizens who legally owned them and were using them to protect life and property. This 50/50 split is about where the nation is as a whole when it comes to liberal ideals and those of conservative constitutionalists. So, what does it mean? It means we are in some real serious trouble that I cannot see how we can overcome without a a repeat of the events of 1861. I suspect that in ten years we will be a free country that strictly adheres to the US Constitution or we will be Germany 1939. Either way some bad stuff is on the horizon.

  • I am a twenty five year law enforcement officer and I can assure you that I will spend my dying breath protecting our constitutional right to bear arms . And will fight shoulder to shoulder with any or all my blue brothers and military patriots. . There is no retreat , no surrender and no compromise. GOD BLESS AND KEEP US ALL.

    • Poodleguy

      Right back at ya!!!! I give you many, many thumbs up!

  • Idadho

    What do you mean, Will American cops turn on American gun owners? the cops are already turning on American gun owners. I had 3 cops knock on my door last Saturday night at 11:30. When I mentioned that I was about to grab my gun because I could not tell who was at the door, they went ballistic. I bet they would have their gun at the ready any time they answer the door after dark. But let a citizen be armed and they will label you a domestic terrorist.
    btw, I understand that when soldiers sign their enlistment papers, they have to check off that they are willing to take up arms against American citizens.

    • I did not sign any such document, Idadho. I took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution, and to obey the orders of those superior in rank to me, but with the understanding that I was not compelled to follow an immoral or illegal order. It is one thing if the people are rioting without cause, such as in the Greekfest riots of 1989 in Virginia Beach, where the Guard was ordered by the governor to shoot looters on sight. It is quite another thing to shoot an American citizen who has taken up arms in defense of his or her constitutional rights.

      • Kenneth Kirkham

        “It is one thing if the people are rioting without cause” LOL, and who is the one who says the rioters have no cause, you, your superior? Every returning vet, every conservative has already been defined as a possible terrorist so what will it take to tell you that the “terrorists” need to be shot? I doubt you would know the difference as you kill Americans.

        • Hmmm… well one thing I know for sure, rioting because the city didn’t do enough to entertain you, as was the case in the Greekfest riots in Virginia Beach, is NOT just cause. There are reasons for uprising. Being spoiled isn’t one of them. I was there, and I remember all too well. Yes, I know I am on the terror watch list. I’m proud of that fact. I paid for my place on that list with my blood, sweat, and tears. I am not violent, but I will fight to my last breath to support and defend the constitution of the United States, as I took an oath to do, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That includes taking arms against the military if they commit an act of treason. What would you do, what have you done, for the cause of liberty? I gave ten years of my life to support people’s rights to have dumb*ss opinions.

          • Kenneth Kirkham

            Its not about what they did to have the government decide to kill them, its the idea that the government can decide to kill anyone. We are a nation of laws, aren’t we? I may think that the thugs and mooches should die but that is not what this is about. It is you and I being identified as being anti-government and then those in charge deciding that you and I should die without a trial or anything. All that has to be done is redefine what a patriot is and what a terrorist is and that is already being done.

          • AmericanNotLiberalTrash

            Was there when it happened, haggios. You’re 100% spot-on.

    • K

      Yeah, the forced entry method of the police has gotten out of hand. They have killed peoples pets and even the people themselves because common sense was replaced by bravado and adrenalin in overdrive. I foresee a situation in which the police break into the wrong house. The occupants don’t know who it is because all of the shouts of police, police are drowned out by the breaking of the door and screams from the women and children. I foresee a time in which this happens but unfortunately for the police the home occupants are armed to the teeth “legally” and send a bunch of cops to either the hospital or morgue.It has already come to tragic consequences for many citizens but barely makes it into the liberal media. Wait and see what happens when the tables get turned.

  • gdoggerz

    Yeah right!!! I saw the Katrina video of cops and military taking the guns from people who were not in the flood areas. They took the guns anyway.

    • Kevin Egan

      And these citizens that had their guns taken away, How many fought it? How many refused, banded together and fought off the illegal actions of the modern day US equivalent of the SS? Though in a dangerous situation, where the lives of themselves, their families, friends and property were in obvious jeopardy, how many engaged in armed conflict to retain there rights guaranteed under the Constitution? I heard a lot of grumbling and I saw a lot of guns being taken away, but I didn’t hear any gunfire. It isn’t a matter of “if” the police and military will will try to take citizens guns, because around 50% will. It is a mater of whether the gun owning citizens of the US will allow it. Going through the court system, our rights under the Constitution, these things mean nothing to the left. Obstacles to be overcome at any cost is all they see it as. ”

      “The [party] should not become a constable of public
      opinion, but must dominate it. It must not become a servant of the masses, but
      their master!”

      – Adolf Hitler

      I wonder how many US Senators, Congressmen, Local and State Representatives, Government officials of all levels, as well as “citizens” would comfortably add their name below Adolf Hitler’s in complete support and agreement of this quote? Probably more than you think.

      • gdoggerz

        It would have been interesting to see some standing up for their gun rights after Katrina. They probably would have ended up dead and the lame street media would have buried the story. Or made them out to be conservative wackos. The 50% of the US population has shown that they are willing to give up all their sovereign rights for free stuff. It really is sad. I hope the other 50% realizes how fast our rights are being dismantled by this administration.

        • K

          Sad indeed. But what is even more saddening is that of the 50% who realize what is happening is wrong there are many who are either unable physically or mentally to pick up their guns and defend the country and it’s Constitution from a clear and present domestic enemy. Of those 50% we would be lucky to get 20%. But, that 20% would be committed and fight with a ferocity not known since the Civil War or even the War of Independence. A little good news is that of the other 50% only approximately 10 to 15% would fight. The other 50% are made up primarily of individuals who’s core belief is that Government should take care of them. These are the people that, without current Government assistance would starve as they have for generations sucked from the tit of the working Americans. Their leadership is elected not by accomplishment or merit but rather what they can get for their constituents in the form of free goods and services. In essence they continue to get elected each year by buying votes with money taken from you and me. In a situation where they would be asked to put themselves in a battlefield most would suddenly develop back problems, and file for a medical exemption. But don’t be fooled. It will be a bloody fight and only history will be able to determine the outcome. It is my prayer that our country be purged of this mental insanity known as liberalism and immediately stomp it down whenever it’s ugly head emerges. I believe the word “tolerance” should be stricken from the English Language except for describing precision machining measurements. Tolerance of something that is intolerable is by definition not a sane thought process. If Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot and Genghis Khan are knocking at your door, tolerance would be the equivalent of opening the door 1″ every time one of them knocks. It wouldn’t be long before the enemies are amongst you, and you let them in. that is where we are today. Every other person that you pass on the street is a liberal and enemy of this country.

  • GDC

    Look at history and the cops and military has turn on the citizens!!!

  • e111w

    I’ll add this to the conversation…… There are many “reasons” our corrupt government is essentially looking the other way regarding illegal immigration. (Yes the “news” we see – and the “border” wars crap we see on “reality news” TV – are nothing more than schmoozing of the public to give the illusion that our govt is actually combating illegal immigration.) No one knows this better than line officers of the INS. Some of the poor bastards actually think they are doing something significant. More so, however, they all have jobs they would have a hell-of-a-time replacing. Illegals provide cheap, exploited labor for Republican “conservatives” and votes for Democrats. But, back to my original intent. Aren’t you all aware of the “glorious” magnanimity of our government as it thumps its chest over the granting of citizenship to illegals who serve in our military? Consider………. Could illegals in the military likely be happy to accept orders to perpetrate violence on citizens? They aren’t citizens yet – are they? Get enough of them into our military and they could make quite a mess! How many illegals are busting their butts to actually assimilate into American culture / society…..whatever that might be??? Is this another one of those small factoids that our national socialist leader(s) would rather we not be aware? Who can draw a diagram depicting the symbol of national socialism?

  • devukruder

    It will be a sad day when they try to take our guns. Many millions will die. Gun-owners outnumber the military and sworn officers. Even though the military and police agencies have superior weapons, we will win. Please have them see the light and do something really constructive for society such as banning alcohol and drugs. Drunken drivers have killed more then 1,600,000 people since 1948 and maimed another 10,000,000 for life. Compare those numbers to the number killed by guns in the same period.

  • devukruder

    My name should be devilrider, not devukruder

  • AndrewJerome

    Cops and Military. I was thinking they would join us.

    • retvet

      Don’t bet on it. Don’t turn your back to anyone.

  • Bret G.

    Pardon me Bill but weeks before the election I saw many Obama for President signs in the yards of city cops, state troopers, county sheriffs. If the have an oath to the constition then why would they support a guy that is anti- constitutional.


      oath to the Constitution ;; oath to their unions comes first;;it is their gravy train……hence America has evolved into a communist state. UNIONS=COMMUNISM

  • James Fontana

    This i show Obama plans to become dictator by using the police and what military he can to supress citizens and take away our freedoms and institute shira law.


    leadership will; it will be the rank and file who will work underground,

  • Gooch

    It won’t be the military or police force that will turn their weapons on citizens. It will be DHS and TSA. The braindead suedo military.

  • brabbie2002

    I will support all armed forces members and police on our side. But, let’s get real, there are a few nut cases out there that will follow oblowhole no matter what oath they took – probably have been promised a state of their own to dictate over or more money. Name one in the goveernment that isn’t crooked – Allen West! Why do you think the vote was rigged to get rid of him! And he knows it! I got a feeling we have not heard the last of Mr. West and I am so waiting for him to stage a come back!

    • gregsmom

      I wonder if we’ll hear from Petraeus again, too. He’s still a terrific military leader, and he probably will not follow Obumble if Doofus in Chief gives an incredibly stupid order. If most of us who have guns and 50% of the military, sheriff’s departments and police departments are with us, we way outnumber anti-gun liberals.

  • What Wild Bill having been a good peace officer does not want to think about is a government made up of goons that will hire goons to do their dirty work. Most departments to day have politicians running them and if you want to keep your job you do what you are told. Now that we have homeland security dollars supporting most departments who do you think runs the show. Just think of some of the rulings made by courts today do you think justice and or the constitution holds any sway over these people? I know there are a lot of good people out there but everyday there are more bad ones

  • Get Real

    With no disrespect to you or the Oath Keepers!

    Now days with out of control police, sheriffs, deputies, constables etc……..

    You can find video almost on a daily basis of them severely abusing citizens in all 50 states.

    They are fat and out of shape, they couldn’t chase my grandma down on foot.

    They go berserk if they see anyone filming them, why?

    They taze the elderly, the mentally handicapped, the physically handicapped (yes even in wheelchairs), and children (yes even very small very young children).

    Just how much “police training” does that take anyway?

    And so you sir, have audacity to set on your high horse and say we would have a fantasy about shooting someone? Really?

    Do you think in a SHTF scenario the above mentioned will be treated any different than looters, rapists and pillagers?

  • HappyClinger

    Don’t think it will happen? Please watch this video (http://patriotoutdoornews.com/2123/troops-ordered-to-kill-all-americans-who-do-not-turn-in-guns) and especially the call from infantryman Chris, who tells of being deployed to New Orleans after Katrina (in violation of Posse Comitatus) to confiscate American citizens’ weapons (in violation of the Constitution); was ordered to lie (in violation of the code of honor) and say he was National Guard; and was ordered to SHOOT ANY RESISTERS (in violation of his own oath). There is also a mini-interview with a “soldier” saying he would have shot an American who resisted. So don’t tell me they won’t turn on the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. They are being trained to do just that.

    • Gooch

      Your absolutely correct.

    • Kenneth Kirkham

      All that has to happen is define Constitution loving Americans as terrorists…oh wait, they already have…

  • Every time I think of Obama and what he may do, I am reminded of the Civil War. It strikes me that whether or not any particular unit in the US military will turn on the people will come down to the commanders and NCOs of the particular units. That would set the stage for the military to split the way it did in 1861, with some supporting the federal government and others the rebels. Given that the each soldier, sailor,airman, and Marine takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution (not the president or the government), and that they are mandated to disobey unlawful orders, more of our military will likely be against Obama than will serve him. Local police agencies will likely be against him as well. It will be federal law enforcement that will probably support him. We also need to look at how Mexico and Canada, Russia, China, and the rest will react. Will they intervene under the pretext of securing our nuclear arsenal or for some other reason? One thing is certain, it will be a terrible, deadly time if rebellion breaks out and the last thing we need to do is allow Obama to disarm us. http://michigancplblog.wordpress.com/

  • Kenneth Kirkham

    What an ignorant rant from a LEO. I would expect that 20 years in law enforcement would have taught him more.

    First, referencing those of us who fear the LEOs and military of being used to kill Americans as “Rambos of the patriot movement who seem to be fanaticizing about shooting it out with government agents” proves he is full of crap.

    We do not ever want to have to defend ourselves against any other person on our own land…ever! We do not fanaticize about shooting it out with government officials. We do, however, understand that the vast majority of LEOs and military are quite ignorant about the laws regarding gun ownership, open carry and concealed carry.

    As a person who has spent years attempting to inform and train LEOs with regard to the law I am clear that most are willing right now to arrest, detain and harass gun owners who are doing nothing more than legally carrying a gun. It took years to get the police departments in 6 cities here in Washington State to issue training bulletins to their officers to clarify the law. Until that time the officers were clearly violating people’s rights.

    After speaking to hundreds of current military it is clear that if they are given an order to fire on American citizens that they will do as ordered. They do not know about or understand the concept of an illegal order that they do not have to follow.

    You assert that a few LEOs did bad things after Katrina. Every day, LEOs do the same things all over
    this country by disarming, arresting and detaining honest Americans because the LEOs are just plain ignorant about the LAW! Rather than rant about those of us who are concerned, you should be
    working to educate your fellow officers.

    We are not Rambos and we are not knuckleheads. You like so many liberals have to attempt to demean others rather than actually address the concerns we have.

    We do understand that people like you who appear to be smoking dope or are under the influence of rose colored glasses are not facing the possibility that LEOs and military are today already willing to violate people’s rights and they will, if given the orders by their superiors have little hesitation in
    killing Americans.

    Oath Keepers is a good start and as a member I completely support their efforts. I also know that if
    and when our Government decides that guns are illegal or that rural America is the home of “would be terrorists”, you and the few LEOs who supposedly support gun ownership will be in the minority and I doubt you will have the guts to stand up and attempt to stop your fellow officers. After all, by then it will be the LAW and you will fall in line and obey the orders.

    Since the current administration has clearly violated the Constitution in so many ways and created a training program for LEOs and military that explains that anyone who supports the Constitution is a potential terrorist then I expect to see LEOs and military simply enforcing the LAW when you come onto private land to arrest a “potential terrorist”.

    Rather than belittle us, why don’t you spend your time training your fellow officers and military?

  • In response to your title, why would they turn against themselves. I will bet that military and police both active and retired own as many firearms as anyone. We will definitely never yield them, especially to a pretender that may not even have a legitimate claim to his position.

  • Problem: Our Super Majority is made up of women & blacks, both gatherer’s, and both totaling about 74% of our voting population! That got u.s. Obama and his PROMISED “FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF GOVERNMENT” into MARXISM, “ANTI-CHRIST” by DEFINITION! Welcome to Adam’s world even before the FIRST MURDERER WAS EVEN BORN. Men, we’re in serious TROUBLE! WATCH!

  • sawman62

    They can try, but will die. Not only will any treasonous gun grabber be dealt with harshly, so will their families, their superiors, and any politician or judge that doesn’t have the guts to stand up for the Constitution. There are way more bullets than there is a supply of suicidal drones. Have the gungrabbers not learned anything from Iraq or Afghanistan? We won’t be shooting at them when they arrive at our doorstep, we will take them out in mass before they arrive. They will be in the dark, without food, water, electricity, gas, fuel, etc. We will destroy the infrastructure they take for granted. Life will not go on as normal in their little dream world while others do thier dirty work. They will not be immune from terror, they will be the target. They probably will not wake up until it’s too late, about the time they realize that their lifespan is seconds or minutes from the end.
    We pity the fools that are ignorant enough to believe they will prevail in this fight.
    They should invest in cemetery plots now while the real estate is cheap, spaces will quickly be at a premium if they excercise foolish aspirations. They also need to consider what foreign country they would prefer to be exiled to if lucky enough to survive, to remain here will spell death or life in prison.

  • 19MichiganVeteran71

    I believe that he will have UN troops take the guns after declaring martial law. Just my thoughts.

  • Poodleguy

    I sincerely doubt it – – I believe that they will side with us. Either way, we hunters, former military, NRA members & other gun owners have them seriously outnumbered.

  • justamused

    I guess no one has seen the recent recruiting commercials for the Navy and Marines. The Navy is ” a force for Good” and the marine 1lt. in dress and battle uniforms says he runs “to those that need help”???Our military is now a large social/human services organization ! Anyone that believes they will not hesitate to confront, disarm, and PUT DOWN armed civilians should really reconsider that opinion.
    In 9 out of 10 of my last encounters with local police, sheriff deputies, and state police whether they were traffic stops, neighbor issues, or even social events the LEOs look at EVERYONE as a potential problem/threat. They treat everyone with disdain and contempt.
    Recently cops have been involved in fatal encounters with the public, and the individual cops have literally gotten away with murder. Example; cops served a warrant early A.M. in a town in Florida. TO THE WRONG HOUSE! A twenty-something man answered the door armed and he was MURDERED for it! The cops got off SCOT-FREE! WHY??? Because the Supreme Court said mistakes/fatalities were acceptable for cops in the performance of their duty! What will stop the cop in your next encounter from putting a hole through your chest? Police departments around the country have had these officer involved shootings. The cops MOST of the time are overzealous and their policy is shoot first ask questions latter! We are taught to revere LEOs (in my opinion), while elevation of the military to demi-god status is second nature to most folks.
    I recall (in 1975) being in dress greens in an airport fresh out of basic training and being cursed at simply for sitting and waiting for my plane. While I did not expect adulation it should have been reasonable to expect to be left alone. I do believe that being LEFT ALONE is not on the agenda of our fedgov or that of many state governments. They WILL send out their enforcers against us with shoot to kill orders for those to do not comply!!!

  • jerry sweet

    hey if you go to the you tube site for wild bill,you may see a guy that on the surface seems like a bunch of us.but on this issue he comes off as being paid by the STOOGE in chief himself.i would rather America be completely destroyed than to see any in this current gov even survive whats coming to them.i don’t remember when i felt this mad.a controlled insane rage will greet any uniform in my driveway.who knows i may take out a hundred myself.i will use their weapons and ammo.just wait to see what kind of attrition i can come up with.i will have no pity or remorse for those i get.even if found still alive,it would be better for them to have died right away.i will not lick obamas boots,but those who come to my home will bleed all over mine.so help me GOD!

  • Longhunter

    There needs to be an IQ test for voters. Don’t pass, no vote. These dumbasses wouldn’t pass which would be a plus.

  • I am 63 years old, have driven 4 million miles in 40 years in semi-trucks, never had a traffic ticket, nor a chargeable accident, have not ever been arrested for anything, have not had so much as a parking ticket for over 30 years – – but I will NOT give up my guns! Enough is enough from this sick and twisted Obama administration!

  • Law Enforcement officers violate the constitution on a daily basis, this guy is an idiot if he thinks that these people will hesitate to “kick in your door and brutalize you.”. The most corrupt career field in America today is Law Enforcement. I am a former L.E.O. and I have seen it with my own eyes. And yes, if you come to my house to violate my constitutional rights (seize my weapons against the constitution) not only will I point my weapon at you but I will quickly pull the trigger. I am sure that there would be a lot of L.E.O.’s who would resign but just as many would be shooting and looting! I certainly hope that it never comes to that again, but I see a civil war on the horizon and only intelligence and common sense will prevent it and Washington is fresh out of both! This is an unstoppable slide to tragedy and obummer will enjoy watching it from his secure location. But folks, divided we will never take our country back and Washington knows this, Together we will prevail and take this country back to what it is supposed to be. Thanks for reading and listening to this windbag!

  • Notyard

    One has to remember, those that are boots-on-the-ground are NOT the ones that reap the spoils of war. They are but men, much like you and I, that choose to serve the IDEA of the United States of America. Just as you, they will not turn their weapons upon those they protect. If you have ever taken the oath, you would know.

  • lee

    If their were any polititions out there that that upphold the constitution we would not be in this fix now, but they are all out for their selves.To bad we can’t take away their pay when they don’t do the job they were hired to do. Hell we can’t even fire the elected morons.

  • A US Patriot!!

    It’s easy people, Start a recall of your senators and representatives. Flood their offices with petitions of recall to remove them from office, if they continue their support, to take away 2nd amendment rights. Start a Nation wide petition to Impeach, re-vote or plain old remove Obama from office and any one supports him. Remove them from office. We don’t have to wait for elections to come around. Recall, Recall, Recall!!

  • I spent roughly 8 years investigating Police and government corruption. I will say most emphatically that YES, cops and the military will turn on you with out question.

  • Bill, you’re a liar. They will turn on you in a Ney York SECOND!!! It is their greatest dream to have a shooting war against the citizens of this country. Cops HATE free people…

  • firesale


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