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Victory for Self-Defense and the Second Amendment

2nd Amend.

Victory for Self-Defense and the Second Amendment

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled today that Illinois’ total ban on carrying firearms for self-defense outside the home or business is unconstitutional. The case involves lead plaintiff Mary Shepard, an Illinois resident and a trained gun owner, who is licensed to carry a concealed handgun in both Utah and Florida. The National Rifle Association is funding this case. The Illinois State Rifle and Pistol Association is a co-plaintiff in this case.

“Today’s ruling is a victory for all law abiding citizens in Illinois and gun owners throughout the country,” said Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of NRA. “The court recognized that the text and history of the Second Amendment guarantee individuals the right to carry firearms outside the home for self-defense and other lawful purposes. In light of this ruling, Mary Shepard and the people of Illinois will finally be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

On September 28, 2009, while working as the treasurer of her church, Ms. Shepard and an 83-year-old co-worker were viciously attacked and beaten by a six-foot-three-inch, 245 pound man with a violent past and a criminal record. Ms. Shepard and her co-worker were lucky to survive, as each of them suffered major injuries to the head, neck and upper body. Ms. Shepard’s injuries required extensive surgeries and she continues physical therapy to this day attempting to recover from her injuries.



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  • GDC

    When the Government takes away your Right to Self Defense they take away your Right to LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. -Gary Calhoun

  • greyghost69

    It’s about time. The Demwits in Hellinois believe that if you take guns from good people that crime goes down. What a bunch of morons! Screw you Madigan!

  • Ernest

    It’s not a victory it’s a conformation that is what the second amendment states . Not what some anti-gunner interpreted it to state .

  • MontieR

    Unfortunately the rulers of the peoples republik of Chicago will ignore the law AGAIN and the usefull IDIOTS will keep dying as the result. Chicago you DESERVE your rotten government.

  • Stephen N Russell

    2 bad it cant apply to CT shooting & CO shooting.
    IE for if victims were armed & trained: dead shooter.

  • Captain Chaos

    As I have said before, the only good thing to come out of Chicago is Tootsie Rolls.

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