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New NFL Death Shows Media’s Dual Standard About Guns

2nd Amend.

New NFL Death Shows Media’s Dual Standard About Guns

After yet another tragic death involving an NFL player over the weekend, there is the appearance of a double standard in media handling of the case, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“A week ago,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “NBC’s Bob Costas was having fits about a so-called ‘gun culture,’ but what about the culture of big money, flashy cars and alcohol that permeats the NFL? Dallas player Jerry Brown is dead from what appears to be a drunken driving crash involving teammate Josh Brent. Brown is no less dead than Javon Belcher or his girlfriend and Brent faces criminal charges. Costas was alarmed at the number of NFL players with guns, but he’s said virtually nothing about the ones who drink and drive.”

Costas ignited a firestorm last week, showing a lack of knowledge about firearms, current laws and the so-called “gun culture” when he editorialized about the Belcher case and then had to do damage control for several days.



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    Hmmm…This wouldn’t have to with 95% of the funding commercials for NFL Football, are alcohol and car companies would it!

  • fliteking

    Cars are dangerous and used by criminals every day, not to mention many people conceal them in garages.

    Shouldn’t Costas and Pelosi be all over this ?

    • Ernest

      Not only that but more people die from drunk drivers than gunshot wounds .

  • OutdoorFrontiers

    The reason Costas isn’t crying for banning cars and drinking is that he owns cars and drinks. I’m sure the fact that some of Monday Night Football’s biggest sponsors are auto manufacturers and Budweiser has a little bit to do with it as well. NBC would be all over Costas and fire his numbnuts if he spoke out against cars and booze….

  • ken345

    I figure it’s like this, If the NFL wants to prohibit players, coaches and all others related to the league from having guns due to one tragic incident then it’s OK with me. But out of fairness they should also prohibit Motor Vehicles from this same group of people plus alcohol as well. Just don’t try to touch the rest of the country.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    The first thing the shooting shows is what a nincompoop Costas is. Since then an NFL player was killed in a car accident. Does that mean Costas wants ever car taken off the road.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    That’s what they get for not having a parole officer accompany very Dallas Cowboy player.

  • GDC

    According to some IT IS OK to KILL someone IF you are DRUNK and driving. But don’t use a gun!!!

  • Imastooge

    What kills more, guns, alchohol or autos? They all kill when in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have them, correct? So where’s the common denominator…….idiots! They’re all lethal in the hands of idiots! So let’s focus on the problem

  • Ernest

    The man was hired to comment on football not gun control or anything else . Opinions are like a– holes every bodies got one and some are quite similar to the later .

  • e111w

    And, I haven’t heard a peep from the media regarding little Bobbie’s silence about booze, drugs and vehicles. I listen to Fox primarily and haven’t heard anything along these lines from the chest thumping champions of “conservatism”. Blowviating Billy had little Bobbie on for an interview and the best he could offer was that he had to “honor” Bobbie for having the “guts” to show up. If blowviating Billy had a real set of gnads he would challenge little Bobbie to appear again to defend his lapse of attitude!

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