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Wisconsin Indian Tribe Authorizes Deer Hunting at Night

Posted on: December 10th, 2012

In late November, the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, which oversees the Chippewa tribes’ treaty rights in Wisconsin, voted to authorize night hunting for deer by tribal members.

To participate in the after-dark hunt, tribal members would be required to pass a marksmanship test. According to an Associated Press report, 74 members met those requirements but, thus far, none have applied for a night-hunting permit.

But they might. And that has hunters and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials concerned.

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  • e111w

    Let’s see. We’ll have drunk and/or drugged men driving around the fields and brush shooting at deer and one another. Perhaps a few women will join in? Will the non tribals living within three miles of the res boundaries feel particularly safe? But, then, if that’s what the folks want – let ‘em learn the hard way!
    Oh…….They’ll be using spotlights. Spotlights make great targets!


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