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Gun Owners: Should You Listen to Bob Costas or Jesus?

I was on a talk show the other day defending the Second Amendment and our right to protect ourselves from violent weeds. I made it clear that I am a Christian who is extremely cool (to the point of being giddy) with our right to keep and bear arms.

After me and the host trounced the anti-gun lobby for their goofy, doe-eyed, John Lennon-like “Imagine” solutions to violent crime, we opened up the phone lines for folks to weigh in with their two cents.

The first caller was a woman who asked if I thought Jesus would carry a weapon if He were here today, to which I quickly replied, yes, of course He would—especially if He lived in Miami and was driving down I-95 during rush hour.

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  • fliteking

    -Costas is a guy? Really?

    I guess I always supposed she he was a successful lesbian cross dresser.


    I never knew he existed before this. I never listened to him before, and I will not start.

  • gmhunt4

    Costas – is a Lunatic liberal bum………

  • granny

    I love GOD, I love the 2nd Amendment. Loving God/Jesus is my primary and following the Golden Rules. However I have the Right to Carry & I will. You just never know what person wants to break rules. Costas is a complete nut. However I do not know the man & I do not care to know people that do not have intelligent things to say. We all know that GOD/JESUS did not need a gun, but am sure he has Costas on his reject list.

  • my 2c

    Just because bob costas has never been in a situation where he has needed a firearm doesnt mean he needs to be against the second amendment. Just because you grow up a spoiled little brat who never has had to work for anything, nice little suberbs in newyork.

  • John Gould

    Before Jesus left, he told his deciples to sell their cloaks and purchase a sword. He also alowed them to carry.

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