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Houston thug gets perforated…

2nd Amend.

Houston thug gets perforated…

Splitting this off into its own post…

Young thug in Houston gets shot after physically attacking a store clerk. And, of course, the “black community” agitators are demanding arrest of the clerk for exercising his right to self-defense solely because the attacker was black.



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  • stanboy

    Be It Known, My Ammo is Color-Blind ! Semper Fidelis

    • Bandit

      My rifle is black and my ammo is brass

  • fliteking

    – – – Is the message from the black community saying remainder of the population should not protect themselves when an assailant is African American ?

    Likely, and the American Liberals are stupid enough to believe the same.

    The comment by the father of the Perp who got shot was beautiful. “He didn’t have to shoot my son” . Yeah, right. Just standing there while an angry young man assaults you is a fools game.

    • fliteking

      test, ignore.

  • Old American

    The color does not matter……Assault is what matters!
    I think I would have taken the same action.

    • Bandit

      Back in 1988 a black guy broke into my home hr took 3 shots at me miss all 3 time so when I fired back I put 3 in the 10 ring he was dead before he hit the ground. Fact is if black people do not want to get shot then they have to learn to behave themselves, If these people want to be treated well then they need to learn that they cannot commit crimes with out being punished for them…

      • Poodleguy

        What we are witnessing is the results of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “War on poverty” & “Great Society” that took the father figure out of the home & replaced him w/a check – a check that would & will grow larger w/each additional child, born out of wedlock @ a 67% rate amongst the black community. The high school graduation rate in these communities is dismal. Peer pressure from the bangers, accusing them of trying to be white, discourages the black kids that have intelligence & aspirations to excel from moving up in the social strata. The underlying cause is nothing other than the liberals & liberalism that permeates the democrat party’s agenda. When there is no father figure in the home the result is boys & girls w/low moral character that go on to live worthless lives & become parasites on the public dole, whether in or out of prison.

  • FAAQ2

    The only mistake was letting any of them live !

    • AmericanNotLiberalTrash

      You are 100% spot-on.

  • FAAQ2

    Actually he did – as it would appear all these punks know is 2 to the chest and 1 to the head..

    • Poodleguy

      Aka, triple tap!!

  • RLM357

    This punk black male, brought it on himself. The ‘move away from danger’ solution works both ways! Had he not been showboating for his companions or just plain aggressive to the extent of attacking the store clerk, who unagressively had his hands down, and was not being aggressive in any way, than nothing would have happened. So he got himself shot. SO WHAT ! IF this clerk got fired {Unk at this time} the owner is a coward. Transfering the clerk to another store if possible, would be OK. The Punk will become a cause celebe to the lawless. He will, if he lives, go on to bigger crimes! Screw him and the NEWtered Black Panrthers! ~Rick Magee, FL I am Armed!

  • globalgypsy

    It happens all to often in Houston. I grew up there and live 40 miles north. I’m not surprised that Sheila Jackson-Lee hasn’t weighed in on this. The place is crawling with people like this thug.

    • caskinner

      Wonder where Quanel X is???

      • Get Real

        Don’t worry that cockroach has already tried to paint this as racism in the Houston area!

        • caskinner

          I don’t usually watch the Houston news so I didn’t know. I can’t stand him.

    • Poodleguy

      Oh, worry not – – that ape faced piss poor example of a human being will be amongst the loudest & has probably spewed her racist & anti 2nd Amendment epithets as I type this. Ever look @ the profile of this cretin? Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Stephen N Russell

    OK Valero issue sidearms for PM station clerks in select Crime zones for property & self defense mode.
    Ready Legal Team for action.

  • eaglecycling

    Great, bet ya the tax payers are picking up that punks hospital bill too! Jack leg got less than what he deserved.

  • Richard Bishop

    The clerk was wrong. I work in convenience stores. If the store is closed you don’t open the door for ANYONE, much less confront an idiot. The idiot was wrong in punching him, but if the clerk would have stayed in the locked and closed store it wouldn’t have happened. It doesn’t matter if the clerk had been shot before, most stores tell you to keep the doors locked if it is closed.

    • Berzrkr

      Much as it pains me I’d have to agree. He invited the punch to the face by opening the door. He should have left well enough alone. That said, I don’t think this guy is gonna be banging at anybody’s door anytime soon!

    • Rattlerjake

      Opening the door just got it done quicker. If he had not opened the door, this porch monkey would have waited behind the building until the clerk came out; this is how they always do it. Better to kill him now than risk being ambushed later.

    • WesTexan

      Not opening the door did not guarantee the clerk safety. I agree; he should not have opened the door, but he wasn’t combative. He was talking to the punk. Nevertheless, the thug got what he came for—violence—and in came in the form of a bullet. Had it been me, he would not have survived.

    • WyattMann

      Nope, I disagree. How is it the clerks fault that he was punched by opening the door? Personally I am glad that this useless third world african parasite was shot and I sincerely hope that he dies.

  • Cincitiger

    I would have done the same thing and I pray that the clerk gets a good job for taking care of this animal. Serves this thug right for attacking the clerk and slugging him twice and if he doesn’t survive the gun shots, so much the better.

    • fliteking


      • Bandit

        The clerk should have put them in the x ring but in this case he DID just FINE, he put the attacker on the ground which is where he belonged on the ground. Note to thugs when you commit a crime you may get your self shot, that is 100% your fault.

        • NRApatriot

          In the ground is better than on the ground!

    • NRApatriot

      Hope the thug either repents or dies!

  • conservative

    Should not have opened the door in the first place. Would not have had to shoot. I carry and believe in self defense, but this could have been avoided.

    • jerry sweet

      you don’t know a thing you are talking were not there.if you had of been you would probably have been beat.don’t open the door.a ruse,a ?needed answered.get the facts before You render a verdict and you were not even there.armchair quarter backs.

    • WesTexan

      You do not know for certain what you claim. I carry, but I would not be so quick to make a statement like that. You may carry, but I don’t believe you’ve ever looked death in the face. I’ve seen the same scenario in person, and the glass door did not stop the perp. I hope it never happens to you, but being clairvoyant won’t keep you safe.

  • jerry sweet

    where are my comments.shoot the parents for allowing this punk to behave this way.shoot the activists who don’t care of any shooting as long as it’s not a black and shoot the gutless owner for firing the man for trying to make him money and protect his property and his own life

  • PWR

    This will continue while the Lib.’s are in power and feeding the frenzy of these race baiters! Bottom line is if you threaten a person in this world, you might get hurt… Don’t whine & complain when your actions are what started the whole thing! If you think I will roll around with a punk like this, you are wrong..I would have shot him without a doubt. The “Race Card” is about played out for most people in America… Act like you are civilized and be treated accordingly… Act like an animal, don’t be surprised when you get your butt shot!

  • $5164204

    It’s time to take off the gloves on these idiots.. Blacks Demand Respect while giving NONE.. They attack anyone, anywhere, with anything, any way they can then cry like spoiled rotten brats when they get slammed in return… I am becoming a RACIST, I was not 4 years ago, but blacks and hispanics are teaching me to be one by their demands to be cared for and be given cuts in line.. I get blamed as a white man for every thing under the sun that they choose to be victimised by and be called a racist if I point out their own sabotaging behaviors holding themselves back.. I’m sick of it.. Obama and the Blacks want a race war, bring it on.. These idiots who stir up riots without even seeing what went down tells a lot about their mind set.. To victimise the victim even more.. If a WHITE CRACKER was punching a black man repeatedly in the face and the black man shot him, you wouldn’t hear anything coming from the black community about throwing the black shooter in jail.. They would however be protesting his boss firing him and would undoubtedly call the boss a RACIST….

    • Lance E. Fontanne

      I agree with you 100% – – I am more racist now than I was 4 years ago – – absolutely!

      • Poodleguy

        Dittto that!!! Such a shame to see what an obvious racist for a president along with his racist wife as well, along with all the other racist blacks that he has brought into his administration does to the mood of the nation. What will it take to turn this serious & dangerous problem around for the better????? I am in my late 70’s, so I realize that in the not too distant future, I won’t be around to experience what is coming down the pike for my beloved America, but I have children, grandchildren & great grandchildren that will still be here & have to deal with a declining nation & it bothers the hell out of me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mesaman

    It is obvious to see that one ethnic group is becoming genetically hardwired to place blame, deny reality, and expect special treatment by anyone who seems to challenge their mores and myths. I would not hesitate to use deadly force if I felt my life was endangered, wouldn’t matter what race, creed or religion the assailant belonged to.

    • Poodleguy

      When one observes on TV what occurs in African nations when the black natives riot & then compare the violence to that which we observe similar goings on in America, one is struck with the truth that there really isn’t much, if any difference. The black race is inherently a violent culture. That is a statement of fact, not racist, just the reality of the problem.

      • mesaman

        My empirical observation of this and the present direction black music is taking leads me to the exact same conclusion. They call themselves african-American because their genes are still in the African third world countries.

  • a_browning

    The father says that the clerk did not need to shoot his son Well when you raise your son to be a thug and attack people, I say the sooner he is shot the better. Society will be a better place then.

    • Poodleguy

      Sure helps clean up the gene pool. BTW; the shooter doesn’t appear to be white, does he?

  • Anthony Alexander

    $100 this perp had a criminal track record…..This
    is a typical example of today’s career criminal blacks who intimidate, get in
    ones face and behave in an uncontrolled manner to enforce their fear tactics.
    They are not capable of controlling themselves….. Notice that these street simians
    start these confrontations. Their only communication are acts of physical assaults.
    They cannot conduct communication in an objective and calm manner. It is always
    coupled with screaming, jumping around and acts which are similar to simians
    when they are fighting over food and territory. They behave using the
    laws of the jungle. So what does one expect……
    civilization? This one is stupid in using his fists in a gun fight. He
    should have brought a gun………….And if he did bring a gun most of these simians do
    not have real training in using a firearm and shoot multiple rounds and in their
    typical spastic out of control manner. Moreover they are not that fast. Being
    well trained in firearms in speed and accuracy is what is needed, like the west
    during the 1800’s, when there was no law because this is exactly what exists in
    today’s urban jungle environment. So like the old west there was, No writs, no
    appeals, when violent criminals are confronted, just a fast gun….eventually
    things became more civilized……It is the time to turn the table on these perps and
    terminate with extreme prejudice when THEY attack……the rest will fall into
    place. Forget the police they are useless because the law provides more rights
    to the perp than the victim…the police are there to mop up AFTER you are dead…

    • DOC224

      I agree. It’s much better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

    • Bandit

      When thugs are more willing to use force than even the police then it is time to put them in their place if that means putting a few in the ground then so be it.
      Tony I have to agree with what you have said as well as what many others have said as well.

    • NRApatriot

      I practice point shooting regularly and got to see how good I am at it when an MS13 gang banger tried to hijack my pickup at a stop sign out in the country after a neighbor caught four of them burglarizing his neighbors house a few years back. The one I encountered had run. At that time N.C. didn’t have the law to where we could shoot a perpetrator if he was trying to escape. With the elections before this last one we got that problem rectified! It was that punks last mistake when he jerked open my door and no I don’t feel ANY remorse! In Nam I notched my M16 grip for every confirmed kill! Pistol grip had a lot of purchase when I turned it in after my hitch! Uncle Sam wouldn’t let me bring it home so now my .357 has a single notch in it! Never thought we would have anything like gangs out here in rural areas but evil is everywhere now including the highest office in the land! A deputy sheriff friend told me that his fellow bangers are trying to find out who I am. Got something for them if they do!

      • waterman

        Amen, brother, you might want to upgrade with a AR-15 with a bump stock and keep it behind your seat, then you can take out the whole bunch. Just don’t forget to empty the whole mag.

  • Chiweenie

    Thugs and their parents think they can just physically assault anyone with impunity. Here’s a clue: don’t assault a man with a gun.

  • Retired Marine

    Iwould have shot him too But he would lave been DEAD, And what the Hell is the Black panters doing their anyway. They alway start a fight , All they want is a war

    • Bandit

      Well if the black panthers want a war then they should have one, and see how long they stand up to say some battle hardened VETS

      • Poodleguy

        Yup, with 4 million NRA members (like myself) along with millions more gun owners in America, millions of avid hunters & former military members (like myself), we have the largest standing army in the world & woe unto any who would attempt to attack us. Stand @ the ready!!!

  • Retired Marine

    If the black Panters want a war , then Bring it on . all they can do is talk and hide. You want respect then then respect others, not only what you want stupid

    • Poodleguy

      You got that right, Marine!!! Thugs/bangers should never start a fight w/an old man like me, ’cause we know better than to get into a physical altercation, we just draw & fire!!!!!! Semper Fi from an old Army warrior!

  • douber1

    good for the SOB

  • darrelljr

    good , he will think twice next time.

  • gunrunner

    I DON’T CARE AND MY AMMO DOSEN’T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE !! you hurt me or mine and I will dump 10 round’s of 00 buck shot into you;;;then turn my AR lose on what’s left..NO matter what RACE you are !!!! OH YEAH;;; I”M full blooded native CREEK,,,CAN”T YELL RACIEST AT ME !!!

    • Bandit

      I have a friend that is Full blood Creek and he was called a raciest to his face he turned the black kid upside down and put him on his head in a corner Guess you don’t mess with the Airborne Rangers.

  • Retried US MARINE

    I guess this news , don’t want everyones answers, I guess only what they want to hear. Report all . Or are you afraid of the Blacks too.

  • Marlin208

    Why doesn’t one of them say anything about the guy slugging the clerk? Do they really think this is acceptable behavior? I think you will find that a lot more people are going to be reacting like this from now on as we are sick and tired of being pushed around by the black community.

  • rikker5700

    these people are not african americans. They are so far removed from any ancestors who were african it dosen’t mean anything. I know several Africans, and they tell me most American blacks are worthless, and bring a bad name to Africans by calling themselves so.

    • WyattMann

      Don’t believe them. Look up the farm murders that are occurring in South Africa and Zimbabwe right now. Please understand that they behave in ways civilized people find abhorrent anywhere they exist.

  • warrenamccarnsjr

    Typical street trash, tried to commit suicide and got lucky, I bet his parents are pillars of the community, I’ll be waiting for Obama to say if he had a son, he would like him to be just like this moron.

  • Tim Lucas

    The Little Boy blew his horn time and time again but when the wolf came no one paid attention and he was immediately eaten. We have had enough of what you blacks think is racial bias. Sick of it and sick of you. Go blow your horn somewhere else. I am being reasonable. Everyone is “sick” of the race card.

    • ConservativeGrl

      Agreed. I have a feeling it’s only goin to get worse with BO in the WH. Way past impeachment time.

      • Bandit

        BO is the one pushing all this stuff that is going on at this time

  • WesTexan

    I’m sorry the man lost his son, but neither did his son need to assault the store’s employee. If you defend yourself against these punks, I guess you’re the bad guy … if the person assaulting you is black. When do we want justice!? Every time some thug comes looking for trouble—regardless of race. These protesters are the real face of racism today. They are without shame or conscience.

    • WyattMann

      Why would you be sorry? I don’t feel sorry when I swat a fly so why would anyone feel sorry when some creature whose life is worth infinitely less than the life of a fly feel sorry?

  • rulken

    If you punch someone, you have to expect that person is going to retaliate. The clerk should be re-instated with his job, and the demonstrators, including the father, should all be ashamed of themselves.


    The guy who stopped the bullet, was a frigging idiot, he got his punch in and he should have left when he was ahead but since he was a known criminal and short on brainz he finally got the lead prize he was seeking…..the trigger should have been pulled at least four times.

    • James Crawford

      Trayvon Martin went full-gorilla on George Zimmerman before Zimmerman (on his back) stopped him. All because he didn’t like Zimmerman being there…observing his suspicious behavior.

  • Jaime Cancio

    Just another example where a white person has to be held accountable for his actions but the black can break the law and hurt people and are not held accountable. Nothing here a double or tripe tap could not cure, as long as he is still standing unload the whole clips is your right. Did anyone notice that the kind and considerate, trying to help the black person, – white clerk who attempted to help the black thug only got an unprovoked attack. The black thug brought this action on himself and only he should carry the blame for this incident….and if the turd dies the clerk probably did everyone a favor by insuring everyone understands we all have a right to protect ourselves, and some people do. A man, an innocent victim, can be killed just as easy via a man’s hands as he can be killed by a weapon. Now just stop and explain to me why blacks are allowed to break the laws of this nation and they shouldn’t be held accountable.

    • Bandit

      Look what we have in the White House now being the black house or is that the new red light district.

  • matt

    Personally, I would have shot him in the head.

  • rams375

    My ammo is not prejudicial, it does not care what criminal body tissue it enters and expands to send it’s message. All criminal activity toward me and mine will, with extreme prejudice by me, will be violated by copper and lead. Trained and willing, proven by prior experience.
    People have to earn respect by their actions, not to be lightly given just because.

    • WyattMann

      Mine is the same but let’s be honest. It’s more likely to enter a black body than any other color.

      • rams375

        True, it is ridiculous to be politically correct.

  • Spencer Patton

    a person is a fool who will assault a person with a weapon in hand, the clerk shouldnt have opened the door but should still be able to keep his job. As for the people of the community they were not there and our nation needs to ignore them when they are acting foolish.

  • ConservativeGrl

    Should’ve shot the thug in the chest or the head. If you shoot, shoot to kill, otherwise these thugs try to sue or file charges. The clerk should be rewarded for protecting himself and the store.

  • Michael Hallett

    You punch a man with a gun, you get what you get.

  • richard bensen

    Talk about bringing a fist to a gunfight..mmmmmm

  • bobalo59

    The store owner is a coward. He’s afraid of the damage that some black mob might do in retaliation. This clerk had every right to defend himself using lethal force. The store owner should back him. The fact that the clerk opened the door to talk with the criminal is not an issue. In this day and age, your an idiot if you don’t arm yourself, and know the laws regarding self defense in your home state.

  • Seeker1212

    Much of the problems that the Black American encounters throughout their lives are a result of their own doing.
    A recent statement by a black columnist: “The primary obstacle to Blacks advancement and equality is now Blacks themselves”.
    It is the image that they themselves project, the way they dress, or talk, their attitude towards all other races, their total lack of decency in social issues.
    For years I believed that a certain element was missing in the make-up of the black people, I come to realize, that element was “Decency”. It’s not money or position or education that is the hallmark of decent people, but rather it’s the conviction of doing the right thing. Decent people believe in right and wrong and don’t allow their decisions to be thwarted by blood or color.
    I’m not referring to the whole world; I’m talking about here in the good old USA,

    • WyattMann

      You’re half right. I realize that most people out there still think that blacks are just like us except for skin color but they are wrong. Blacks as a whole are less intelligent and certainly lack impulse control. Their traits may be well suited to the jungle environment that they came from but they’re not suited to civilized society. Thomas Jefferson and noted geneticist James Watson have stated the same thing.

    • Bandit

      The black people act this way because they blame the wihite man for the way they were made slaves well here is a thought for you, HOW MANY WHITE PEOPLE WERE ALSO SLAVES? the answer to that is there were a lot. I know when I did my family history I found that my great, great, great, granddad was a slave he was a white man from Germany. if the black people want to cry slavery all the time then that’s what they should be for a year and then let them see how much better they were as free people.

  • 32eagle

    I do not agree with the boss about firing this clerk-he should think it over and apologize and give him a raise and a bullet proof vest

  • WyattMann

    It’s sad that our military can be sent to Southeast Asia and the Middle East to gas, bomb, and gun down foreigners but when this useless ghetto dwelling welfare riff raff gets out of hand and riots and kills our citizens and destroys their livelihoods that it’s somehow wrong to use the same tactics against them.

  • Michael Jones

    Come on people, he done society a favor!! This jerk would have committed more crimes and maybe even murder in his future. Better to stop him now than waiting until he mows down a dozen people. Give that clerk his job back with a raise and a medal!!!

    • Bandit

      How much you wanna bet there is going to be a race war before much longer

  • MontieR

    He got what he deserved and with the bonus to the community he is no longer available to commit any more crimes.

  • NRApatriot

    He should’ve shot center mass and a couple spinal shots to the thugs buddies when they ran would have gotten rid of the punks permanently! Good for the clerk! To bad it cost him his job and boo to the store owner for firing him for defending himself. He should’ve gotten a medal!

  • hangman57

    The father is outraged that his son was shot. But where was the father when his son needed a dad to show respect to others. He must not have been there .If you attack someone ,you may get shot.

  • Vic Bailey

    If the blacks want to blame someone then blame their own party the DemocRATic Socialist Party, for keeping them in the bad side of town, and you think yhey care about you? HA, HA!! The ONLY thing they want from you is to vote for them and you will stay where you are right now! Semper Fi.

  • IllinoisHostage

    Reverse the colors and there would be no story.

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    I love it!

    Dat be da ghost of dat Trayvon dude?

    Kill ’em all let God sort ’em out………….yeah, that’s my policy…………..and ALWAYS double tap to be sure!



  • waterman

    The way I see it, he is one less lazy ass leach on society and hopefully he will meet his demise and they build a nice pine box for him. Then we won’t have to worry about his kind being on the street anymore. Good ridance.

  • Jay

    “For the sake of the community.” No, the coward doesn’t want his store trashed. Allahu Akhbar, MF.

  • PaulE

    In a sane world, this would not even be a story. You break into my house or my store or assault me and you will die.

  • Poodleguy

    And people wonder why racism is still alive in America. Race relations began to deteriorate dramatically ever since the OJ Simpson trial that was a mockery of justice. Now, for the past 4yrs w/4 more to go with a certified racist in the white house & another @ the head of the Justice Dept, what with the Fast & Furious debacle that involved the murder of a border patrol agent, the NBPP bs @ the polls during the 2008 & 2012 nat’l elections, the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy & things like the topic @ hand, people that never thought of themselves as racists have begun reacting to the overt racism that is evident with the current regime. All I know to do is to keep my firearms @ the ready with lots of ammo on hand.

  • mesaman

    The similarity between modern black behavior and their counterparts on the dark continent is more than unusual, or unique, or circumstantial. Modern American blacks see themselves as liberated from the shackles of hunger, tribal war, and creeping muslim control, and yet stay connected by the repetiticious
    metre of their music, the gesticulations, and even their corrupt dialect. The want to be known as african-American because they are not Americans, per se and never will be until they can separate from their ancient origins.

  • Tony Guthrie

    Too many young black men act out that thug sh-t. This man had a right to defend himself.

  • whatitism

    Nothing more than animals. they would really be more at home with like minds in Somolia and Uganda . If any of them had a job they wouldn’t have time for this nonsense. I imagine the ones with the cool b l a c k p a n t h e r uniforms were looking for any excuse to dress up and play. What P’s O S .

  • owlvend11

    Don’t bring your thuggery to a gun fight. Oh yea, the guy was not white…sorry racist Black America!

  • Jaime Cancio

    Why is it the black community never has a black hero – role model they stand behind? Always some black criminal who stepped over the line and rightfully should be in prison or rid of on our city streets. The protest for blacks who have killed police; blacks who have killed several people and harmed many more. This attached and cited article is worth reading and understanding of the problem and is representative on only one city but the information is valid for many more:

    The APD Uniform Crime Reports state the following about crime statistics from April 2011 to April 2012 in the city of Atlanta:

    “In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.”

    Read more:

    And the black community cannot and will not see the problem right before them. Nor do they make effort to correct the situation; but they sure have blame for the innocent who try and have a right to protect themselves and/or the police who are paid to protect us all. This thug broke the law with both violent intent and purpose, participated in the event with his own negligence, and thought it right and proper to attack someone. He broke the law with the only real problem is the public at large do not understand how easy it is to kill someone with your bare hands. If this thug didn’t not realize that by his own actions he could be shot and possibly killed – that is his problem. And then the black community, in the face of this type of incident, in their protest and call to justice, wonders why peoples of this country hate and distrust them – a self generating organism of situations and events they are the root cause.

    Yes sir let’s do ourselves proud and stand behind the criminals, make them heroes we can proudly stand behind, while their intent was preying on our societies and all and other races….the truth of the situation – if this thug dies – it is the failure by the father and his familiy that should be held accountable. The mistake here I see – is a failure to double or tripe tap and positively putting a stop to this form of thuggery before other innocent people are hurt or killed. With two other armed individuals accompaning this thug – I would want to make absolutely sure the one standing right in front of me is either totally out of the critical incident situation or dead so my attention could then directly focused on the other friends of this criminal and learn of their intentions.
    Score: Good Guys 1 – Bad Guys 0: works for me.

    • rwdodgerblue

      They don’t WANT a civilized, decent role model! They call those people Uncle Toms and Oreos.
      Go figure..

  • Spencer Patton

    There are a number of Issues here, why did the clerk unlock the door, how many accomplices did the perp have with him. The community didnt care about what was right but only that the person that was shot was black. Its time We the People started taking back what is ours and not letting public sentiment or Illigal actions continue to happen. Fast And Furious comes too mind as well as bengazei.

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