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California Police Wish Gun Owners Would Just Comply with Robbers

2nd Amend.

California Police Wish Gun Owners Would Just Comply with Robbers

If a couple of thugs break into your place of business and point a gun in your face, then you would be perfectly justified in opening fire on them, right? Well, maybe not. San Jose police are giving one gun owner a stern tsk-tsk after she defended her property from a pair of armed thieves.

According to ABC Local 7 News, a pair of thieves wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts burst into a San Jose jewelry store at 10:15 a.m. on Monday. At least one of the would-be thieves was armed.

The thieves probably thought that they were going to make off with a bag full of bling, but instead they nearly caught a bullet. The store owner, who was reportedly a woman, drew a pistol and leveled it at the two would-be thieves. She fired at least one shot but did not strike either of them – it is unclear whether that was a warning shot or if she simply missed.



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  • AgileBulletDodger

    I think there is more to this story than meets the eye. I’m guessing that the story was written by someone who is bias against guns in the first place then took Officer’s comments out of context and reported what they wanted to report. I’m very suspicious and skeptical about anything being reported these days. Most Police Officers I know would have no issue with someone legally owning a handgun and protecting themselves, loved ones or property from violent crimes. Most get it.

    • NymRod

      I agree, the “stern tsk-tsk” she was given by the officers could have been because she missed her target.

      • NymRod

        After reading the rest of the story I see I was incorrect.

      • ronnybee

        Amen to that. Any one who uses a gun to commit a crime is ASKING to be shot. And I say we ALL shoot them without question.

    • Christian Joe

      I agree with you 100%. However, some police chiefs are just as big a bleeding heart Liberal as any Democrat in the Senate and the White House. A great example of this is the police chief of Washington D.C.. Chicago is the same way. The police I have talked with here, absolutely believe citizens have a right to protect themselves.

      I think the key to the story is the word,California.

      • Marine68

        that’s because those Chiefs are sympathetic to the criminal element. As an example: New York City passed the first anti gun law (the Sullivan Law) to protect the gangs that burglarized to pay off City officials and Police. Too many of them were getting shot by their intended victims.

      • ronnybee

        Yeah the whole state is becoming anti-gun and it’s disturbing!

    • Angus13

      Actually, In California, they have a tendency to still charge you with some form of murder, attempted, or assault w/ deadly if you shot someone while defending yourself, even on your own property… they pretty much have the mentality of “can you show they had intent to harm you” and the assailant being armed does not construe content in their eyes…

    • mike88

      No, I think the Police Chief himself who made that comment is bias against citizens owning guns to protect themselves, but as long as the Police Chief himself has a gun though things are fine. I am wondering if he would make that same recommendation to the police officers under him ,” just comply with the robbers” , thieves or murders ,then try to catch them after the fact and after the crime has been committed and the perpetrators are long gone.

  • nvchad2

    Pretty sad when you can’t defend property and businesses that you own or manage…do you think for a second the US govt would react calmly if you attempted to break into/onto their property?

  • $13614178

    A greaat idea , if everyone just co-operates with criminals and give them whatever they want ,we cn save enough in taxes by shutting down all law enforement offices to replace what we give to the criminals . Afterall what would we need with law enforcement officers .

    • cwms2005

      And vigilantes operate on a much more cost effective basis.

      • ronnybee

        Yeah and I think we need more vigilantes and less inept police. Course I could add legislators to that list.

  • Ihatelibs

    She needs a gun course so next time she blows their heads off!

    • johnanaguski

      Oh so true, take better aim, a dead criminal is a good criminal.

    • ronnybee

      Man! somebody send her, and go with her. I agree. Robbery should be treated with extreme force.

  • steve

    I would have shot both of them. Those that hesitate loose.

  • Jim Lee

    No warning shots; shoot for center of mass and keep firing until the threat is neutralized.

    • r

      UNLESS your a good shot; Then between the eyes so there is no retreat and/or trail. These thugs need to be neutralized!

    • ronnybee

      I’ll gladly hoist a stein to that, I might even buy the first round!

  • Poodleguy

    Californicators – – empirical evidence of what decades of liberal wackoism does to a state!!! Too bad she didn’t blow both of them away!! I wish the hell that they would stop moving to my home state of Arizona & bringing their air headed weirdness with them – – they have nearly destroyed the demographics of this wonderful state with their bulls*#t fagginess!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • washie

    correct me if I’m wrong. the police are to protect and serve. So here is my question if you are so against my right to protect myself or for that fact anyone in danger why cant we sue the govermemt for not protecting us against these thugs. The police bring justice sometimes. Mostly they are the clean up team. They cannot protect us.

    • douber1

      when they are called to a call
      that is less time at DD
      sorry guys you cannot open a can of worms and expect them to stay in the can

      • ronnybee

        Then we have a lot of cans that need the worms out. We have a lot of problems that need correction. When of course, political correctness becomes common sense ( an oxymoron) there won’t be those can of worms anymore.

    • Berzrkr50

      The Supreme Court has ruled in the past that the Police have NO DUTY to protect you! Go figure…

  • Marine68

    Shooting them is a better Idea, if they die, they won’t repeat and they will not cost the system any money. What’s not to like about reducing the number of vermin in our midst.

  • mathis1689

    Too bad she wasn’t using a 12 gauge sawed off. It’s kinda hard to miss at close range with one of those!

    • Lance E. Fontanne

      I was going to say that but you beat me to it!

      • mathis1689

        Maybe she’ll learn from experience and have one in case there is a next time.

  • crq

    gun control –> hitting what you’re aiming at…;-)
    I’m all for gun control – my way

  • granny

    Maybe the police are hispanic and do not want the illegals killed. They might be shooting at the Police’s relatives. Any Calif. residents out there that can state why police are speaking out about anyone defending their rights?????? The police everywhere are getting weird about anyone defending their places, whether business or home. The only thing is they might be fearing for their lives, however, if there are no police around when any of this occurs, I cannot see why their lives would be in danger.

  • Lanny

    No one should be threatened by a gun, knife,… if someone does, its a justified threat upon one persons life.. you have no idea what the fool is going to do… I will not negotiate… Bang their dead..

    • TTom

      Exactly. Don’t waste seconds when the police are minutes away. Or, You only have seconds when the police are minutes away.

  • DaHeat

    First, it is NOT the ‘police’ who post this crap! It is police management who are politicians, and not rank and file police officers! Too bad this woman didn’t score any hits! All too often the media says that “Police” are making decisions, but it usually is the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) who are firmly in the pockets of corrupt politicians!!!… I wish for once that they would confer with rank and file officers (like me) before they run their mouth!…

    • ronnybee

      Yeah me too.

    • Berzrkr50

      Thanks for doing a tough job. There are a lot of good officers out there that don’t deserve being lumped in with the corrupt and inept ones… Keep on keepin’ on!

  • CaptTurbo

    Break into my house and you get a free bullet as a bonus!

  • mesaman

    Are the law enforcement officers speaking for themselves or is the communist-front union they belong to doing their thinking for them. Of course it’s common knowledge that California is not anywhere near the pace of America. The political leaders in Nuevo Altar Mexico are too busy pandering to queers, illegals, and other varieties of fruits, nuts, and weirdos.

  • rocka692

    She needs 6 months in jail because she missed and they will continue to hold up businesses. Then maybe she will learn to shoot. p.s. she could serve the 6 mos on the San Jose Police Range. Do they have one??

    • ronnybee

      No, the arms instructor would be a good person to hook up with. That way she will not miss and she will be cool under fire and I like that!

  • fliteking

    Cops + Authority + Unions = Pension X Citizen Control.

    Math aside, I will aggressively defend all living things in my house.

    Handy Consumer Tip” Ever thought about putting one of those nifty stickers on you door window exclaiming you are armed? Save your money, hand write or produce the same on your PC and tape it to the interior window. If there is an “Incident” then dispose of the note before the authorities arrive.


    Because being a victim makes sooo much more sense.

  • $5708171

    Well, here’s the deal. When two (not one, but two) people come into my place with guns, I’m thinking a couple (probably more than a couple) of things. First, I’m outnumbered. This is bad for me. Second, their guns are NOT tools of theft. Their guns are there for a reason, which is to kill me. Now, since I cannot know what the two people with guns are thinking, I have no choice but to assume that they do intend to use the aforementioned guns to kill me. I mean, would you bring a chainsaw to a wedding? Okay, maybe you would… might have been a bad example… but the point is – YES, I’d shoot before they had opportunity to dispatch a flurry of bullets at me. Oh yeah, I would also be thinking about how to get the huge brown stain out of my shorts, but that would probably be later.

    • ronnybee

      Duh, I guess someone like the original poster would have to be in that situation and get shot before they wake up! The reason crime is on the rise in CA is because of such insanity as this. And the reason it isn’t in some other places is because people are not concerned about blowing the perp away. Good for her.

  • Chiweenie

    I do love a story that ends in human debris taking the eternal celestial dirt nap, but this one leaves me wanting.

    • mesaman

      It’s called gene pool cleansing.

  • john

    …12ga pump… miss!!!

  • $22639970

    I remember a time when California cops were on the side of law and order instead working with criminals. Seems long ago….

  • $22639970

    “California Police Wish Gun Owners Would Just Comply with Robbers”
    How about this for a headline?
    “California Gun Owners Wish Police Would Just Do Their Effin’ Jobs”

    • ronnybee

      In a gun confrontation situation we can’t WAIT for the police. The time for action is then not later. And that’s what we ALL want; the police to do their job!

      • $22639970

        ….and remember that when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

  • jim

    TRUE.!! Most Police officers anywhere with the exception of Chicago and suburbs,New york, and of course,The COWARDLY STATE of CALIFORNIA,from their TREASONOUS POLITICANS,right down to the Idiots that keep them in office and Yes that includes 80 % of the Police in California,are to Ignorant to realize that the SECOND AMMENDMENT was and still is the “ORIGINAL HOMELAND SECURITY” AND THEY ARE NOT THE “FIRST RESPONDERS,THE VICTOMS ARE” WAKE UP AMERICA, BEFORE ALL YOUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS ARE GONE DUE TO THE TRAITORS in OFFICE.

  • JIM



    She missed? How far away were they? Aim for the crotch, Honey..Takes them outta the gene pool!

  • hangman57

    Why should you not shot . You have a right to defend your life and you property.

  • Bonita Bennett

    California, land of the heathen, land of refusing to follow Federal Law, prefering to let criminals walk than put them in jail. I think maybe they should change the name to Bizarro, where everything’s opposite(Superman Comics). But they live a bizarre opposite to America anyway, so might as well accept it.

  • Berzrkr50

    How do these cops know that the thugs wouldn’t have shot the lady after they got what they wanted? Are they issued crystal balls in San Jose? As far as I’m concerned I’m gonna operate on the assumption that they’re gonna drill my skinny ass after they rob me, so I’m gonna do everything I can to draw down on them and give them a good case of spontaneous lead poisoning! I haven’t got the time or inclination to “guess” what these dirt-bags are gonna do!

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