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PETA: Paul Ryan a ‘bad dad’ for father-daughter deer hunt


PETA: Paul Ryan a ‘bad dad’ for father-daughter deer hunt

His 10-year-old daughter Liza had been looking forward to a deer hunt with her dad Rep. Paul Ryan ever since he gave her a new Remington rifle, but the success the father-daughter duo had in bagging bucks over Thanksgiving is being condemned by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Reacting to an earlier Secrets story about the hunt in Oklahoma, PETA declared that Ryan wasn’t the best dad ever, at least in his daughter’s eyes, but American’s No. One “Bad Dad.”

What’s more, PETA suggests that by teaching his daughter to hunt deer, he might be setting her up for a life of rage, possibly against humans.



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  • Poodleguy

    Yeah, PETA would rather the deer & other wildlife, you know the one’s GOD GAVE US FOR OUR BENEFIT & SUSTENANCE, die of disease & starvation from over population when the herds are not managed, like what happened in my home state of Arizona back in the 1920’s as a consequence of Teddy Roosevelt’s act to declare the Kaibab forest on the Az/Ut border. There was a browse line 6 ft high where the mule deer had depleted the foliage necessary to support the herds & thousands of them died!! Just more liberal idiocy on parade. To me, PETA means “People Eating Tasty Animals”!! BTW: what the hell would the world do with the domestic animals like cattle, sheep, chicken, turkey as well as many more that are used to feed millions of people worldwide – – – are we supposed to reduce them to just being observed in zoos, hmmmmmm?? Stupid & ridiculous!!!

  • mesaman

    PETA, the other white meat! These oddball dimbulbs are all for visibility and self-annointed grandiosity. If they had any inkling of the damage they did, they would throw themselves into the cesspool they have created.

  • Hotnike

    PETA people are unreal and idiots,

    • Rattlerjake

      PETA – Pricks Eager To Antogonize

  • mike88

    PETA’s name is even incorrect, what can be more Ethical and painless than killing an animal with one shot from a hunters rifle, if they really think about it deer and other game animals live their life in the wild with wolves, bears, or other wild animals. I would think and PETA should also think about the fact that a single deer slug, or a single bullet is much more swift, painless, and Ethical than a pack of wolves or a bear tearing the skin and flesh from a deer’s body all while the deer is still alive and suffering tremendously.
    Which would PETA prefer, a hunter taking the deer down in one second, or many minutes of a pack of wolves, a bear or other wild animals slowly tearing the fur, flesh and limbs from a deers torso placing the deer in excruciating pain and agony the entire duration of the attack. A hunter technique of killing a deer or other game animals is much more Ethical and swift than any wild animal’s technique, so I would think for this reason PETA would really appreciate a Hunters method of killing the deer and other wild game animals.

  • Jay

    Seemes to me PETA is the one with the rage problem.

  • ronnybee

    PETA needs it’s collective head’s examined. They have no idea what they are talking about. Tell them, I said they are hypocrites and idiots…to their face. Paul Ryan is a good Dad, teaching hunting and gun safety to his child who as a female very well may need it as an adult. I am disgusted with PETA!

  • frogbalz

    So this is not People Eating Tasty Animals? I guess I got the wrong PETA.

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