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House resolution calls on Obama to reject UN arms trade treaty

2nd Amend.

House resolution calls on Obama to reject UN arms trade treaty

Several dozen members of the House have introduced a resolution that calls on President Obama not to sign the United Nations’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). It also demands that if Obama does sign it, the government should not spend any time or money on implementation until the Senate approves it.

The resolution, whose main sponsor is Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), argues that the ATT does not recognize the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms, and thus threatens to undermine the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The ATT aims to regulate international trade in conventional arms.

“There is considerable cause for alarm regarding the UN’s renewed efforts to forge an Arms Trade Treaty that could trample the constitutional rights of Americans, and could seriously compromise our national security and the security of our allies, whom we will be less able to arm and less quick to defend due to the restrictions placed on us by the ATT,” Kelly said Friday. “My colleagues and I stand committed to fighting this threat to our sovereignty and to standing up for the U.S. Constitution, which we are all sworn to support and defend.”



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  • Dean

    Come on, House members, you are totally insane if you think Obama is going to reject the Arms Treaty, you idiots.

    • omg

      He should be tried as a traitor if he signs this treaty. It goes against our constitution; right to bear arms. The net result would be NO hunting, target practicing and makes the government the only body to legally bear arms. Don’t believe OUR Forefathers meant that to be! I would interpret it as a violation of the constitution. But obamy really doesn’t care; he is a dictator wannabe.


    ALL IT TAKES IS ONE TO END THIS;;;;;;;;;anybody out there????

    • Rattlerjake

      That won’t end it, that will make it worse. Then he becomes a martyr, and we will have to name everything after him. Now a civil war WILL solve the problem.

  • Kevin Kriske

    3 Hots and a cot, one way or another.

    • detroitheat

      I say 3 hot oz. of lead to the head, and a 6 foot deep HOLE!!!!!!!!


    If Obozzo signs the treaty or indicates that he will, he should be immediately impeached. It would be a patent breech of his oath of office and a gross fiolation of the United States Constitution.

    • bobalo59

      LMAO, give me a freaking break, this goatfornicator has broken his oath a hundred times since taking it. What the hell makes you think this would be any better?

  • $13614178

    I don’t want to bust anyones bubble but the House cannot control Obamass nor anything he wants to do because half of them agree with what he is doing and the other half minus a couple of newbies are cowards . If that weren’t the case he would have been indicted and impeached b.y now

  • Terry

    ok this NOT JUST a “trade” treaty then if it is mandating individual owners rights. a trade treaty is between NATIONS, not individuals.

    • James Kroeger

      What do you think will be next after passing this? They’ll have U.N. soldiers going door to door taking our guns from us…they can have mine from the smoking end. I know…I know…You can’t last too long against military grade weapons, but I’ll go out in a blaze of glory!!!

      • detroitheat

        Yes some of us will die,but there is something like 13,000,000 gun owners in the U.S.of A. now that’s one hell of an army. A Lot more of us then them !!!!!!!!!!!

        • $26222150

          Too bad we can’t all organize to defend our great land.

  • James Kroeger

    Undermind the Second Amendment of the Constitution…this sounds just like what Obama & the U.N. wants to do. Stop the America citizen from having the right to keep and bear arms. What has this country come to? Then only the government and criminals will have weapons! I don’t think this will fly to well with America…I can’t believe they would even consider passing such a proposal. This will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back! This will only start a civil war in this country…and left up to Obama (who doesn’t care for this country and it’s citizens)…it’s probably exactly what he wants. Stand firm America…don’t let this happen!!!

    • James Kroeger

      The more I think about this…the more disgusted I get! It takes a complete moron/idiot to even suggest this action. Wake up America!!! If Washington wants a war on this soil, then by all means pass this bill.

      • $26222150

        It’s not a bill; it’s a treaty.

    • Rosie46

      He kept this low-key until he was reelected, now he is pulling out all stops to get it passed. Any senator who votes to approve this should be recalled and obama should be impeached, but the Senate will not do that because the Dems are all pandering to Obama. He barely made it into office and would likely not have had there not been the fraud. The people need to stand against this since the Republicans will not, having signed an agreement that they would not protest elections — talk about treason.

  • Patriot

    They will still have to collect them, and that will be the rub. Regardless of what traitors to the Constitution agree to with our enemies, the People will not comply by any means.

    • bobalo59

      They won’t have to collect jack. One of the issues is that the UN wants microstamping of each and every firing pin put in each and every kind of gun. This means gun manufacturers will have to spend massive amounts of money creating a microstamp system that puts a serial number on each firing pin. Then they also want ammo makers to create serial numbers for each and every shell. In essence it will force the gun and ammo makers out of business, and thats what they want.

  • Mel

    Obama and Clinton want to sign the UN ban on guns. Guess who gets to keep their guns – Organized Crime and the Plantation Slaves. I have owned guns for 60 years and the only time that I acted to kill someone was when the Democrats sent me to Vietnam. All of us combat Veterans of that era still live with what the Democrats sent us to do. Now we have a Muslim leaning Pres that is visiting countries that are evil and matches his views of Marxism. Wake up America.

    • Robert

      @Mel… I have to agree Mel. What the Dems did to us in 1965-74 with Vietnam was a crime. We went to fight a war we could not win and paid with over 58,000 young lives, some of them our friends. Obama needs the House to pass this so he can sign it. One way to do this is to declare our 2nd amendment rights invalid and unconstitutional and strip all rights to ownership. The ATT is just another way of doing this. Not sure if House can ratify this or not right now. But in two years, with the knowledge gained on how to rig an election, he can rig enough votes for majority in House and Pelosi her job back.

      • $26222150

        The House does not ratify treaties; the Senate does.

  • hangman57

    Give me Liberty or give me death. I will not give up my 2nd Amendment rights.

  • waterman

    There is no way that it would ever fly, not everyone would just relingish their guns. I can tell you with- out a douht that I would not just give up my guns without a fight. And, I guarantee you that I would have several family members, friends, enemies and such that believe the way I do and it would be stupid and friutless for our government to even think about taking guns from freedom loving, contitution believing, God fearing, Texas rednecks that would love the target practice.

  • hijinx_60

    He armed the Syrian “freedom fighters” which was/is Al Quida a declared enemy of America, yet none of our legislators even think of this as treason, so why would they stand against him now? He has trampled the Constitution for 4 years now without reprocussion.

  • mickey

    Get this ILLEAGAL/MUSLIM/FRAUD/SOB/O’Bama out now, he’s finishing us off for the kill. We should get out of the United Nations, and move their headquarters out of the USA. Send O’Bama with them to their new headquarters in Kenya, if they’ll have him?

  • USPatriotOne

    It’s call Tyranny People and it’s already here! Read the book “Resistance to Tyranny” and go listen to Dr. Michael Williams show “The Patriot Report” on and get the real story on what the heck is going on in the Nation! God help us all please!

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