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Arizona gun shop tells Obama voters to ‘turn around and leave’ because they aren’t ‘responsible’

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Arizona gun shop tells Obama voters to ‘turn around and leave’ because they aren’t ‘responsible’

The owner of a gun shop and firearms training facility in small-town Arizona this week posted a sign telling patrons who voted for President Barack Obama to “turn around and leave” because they have proven they “are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

The owner, Cope Reynolds, also took out a full-page ad in the local White Mountain Independent newspaper in an apparent effort to fully drive his point home.

“If you voted for Barack Obama your business is NOT WELCOME at Southwest Shooting Authority,” the ad states. “You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”



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  • US Native

    But are they responsible enough to hold targets….

    • GodhelptheUSA

      Yes Yes US they are!!! Lets all offer them jobs, at minimum wage of course, to be target holders!! I’ve got a lot of friends who need to learn to shoot!!!

      • Protraveler

        Hire them for the shotgun range.

        • GodhelptheUSA

          Good idea! Keep up the thoughts on how to reduce the unemployment figures. Perhaps they could offer this type of job to soros, obama, biden, pelosi, reid, dempsey, panetta,, holder and a host of others I could think of! They don’t do anything productive for the American people anyway and at least this way they would be helping America! Agree? God Bless America – our government certainly won’t!!!.

  • Jim

    Now that’s throwing fuel on the fire!!! Good job…I like that 🙂 LOL

  • Mr. Siberian

    I agree with Cope Reynoplds, those who voted for “BO” voted against the 2nd Amendment, they are therefore irresponsible.

  • John Brashear

    we need more business’ doing the same, and a few steps farther we need OUR side to contact the CEO’s of ALL co’s who advertise and sponsor the Lefts talking heads that WE no longer will pay YOU money to Undermine OUR Nations Government and Our Liberties….

    • RAY

      IN our area we have started a BOYCOTT against ob supporter’s,,written letter’s informing companies that WE will not buy anything from them if they advertise on ABC;;NBC;;CBS;;CNN;;MSNBC;;WGN,,we have over 4000 signed on 1 petition..and that is just from around the st.louis area..the more out there the more they will listen to us..

  • Poodleguy

    It is hard to dispute facts, ya know!!!!!! Maybe the commie/lib obamaliar voters are starting to get a little jumpy with the knowledge that the REAL Americans are talking secession & revolution like never before since the Civil War that started with the secession movement, hmmmmm!

    • cwms2005

      And after secession, any and all democrats will be deported

      • ONTIME

        You mean to tell me your not even going to keep some to put on display for educational use?

        • cwms2005

          Unfortunately the only benefit of display would be to show people that you cannot judge the depth of the disease by outward appearance. They look the same on the outside.

        • Poodleguy

          Maybe in the Museum of Ancient History!!!

        • mesaman

          No we can use neanderthals and cro magnons for that purpose.

          • ONTIME

            That’s discrimination!

        • ChicagoThunder1

          Yeah Vlad style on spiked poles…Over a med. high fire about 350 degrees @ 20 min. per pound.

      • Poodleguy

        Won’t be necessary. The ones that survive will run for the hills like scalded apes!!

      • mesaman

        Muslim style? I will lay in an ample supply of heavy stones upon your request.

  • mickey

    Are Americans preparing for a revolution? It sure seems like it, it just goes to show you how scared most people are of O’Bama, and his administration. Nobody knows what this kooky Illegal/Muslim/Fraud will do. He already has threatened us, in one of his speeches before the election, when he made a comment about revenge. He’s the biggest threat America from within our own government. And by the looks of it, I guess because he’s black, nobody will stand up to shut him down. One thing I think that O’Bama has shown us, is that the office of the presidency has got to be vevised, fully revamped, less power, and more congressional power should be given. The president should NOT BE the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. The president should not be able to do anything on his own, with a congress approval. Just his name scared me back in 2008, I checked him out the best I could, and what little I did find scared the hell out of me, that this guy got this far to even run for President, let alone be elected, by the mindless, give me people, and the unions, and big money who want a socialistic society in America??? We have lost a lot of ground in patriosim is seems, all the years we have fought to keep America free has been lost by Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and the young, and the promiscuos women, who use abortion as a birth control solution, especially amongst the blacks, I saw one woman on TV news one night, 15 kids with 5 different men, and she says that the government has got to take of them?? I would have sterilized that woman right then and there. I think that for each additional baby a woman has out of wedlock, they should take away so much support money from her. Maybe this will slow the blacks down a little.

    • John Gould

      You are so right. Thank you

    • jerry sweet

      he has already said your are a terrorist if you have more than a weeks worth of food,more than 2 boxes of ammo white.conservative (any color) and don’t like what hes is doing.this stooge that americans wanted to rule over them will scream in terror at what he plans for us.kick out our only protection Jesus Christ and God replaces Him with stooges.liberals are funny.they just voted for suicide and laugh about it

  • Aunt Dot

    I LOVE IT!! You should have continued… “DO your job…. do all the legal things you forgot to do in your first term… like provide a budget… protect Americans oversees…. wait for the House to do it’s job instead of you taking over, because,despite WHAT you think, you have NO POWER!! Our congress failed us miserably and, unless they do the job we elected them to instead of following the lame media and declining to force our president to be a president NOT a dictator, I and many others, encourage them to check their retirement plan. We love this country… the constitutional country… NOT this new version of socialistic europe. Look where that got them. Congress, you have the power of IMPEACHMENT!!! USE IT!!!!

  • caskinner

    I like a man that will stand up for his beliefs. Mr. Reynolds I think there are a lot of politicians in DC that would benefit from some lessons on ethics and commitment to your values.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    Any idiot that voted for BHO obviously does not like or want firearms so they should not even patronize the gun shop. I doubt that the sign or ad reduced the owners business one little bit. In fact, I suspect his business increased.

    • mathis1689

      I’d buy from them if I lived there.

  • Jaime Cancio


  • $1340197

    He will not arm the enemy!

  • Jaime Cancio

    All at a time, the President and his admistrators want to strip Americans of their citizenship and deport them for exercising their free speech, freedom to assemble, and their freedom to petition the President/; the BATF is now making it possible for illegal immigrants to be able to purchase firearms here in America; while in Mexico they are not allowed to purchase firearms nor can they bring them into Mexico. Seems to me they should contact the brokers of Fast and Furious in Mexico if they want to purchase firearms in Mexico.

  • CaptTurbo

    I love it!

  • joe

    Good for you pal.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Good for him!


    the revolution is starting to take shape; thanks to independent courageous Americans;; there are two [2] Americas, just not the same ones John Edwards saw. We the people will win this battle……….

  • GrandmaAmerica

    So proud of you Cope Reynolds!! Now don’t back down. Hoorah!!

  • Jeff

    I like his idea on this. Thumbs up! If you voted for O, then you support him and his ideas, which includes his anti gun agenda. We dont want your support here, take your business somewhere else. I think more business owners should do the same.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Good one US Native!! Put out a help wanted sign for any liberal who wants a job holding targets.

  • mesaman

    What to my amazement did I just read? This gun shop owner should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, he should be given Bammie’s bogus Nobel Peace Prize. Hooray for Reynolds, and buy a gun in support of his bravery.

  • American Patriot

    Obama voters should also be divested of American citizenship and deported, because they are enemies of our country. Syria would likely take them along with our current Muslim president whose killing of 4 Americans in Benghazi becomes manifest.

    • GrandmaAmerica

      Actually, just give them pity, For they have got to be the most moronic people I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how they function from day to day.

  • Nikita63

    I could not agree more and infinite kudos to Cope Reynolds for having trhe guts to say so and live by his word.Obama has made a public statement he does not think anyone in America should have the right to own guns. He is SWORN to defend that and EVERY other right declared in the constitution of the United States and this amendment is a benchmark amendment as are freedom of speech and religion and the inferred freedom in all Constitutional rights of the overall right to CHOOSE what is best for ourselves. All these are under attack now and ABC news has forbidden the wearing of American flags or patriotic paraphernalia on air by any journalist. BOYCOTT ABC NEWS put them out of Business and A conservarive Consortium can purchase the remains and call itself the American Freedoms Network and tell us all the news equitaBLT THAT THE REMAINING COMPROMISED LIBERAL MEDIA WILL not! It is about time we let the governmemnt know that they are subject to Constitutional conmpliance and we WILL hold themn to that obligation to US!

  • Terry Barker

    I love this guy!!!!!

  • Marc Lizotte

    ROFLMAO, If that don`t beat all! Well please don`t send em to Maine lol, we got enough with city slickers from Boston and New York shooting up our cattle they mistaken for Moose!

  • jeepdude911

    Thank God for rational thinking small business owners.

  • Everett

    This is so obvious, they are so dumb that it would be foolish to trust them to use a firearm in a adult manner. Thus would be poor prospects for gun ownership.

  • r.

    How sweet the TRUTH is, if a person is dumb enough to vote for brokomma then they are to dumb to handle a firearm.

  • hangman57

    If they are stupid enough to vote for Obama .Then they are to stupid to handle firearms.

  • zombee

    Its time to form a shadow Conservative Nation.

    There are harsh and historic economic consequences for Obama;s victory. If Asked for donations? “Since Obama won, I can’t.”

    We must create conservative exchanges of commerce and patronize only conservative businesses.

    If Asked to purchase anything non essential or if not from a fellow conservative, Respond with “I’m sorry, I’d really like to buy this or that, but since Obama was re elected, I can’t.”

    Buy only from conservative companies. Hire only conservatives.

    Cancel your liberal TV programming. Break the back of the biased media outlets. Bankrupt them.

    Do not buy from liberal sponsors of programs, and call the sponsors and tell them, “I’d like to watch that program or movie and patronize your business, but since Obama was elected, I just cannot.”

    Pressure liberal AND conservative elected officials on every bill, every legislative bill… We must exert overwhelming influence in an ongoing basis, ad infinitude. Relentless pressure.

    • Spencer Patton

      shadow Conservative Nation is what we had its time it became very visable to the Government and those we Elect to Office.

  • RAY

    WAY to go !!!! love that man..

  • brunobob

    Hey, Y’all, so ya think O’Bummer is already bad? As the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothin’ of what he wants to do to us all in the next four years so I would seriously suggest that y’all rent the movie “2016” to get a much better and REAL eye opener about what this chimp, errr, I meant chump, is really all about!
    Fuc%&n’ scary so, as they also say, “forewarned is forearmed”, if you get my drift!!
    God Bless America. OUT!

  • Trump WILL make America Great!

    Wish he was in NC, would strongly support him weekly!!!

  • DoubleEagle

    His logic is right on. But anyone care to wager how long it will be before his Federal firearms license is pulled. This regime won’t allow any critics.

  • Censored4Watt

    Now this a business owner that does what others can only dream of doing for the fear of losing business. What he has done though is made his business more relevant than any others. Support this guy anyway we, as LEGAL Law abiding citizens, can. GOD Bless America.

  • TM

    obama voters are to busy using their obama phones to sell crack and trade food stamps for money to buy more crack.

  • johnanaguski

    They must understand, they bought a load of ammo however; they are definitely outgunned and outmanned. So they should tread carefully.

  • gepops58

    good send those idiots packing

  • 32eagle

    absolutely-they also are traitors

  • Spencer Patton

    They may be needing a firearm when everthing goes sideways and all thier liberal friends are attacking them while involved in civil conflict because all the welfair monies have run out.

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