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Are Americans Preparing for a Revolution?

2nd Amend.

Are Americans Preparing for a Revolution?

Many people, including myself, have predicted that the re-election of Barack Obama will lead to the destruction of America as we knew it. We believe that he is using policies such as Obamacare to bring about the financial collapse of our once great nation and that he will use his emergency powers to declare martial law and seize dictatorial control of the nation.

In the process of Obama’s power hungry scheme is the belief that he will do away with the Second Amendment right to bear arms and try to remove all firearms from the hands of the American people. Obama has never hidden his anti-gun agenda, although he did do his best to avoid the topic during the debates and his many campaign appearances. In one of the debates, he did mention about his desire to see a ban on assault weapons to be re-established.

Some are questioning whether or not Obama will actually push to ban all firearms or just assault weapons. If so, how would be go about it? He’s been using regulations and executive orders to bypass Congress on other important issues including immigration, so why wouldn’t he try to do the same with guns? He knows he could not get any kind of anti-gun legislation passed through the Republican controlled House, so he most likely will have to use some kind of subtle or secretive method to accomplish it.



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  • moberndorf

    I certainly hope so.

  • jackel

    Well that leaves me out!

  • Bandit

    We all know that he wants to get reid of guns so that he try t stop a revolution for starting but we already have one going there just has been no fire over it yet, but there will be all in good time.

    • medivac

      Roger that !!

  • CaptTurbo

    The usurper will try but he will fail and it will be epic.

  • joe

    Let the fun begin.

    • xyz

      Sorry Joe. Its not a game and isn’t fun. Been there and did that b4

      • Robert

        You are right xyz —- it is not a game and not fun. Killing a fellow American is serious business and not for the weak. When it comes down to them or me, it has to be them, without hesitation. So Joe, this is serious stuff. When one talks of defending their rights and starting a Civil War/Revolution, they must be really serious about that.

    • cordwinder

      There is no fun in war, its kill or be killed, just sayin. Truth lies in the reality very quickly.

      • Angus13

        And it would be uglier that the first Civil War… least then there were geographical lines… this would be truly a potential neighbor against neighbor…

  • rogerevans

    It appears that we must do that for our country is being made less that what it is capable of, by a person who wants to destroy her. you must understand he is not in above his head and why do I say that, it is because he wants to do what is going on so we are no longer a superpower just another Nation at the table of many nations. Mark my word he aim is to destroy this country as founded that is my opinion and I allowed to think this, at least up to now. We shall see what comes.

  • rogerevans

    We must defend this country and the Constitution give us that right and take her away from an evil doer. May God bless all of America except Obama and his cohorts. Amen.

  • caskinner

    This administration is pushing the American people against the wall and we will push back against the corruption that is so pervasive.

  • The Chief

    I am a retired Deputy and a retire Navy Chief. Just bought another box of 40 calibre soft hollow point for the day they come to try and confiscate my gun. Guess I will die proudly after I take out as many of them as I can. So be it!

    • Rattlerjake

      We are a rattlesnake that has been forced into a corner, now they will feel how bad our bite is!!!!

    • Big D

      Got your 6 chief

    • medivac

      Chief, I’m good for close range, mid range, and long range !! More ammo stocked than I can possibly fire off !!

      • xyz

        hI Medivac. I’m good for close in. Got an extra rifle so I can do em in at range?

    • DOC224

      I am with you chief. SFC retired.

  • Jason Brackin

    If the Senate ratifies a treaty with another nation or organization, then according to the Constitution, it SUPERCEDES the Constitution, as written by our Founding Fathers.. Therefore, if the UN small arms treaty is ratified by the Senate, now controlled by the democrats, it would supercede our 2nd Amendment rights.. Just an FYI.. Arm up now, and be prepared to fight..

    • buddy

      been preparing since 1/1/09

    • Rattlerjake

      Not true, nothing supersedes our Constitution, especially control by an outside organization. Israel is showing us right now how to treat those who act with aggression toward their country. They (our government) takes out one of us, we take out one hundred of them!

    • medivac

      Big time !!

    • rulken

      The senate, or congress for that matter doesn’t have the power to “Ratify”, ANY TREATY, THAT INFRINGES ON THE CONSTITUTION as written. That in itself is a treasonous act that Hilary Clinton has already committed, and the lame brain congress, needs to call her on the carpet for it.!

      • granny

        Thought Hillar-ass was leaving the WH…… BOZO does not want her anymore?????

        • Poodleguy

          Nope, she is going to prepare to run for 2016 & she will get her fat lesbian/liberal fanny handed to her!!!!

    • Poodleguy

      Jason, I couldn’t give you a thumbs up or down. You are incorrect as to a treaty: it must be ratified by the congress & even w/a democrappy majority in the senate, they won’t risk what will surely happen to them if they go along w/this bs. It ain’t gonna happen!

    • Angus13

      Sorry Jason but you are wrong buddy… Treaties are considered supreme law of the land ALONG SIDE the Constitution… NOTHING is supreme to the Constitution or can override it besides a Constitutional Congress… Now a treaty can be used to add limitations, like say backdoor a “assault weapon” ban… that would not technically violate the 2nd amendment…

  • warrenamccarnsjr

    “Are Americans preparing for a revolution?” At 73 years of age I’m not sure they are, what I am sure of is, that better then 50% of the population is getting extremely fed up with the movement of this country towards European style socialism, and playing fast and loose with our American law. If the folk’s that feel this way, but didn’t vote, would get off their derriere’s and vote, we could very well remedy this nightmare in 2014 and 2016.

    • medivac

      Warren, I am not that much younger than you but have seen evidence that more people have purchased stuff that they normally wouldn’t in prior years. Don’t forget, there are still many combat vets around today and we all swore to an oath and that oath was not to the president !! We only swear at him !!

    • Arizona Don

      I too am 73 and a vet. I admit I can not longer run the 500 in the shortest time. But I “ain’t” running. So, if I’m going down, it will be fighting.

      Time to organize.

      • Poodleguy

        Hey, Arizona Don – fellow Arizonan here that will be 77 on Rush’s birthday (Jan 12) & the knees are bad but I can still take down Wyo Antelope @ 1000 yds w/my 26.06 Rem & they are a bit smaller than humans. I reload & can crank out a bunch of ’em when needed & already have quite a stockpile ready to lock & load!!!!

        • Arizona Don

          I don’t have anything like a 25-06 that will reach out and touch’em at 1000 yds. But at two or three hundred I’m not bad with them all. Haven’t hunted in Wyo. or Montana for many years but lost one my hunting partners 7 years ago to cancer and the other 4 years ago to a heart attack. So I don’t hunt much any more. Sometimes I do think I’d like too because my wife loves Venison and so do I. But I sold my horses about 3 years ago so now anything is afoot.

          • Poodleguy

            Az Don, like I said before, my knees are pretty bad but Wyo Antelope hunting is pretty much drive until you see ’em, get out & set up. Nearly every goat I have taken (over 40 since 1987) has been from a sitting position w/a Harris bi-pod & my 25.06 is topped w/a Shepherd 3 to 10 range finding finding scope. Biggest problem is walking out to retrieve it & wheel it back, so I try to couple up w/a a younger hunter. Admittedly, this next yr will be my last @ it but last yr (didn’t hunt this year – no partner) me & my partner got skunked – it was only the 2nd time that happened in the 25+ yrs I have hunted Wyo. Take care, Don & good huntin’!!

          • Arizona Don

            Thanks same to you. I live in north Scottsdale, maybe we’ll meet up someday.

    • mugato

      I doubt people who are adamant that the country is moving in a direction they do not prefer and laws are being created against the betterment of the country then they would vote. Maybe, +50% of the country doesn’t agree with you.

  • Tomtom

    YES and I am ready!!!!

  • Stephen N Russell

    the massive state secession movement is a clear sign of something.
    & gun sales UP & gun Co stocks Up.etc etc.
    I can Civil War & Rev.
    Revolt against Big Govt & war with Blue States who favor BIG Govt vs Red states.,

  • Gunner

    I will defend my 2A rights, to the end. Either mine or the governments… Time will tell which it will be, but until then, I will continue to build my own little Army….. Come and getem foolios..


    If you come for my guns, come armed and bring a lot of folks with you. I’m still an expert shot with either hand.

  • jeepdude911

    Freedom and liberty are two things I will gladly die in the defense of. I couldn’t get into the USAF ( couldn’t pass the eye chart). but I will go down with my barrels blazing as a civilian.

  • Tod

    Come and get them, lead first, MOLON LABE Commies!

  • medivac

    I’m ready to die, the question is are they ??

    • xyz

      Bullets start flying and I will bet my azz Obama will be hiding and won’t be showing his face.

      • Poodleguy

        Yup, he is just another typical black coward. Don’t believe me, just ask any Vietnam vet that had to serve in combat with their worthless butts.

  • Arizona Don

    Allow me to present the short answer: If Americans are not preparing for a revolution they should be!

    • granny

      Ariz.Dan…..There are women that are prepared.& willing to defend. Just wish there were more of us. Taught at the age of 8 (great Dad). Now have every room stocked w/ self preservation. Best wishes for you Ariz. legal citizens.

      • Poodleguy

        Back @ ya, granny! From a fellow well armed & prepared Arizonan!!!

  • johnhorse

    I got the BACK of ANYBODY who will stand up to this OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT.There is NO WAY in hell I will give up my weapons to ANYBODY.If they are stupid enough to TRY they better bring body bags THEIR going to need a bunch.They better be ready for what ever out come happens I AM READY TO DO WHAT EVER I HAVE TO, TO PROTECT MY FAMILY FROM ANYONE that try’s to hurt them.I have a lot of things I learned in NAM I don’t mind reviving again bring it on. 101st.

  • Ron

    when the blue helmeted UN comes knocking I’ll start rockin . I just hope I am well following my surgery I jast had. Semper Fi.

  • retired_fred

    For all who are preparing to shoot anyone wanting their guns, I understand that feeling, but let me suggest forming area groups to quickly form to support the others. I say that as they will not attempt to take your gun/s with a single person, rather there will be many, so you be many if possible and take ’em out. I am wondering when out military people are going to remember their oaths to defend our Constitution and take action to clear the Black House of an illegal working to destroy it.

    • granny

      Love your words. Form a phone tree, so your neighbors know when to gather for grouping. All you women …..get your carry permit, learn to shoot, help to protect your family.

      • Poodleguy

        & I love your words, granny! I am a man, a hunter, gun owner & shooter & it really gives me comfort & a feeling of pride for women that are of a like mind & are true patriots! God bless ya, granny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • John Goult

        Do NOT GET a Carry Permit! God and the Constitution Gave you the RIGHT to carry!

  • Mr Siberian

    Nathan Hale once said give me liberty or give me death. The pilgrims left England because of the same oppression this government is trying to put us under. Executive orders do not make a good president.

  • Jeff

    people need to prep. wake up! This government is way out of control. Stock up, one day it will be to late. Luckly, I started back in 1990, because I knew this would happen one day.

  • Robert

    Between my brother and I we have cases of .223s for the AR15, cases of 30-30s for the Winchester, and boxes upon boxes of various .45s and .38s for the hand guns. Just purchased a Springfield ’03. Got to get ammo for that now. Between my brother and I we can take out a lot of idiots wanting to take our guns. He and I both are ex-military. He was in navy, I was in Air Force in Nam and served 12 years in the Navy. I have shot 1919 .45s, 50-cal mgs, and 20mm cannons. Also shot M1 Garande, M1 Carbine, M14, M16, AR15 and AK47s. May not be as accurate as I once was, but with a scope zeroed in, I will blow out an left nut at 100 yards.

  • higherthanmountains

    You all should have voted for me, I mean c’mon seriously.

  • James Fontana

    Im peach the SOB

  • mickey

    With all the crap that O’Bama is pulling, one thing stands out, his abundant using of the Executive Orders, to carry out unlawful actions. I think that these Executive Orders should be taken away ASAP. And how is congress letting this guy(oBama) issue unlawful orders, and not follow the laws already on the books, such as IMMIGRATION? What in hell do we have, or even need a congress for, if one man(president) can go around them? This should never be allowed to happen, The final say should always go with our Congress, in any aspect of the presidency. I have stocked up, on handguns, rifles, shotguns, and plenty of ammo, which I buy at gun shows(no tracing). I pity the poor guy who unlawfully tries to take them away. I belive it’s time for the USA to get out of the worthless (to us) United Nations, and get their headquarters out of the U.S. they need us, we don’t need them. All they are seeking is a New World Order, to bring everyone under one government control. To Hell with them, I say.

    • GodhelptheUSA

      Well put and well stated. I think you are right on target as does, I’m sure, the majority of TRUE AMERICANS. This of course excludes the 47% with their hands out, ghetto dwellers and illegals!

  • GodhelptheUSA

    We, the American People as a body, should make it very clear to the president and his administration, as well as the Congress, Washington, D.C. will be one of the first targets on everyone’s list IF WE ARE FORCED INTO AN ARMED CONFRONTATION TO PRESERVE OUR COUNTRY AS A NATION. Back in Oklahoma I was taught if you want to kill a snake you cut off it’s head, not his tail. Something for the politicians to think about. God Bless America!

  • JohnM

    It’ll be impossible to disarm almost 100 million law abiding American citizens who legally and own firearms. I’m not a firearm owner (That’s going to change soon) but I fully support the Second Amendment and I have to say that the anti-gun zealots in this country and at the UN will bite off more than they can chew.

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