Disabled Veteran Hunting and Shooting Opportunities Expand

At a time when our country is getting ready to celebrate Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11 (or the sanctioned holiday on Nov. 12 to allow for some time off to pay homage to the soldiers), it’s critical to emphasize the importance of hunting and the shooting sports as a coping mechanism, a rehabilitation tool of sorts as these soldiers attempt to bring some normalcy back into their lives. This is even more true for the veterans who have become permanently disabled as a result of their extreme sacrifice.

All veterans deserve – and traditionally receive – special dispensation when it comes to hunting privileges in the individual states. Reduced (and sometimes free) license fees for active resident military can commonly be found around the country. Many states are now offering additional assistance for disabled veterans in a valiant attempt to get them back into the outdoors – enjoying these popular pastimes and spending quality time with family and friends.

Pennsylvania has taken that one step further by initiating a “Hunt with a Veteran” program, designed to get all veterans – disabled, retired or active – out into the fields and forests of the Keystone State.

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