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Video: Pumpkin Carving with a Colt .45

The art of pumpkin carving with a firearm has become an annual tradition for YouTube firearms personality Hickok45. His popular channel is watched by thousands and the pumpkin carving episodes are yearly favorites. Every fall, Hickok45 features a different firearm and examines how it performs when tasked with creating eyes, nose and a mouth for a porch jack-o-lantern.

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  • char51

    you know we all need to prep. proublem is its expences, and most cant afford to prep. and we dont get enought on what to prep, and how to keep it fresh, and what wont keep.its time some of the preppers who know what to do, help the ones who dont.

    • colleenf

      Those who frequent this web site KNOW how to be self sufficient on little $$.
      YOU are a fraud.

  • char51

    by the way if you wont mine sending me some ideas, please send them to have a large family and need some help. cant aford the prepageed stuff its to expences to buy.

    • colleenf

      What country are you from?
      Scam alert everyone!

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