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No Guns at the Gun Show

2nd Amend.

No Guns at the Gun Show

You would think the one place a licensed concealed carry gun owner would be welcome with open arms is at a gun show. After all, the kinds of folks who attend gun shows are obviously gun owners and gun enthusiasts. Attending gun shows is one of my favorite weekend activities because I love guns, ammunition, and gun accessories.

This weekend, I attended a gun show in Springdale Arkansas, my first in that state. I was shocked when I approached the door of the building, to see signs plastered all over the doors. The signs read, “No loaded guns past this point”, “No loaded clips or loose ammo allowed”, and “No loaded concealed carry allowed”.

In other words, I can walk in a place thats business is all about promoting guns for self defense, yet I am expected to be defenseless while I am there. Also… I can purchase guns, ammo, and magazines inside the show and walk around with them, but can’t walk around with the same items if I had them in my possession before the show?



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  • bakedflounder

    Happened in Mesquite, Texas as well

    • Tom

      @ bakedflounder: Oh, No ! Not TEXAS, too !

  • BS Sifter

    And in Indiana. Senseless.

  • Jesse

    Been to 2 gun shows in Missouri… Same way… Its bull. I can walk into a regular gun shop and they welcome it.

  • GRA

    That unfortunately is the rule here in Texas too. I’ll never understand it. As long as what you wear in stays holstered what difference does it make … ???

    • David in Dallas

      The problem is that all too often, it does NOT stay holstered. There is at least one UD in a gun show in Dallas every year. I don’t think anyone has been injured, but they happen. The venues that host the shows require insurance so that in the off chance someone does get injured, the owners of the building don’t take the whole hit, and most insurers insist that no one inside be carrying. Find an insurer that does not have such a requirement and I’m sure most gun shows would be happy to allow carrying.

  • mudslide

    If the Community Organizer gets re-elected, expect it to get worse….

  • CaptTurbo

    I thinks it’s pretty universal. I’ve always thought it strange policy too.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    What I just read seems like a paradox which in itself is absurd. I haven’t attended a gun show for a while. I will find one. I’m curious.

  • Rev. Zack

    Sounds too sad to be true. In other words, a terrorist who hates our freedoms can sneak in and shoot up the place and no one would be able to respond quick enough to protect others.

    • Tom

      Don’t give them ( the terrorists ) any ideas, okay. Don’t let them know there are always a few good ‘ole boys with a “hog-leg” .357 or a .44 Magnum and they can always ” service the target “.

    • Jay

      In a case like that, you’d see a lot of loading going on. Fast.

  • justathinker

    Same in florida

  • DaHeat

    Arkansas, like California, is full of fruits, nuts and flakes! I am a law enforcement officer, but the State of Arkansas State Police said that if I am 65 years of old or older, I can not carry a firearm in the State of Arkansas, regardless of my status!!! It is well known that Texans do like Okies, and Okies do not like Texans. One thing they both agree on, neither Okies or Texans like people from Arkansas (can you say Bill ‘blowjob’ Clinton?!)… Texas bastardized the concealed carry law by allowing private business to decide whether or not you can carry in their store. It should only be the State of Texas to decide where or when you can carry, not individuals!…

  • zuluone

    Same in Texas and Louisiana

  • Twoletters

    Liberals got their fingers in there too

  • DJ_Fisher

    Face it guys, this nation is being run by a bunch of people who hate this nation and what we stand for. If taking guns is the last thing they do before turning a nation into a oligarchy like Hitler’s Germany can you imagine all the right that have already been taken from us?

  • Casmige

    And yet, the ATF Agents allowed into the shows are allowed to not only holster their armaments but also fully loaded as well.

    I guess they have forgotten that they are “Public Servants” & their prerogative is derived from
    We The People” who still retain those G*D given Rights….such as the right to keep & bare arms under any & all circumstances.

    Moderator??, Are you respectfully going to at least publish this post??.



  • John Brashear

    do these idiots realize if they ban guns, and you are shot, they are responsible for your safety ?, because when they decided to BAN a legal weapon, they then took responsibility for YOU safety?, someone needs to tell his Attorney he’s a MORON

    • MaskedPhrogg

      Rest assured, they’ve done that calculation. Since the chance of a firearm being discharged and causing harm to anyone is the same whether carry concealed is allowed or not, they get away with enforcing “or not.” The legal argument is the same. No harm is done by refusing CC entry, so they get to brown nose the anti-gun crowd. Yes I see the irony. Pander to the anti-gun crowd at a gun show. It’s the headlines that count, not human lives when you talk to these Marxist anti-gunners.

  • John Brashear

    easy way to turn this around….BOYCOTT those shows…’s time to ignore Sean Hannity, and STOP paying to be abused,…..

  • kamikazecowboy

    They Just dont allow you to carry concealed here in Texas at the gunshow. True it must be unloaded and check and tagged but you ARE allowed to carry at the shows, just OPEN carry. And Really defenceless at a gun show? PLEASE BE SERIOUS sounding like one of those “the sky is falling and guns are evil libetards for gun control”

  • John Brashear

    I attended the SAR east 2 years ago in Penn, a guy walked in, bought a shot gun, wentr outside before he shot himself to death……..these rules make NO Sense

  • Lynn Ingram

    I had this happen to me in San Angelo, TX at the Silver Spur gun show back in January of this year! Never had that before.

  • CJS3

    This happened in front of me at a gun show at the Reliant Center in Houston. A CHL holder tried to take a firearm into the gun show. He was told he would have to unload and leave his magazine with the cops at the door. Most gun shows are in city/county owned buildings. Most municipalities don’t allow firearms in city/county owned buildings. The gun show organizers are just following the terms of the lease. Get a grip people. If you don’t like this, suggest a different venue for the gun show, or better yet, work to change the local regs. A local gun store is private property, and the owner sets the policy. A county or city owned building is public property, and a city or county sets the policy.


    I went to a gun show in Tucson last month. That was their policy, so. I did not sweat it. Where is a safer place to be? There were probably security men there, so, no big deal. Don’t think about pulling a stick-up. It won’t work.

  • Cincitiger

    The same thing in Ohio for loaded guns at the gun show.

  • Hammer

    The problem I have with this is that our states are supposed to be SOVEREIGN states and the feds should NOT have a right to dictate to our states. It is up to our state governors to tell the feds where to get off and that we will run our states the way we want WITHOUT their intervention.
    I don’t care what people like sarah brady, hillary clinton, diane feinstein, charles schumer or even obama says about it. We went through all the background checks, passed our classes and received our CCWs from our state’s AG so this is where I have a seroius problem with this whole issue!!
    We need to get our state governors to show a little courage and do what we elected them to do which is to stand up for us, NOT against us and our Constitution!!

  • JCWS1

    What else would you expect from Arkansas. Bill & Hillarys stompin’ grounds where IQ is considered a two syllable word.

  • sandraleesmith46

    You have to laugh at the logic of that; or go stark, staring crazy!

  • Jim Simpson

    It is very likely the rules of the exhibition hall, not the gun show promoters. The former are more like mall managers, terrified of the liability.

  • Wally

    WCB The last thing we need is to give up our guns and become helpless like the poor, misguided souls in Germany in the 1920’sand 30’s by another community organizer who methodically slaughtered millions who he deemed ‘Undesirables’. History over the Century’s shows us a Nation forming, then it begins to grow and prosper, in time it becomes complacent and lazy, and finally they throw God out of their lives for a life of immorality accepting Evil as Good and Good as Evil, lasting some 200 years and finally collapsed under the weight of their sin and were no more. We are living today in this last phase and it cannot be much longer before we too will collapse and be no more. This world is so sick with hatred, bitterness and murder that one has to believe Almighty God will no longer sit still and watch His creation destroy itself. We must pray constantly and BE READY, for The King of Kings and The Lords IS COMING ! He will come like a thief in the night to gather His own taking them into the air with Him before all hell breaks loose here on earth. We read in John. 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me. Are you READY ?

  • Frank

    Same way in NC, if you do carry they will check it and place a cable tie through it where it’s inoperable. Have gotten around that one by wearing baggy pants and a speedloader for my .357 in one pocket and my pocketknife in the other pocket. But when seconds count?

  • Mike11C

    I just went to a gun show about a month ago in Allen, Texas (just north of Dallas) and I experienced the same thing. “No Loaded Weapons, No Concealed Carry” signs were posted at the entrance. BUT, and I capitalized that for emphasis, there were about half a dozen uniformed Police Officers outside watching the parking lot and entrance and another half a dozen, or so, inside walking around. Also, this show sold both guns and ammo. So, if some psycho would have tried to come in shooting, he definitely wound not have gotten far. At this show, you could buy a gun and ammo without walking ten feet. I don’t mind when a business will not allow concealed carry IF THEY ARE GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SECURITY. That theater in Aurora, Colorado denied concealed carry but the did not provide armed security. That, is not OK.
    “Why do you carry a gun?”
    “Because Cops are too heavy.”
    At the gun show I went to, there were at least a dozen Officers in uniform and probably at least a dozen more in plain clothes. I felt very safe. And, I got a new gun and some ammo.

  • Mutley

    We are becoming a country afraid of guns. Every day someone near your city or in your city was killed the night before by a gun. Funny how most incidents that make the papers are about crooks with guns. Rarely does it involve an accidental shooting by an armed citizen or a family member. Even rarely does a person shoot another family member over jealousy, envy or greed. We really need to get these bleeding Liberals out of office and into the unemployment line.

  • Tom

    It is the same mentality of our soldiers being unarmed On the Army Base – OR – Marines without ammunition supposedly protecting American soil at an American Embassy – OR – no concealed carry guns in the “Gun Free Zones” called schools and colleges. The inmates are running the assylum, but we are going to FIRE most of them in about a month. My Second Ammendment Rights are God Given and so are yours.

  • Tom

    I’ve read the story and most of the comments. I smell a rat ! Since Obama & Holder’s ” Fast and Furious ” was and continues to be such a total failure, they had to find some other way to arm their larger than the U.S. Military ” Civilian Security Force ” ( Gangs ). With most everyone unarmed at the gun shows, Obama’s little brown shirts can rob the place of guns, ammo and cash, without relying on Holder’s In-Justice Department to sneek them some guns and cash. Obama’s Gangs are armed and the Gun Shows are deemed unsafe. The ” crisis ” doesn’t go to waste. We’ve got to get these Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comms out of OUR Government.

  • Mike_Sr

    I would have walked away and not entered…

  • John Brashear

    many of the Tulsa Oklahoma Gun Shows, some of the “Worlds Largest” that take place in Tulsa for instance at the Fair grounds in the “Quick Trip” center …..formerly IPE Building are under Tulsa County ordinances , and you should blame Tulsa Mayor , the city council…and the Fair Grounds authority for any anti gun sentiments, I personally don’t see they have the Authority to restrict any ones right to self protection under any circumstances and the 2nd Amendment is the only LAW of the land……

  • gwinf

    So, do not patronize them. If this is due to government intervention, take it to the legislators. Let them know that they will be voted out od office if responsible.

  • Jay

    Even in the People’s Republik of Illinois they have these signs. Sort of funny because there’s no CCW here.


    Same thing down here in Alabama, B’ham specifically, unload it and they even put a zip tie to keep you from loading it. The B’ham police are usually manning the door an I’ve even seen them purchase guns for people leaving the show.


    Should have said FROM people leaving the show

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