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Camping platforms along river routes a good idea

Posted on: September 20th, 2012

For many years one of m y favorite outdoor activities has been to explore relatively remote areas of our state by boat. Indeed some of the finest hunting and fishing or just plain outdoorsing is located where it is difficult or even impossible to gain access to unless you’re using a boat of some sort to get there.

These areas of North Carolina may be a little hard to find as you travel from east to west across North Carolina and begin to travel through areas that seem to become more populated every day. On the other hand the further east you go in our state the population density decreases dramatically. Truly remote outdoor recreation areas seem to be best to me in the eastern part of our state.

One of my favorite hunting/camping outings has been to gain access to some of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s Game Lands along the Roanoke River and hunt-fish-camp for a few days. There are some higher grounds available on some of these tracts of land and the only way to get there is by boat. Wild turkey, deer, waterfowl and small game hunting is excellent on a lot of these areas and if the outdoorsman is after a turkey in the spring hunt, the fishing for the rivers famed striped bass can make for a multi-sport camp out.

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