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women and guns

Pistol ownership’s changing faces

Posted on: September 17th, 2012

Trish Cutler’s fashion show at a Hudson firehouse drew dozens of law-abiding women in search of comfortable yet stylish holsters to discreetly carry their handguns — at the workplace or a night on the town. The offerings included holster for a bra and one inside a purse.

Cutler, a target-shooting enthusiast from Claverack who belongs to three local gun clubs, has had her pistol permit for three years. The wife and mother is among growing numbers of women in the rising tide of New Yorkers who have licenses to legally possess handguns.

Long before this summer’s mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, pistol-permit approvals around the state and the Capital Region were rising.

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  • detroitheat

    I live in Wisconsin, just got my Concealed Carry License. And right beside me was my son and daughter both have there CCL, now its time for my Lady to get hers,will take a little more talking.And range time, and watching the news.


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