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NBC News Finally Ends Its Blackout of Fast and Furious Scandal

As Newsbusters reported yesterday, the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network news shows have been stunningly slow to report on the Eric Holder hearings on the Fast and Furious scandal. NBC news hasn’t even reported once on the gunwalking controversy, until last night. On Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News, at the very end of her report, Kelly O’Donnell finally told viewers about “a failed operation that sent US guns into Mexico.” O’Donnell awkwardly attempted to explain the controversy, in 30 seconds, since no one on Nightly News or Today had previously done it.

The only other mention of the Holder hearings came on Wednesday’s edition of CBS’s This Morning. ABC skipped the story entirely.

The following excerpts were aired on the June 12 NBC Nightly News and June 13 CBS’s This Morni

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  • TheGoodDoctor

    Given the on air history of Fast & Furious on FOX, online, and on the radio, the ethical bankruptcy of neither the Attorney General not the so-called ‘big three networks’ cannot be overstated: he refuses to man-up and they refuse to address the essentials, to air the array of possible explanations, or to discuss the potential reasons behind the program ~ the policy.

  • Richardms46

    I believe this administration is trying to disarm america’s civilians so that when they impose marshall law, civilians won’t be able to fight back against the rape of our country!

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