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Ben Carson Agrees With Joe the Plumber on the Holocaust & Gun Control [video]

2nd Amend.

Ben Carson Agrees With Joe the Plumber on the Holocaust & Gun Control [video]

Seems like yesterday I made the outrageous (their words, not mine) statement that if Jews and other millions of people in Europe whom Adolf Hitler first disarmed, then proceeded to slaughter during WWII would have had the same Right to Bear Arms protections we Americans have – things may have been different.

Now Dr. Ben Carson is catching the usual knee-jerk, slack from the leftists and Anti-Second Amendment crowd for agreeing with me that quote “… if guns had not been confiscated from Jews then Hitler would have had more trouble orchestrating the Holocaust…” on both the Sean Hannity Show and CNN.

At the very least, they would have had a fighting chance against the Nazis instead of the systematic rounding up, experimenting on, torturing, humiliating, starving and ultimately exterminating millions in that dark part of history often associated with the phrase “never again.” by Joe Wurzelbacher

Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, quickly objected, stated that there were few firearms available to Jews in Germany in 1938 and that surrendering them did not measurably contribute to the totalitarian power of the Nazi German state.

Ben Carson is right, and Jonathan Greenblatt is wrong.

I saw Dr. Carson say this and thought – hey – where have I heard that before??

It was way back in 2012 that ABC News, NY Daily News, HuffPo, CBS and the rest of them blasted out headlines like; “Joe the Plumber’ Ties the Holocaust to Gun Control” because of a video; where I pointed out that:

“In 1911 Turkey established gun control; from 1915 to 1917 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were exterminated, (while pulverizing fruits and vegetables with blasts from my shotgun!) In 1939 Germany established gun control; from 1939 to 1945 6 million Jews, 7 million others, unable to defend themselves, were exterminated.”

Nice to see Dr. Carson is not backing off any more than I did. The voting public are clearly behind the argument in general – that disarming the populace has led to bad things in the past – but not everyone, of course – say the tiny percentage of Jews could not possibly have done any serious damage to the Third Reich, even with arms.

Okay, fair point – I’m not saying the relatively small number of Jews would have defeated the Nazis, nor have I ever. However I do agree with Dr. Carson that most Germans did not believe in what Hitler was doing.

And furthermore, I truly believe that if you were to ask any Holocaust survivor left if given the chance to have the right to own a gun as people were being machine-gunned, tortured, packed into trains, having experimental surgery performed on them or gassed to death by the millions – would they have jumped at the chance to at least fight back?

Of course in the beginning, who would know? Except anyone familiar with the book; “Dreams of My Father” “Mein Kampf,” which pretty much laid out the whole plan – or at worst, some illustrative intentions.

Ask me and I say I’ll take my chances WITH the right to own the gun. In fact, the minute the crap ever starts to hit the fan, let’s be honest – are you gonna sit there and not take a few Nazis or contemporary Fascists with you? I am. It’s called “dignity” – and there is no dignity being naked in the middle of a gas chamber, having Islamo-Nazis beheading people or gang-raping you. (Yes, that’s happened here in the US, you Fascist-deniers).

Being subjugated to any Centralized government, no matter what form that takes isn’t worth it. Liberty or Death. That’s it.



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