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Film Exposing Fast and Furious Gun Scandal in the Works

As Congress drags its feet on charging disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder with contempt for unlawfully covering up the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, a respected documentary maker decided to create Blood on Their Hands, a film exposing the Obama administration’s crimes. Activists and analysts celebrated the news, calling it a positive step forward in getting to the truth about the weapons-trafficking scheme that saw the U.S. government arm violent Mexican drug cartels using American tax money.

Tired of the media’s lack of serious interest in addressing the explosive nature of the scandal, award-winning documentary maker Michael McNulty (above) decided it was time to take action. “The people that are charged in our society with finding the truth are the media, and they have failed miserably,” he said in a recent video seeking support, offering to do the job that the press has so far largely refused to do.

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